The Crossroads

A neutral-zone area between the territories of the herds.

General Info

Herd Association: Neutral


When Eniv was young and still being built the herds were wise enough to plan for the future.
The Crossroads was formed as a small, free-zone area between the herdlands. The area is used for travel and meetings between different areas. 
Early Laws prevent any fees from being charged for entering the Crossroads, as this could give a herd a sense of entitlement over the area. No perminent dwellings may be built in the area, and businesses must aquire a special license and approval from a council of all the herds.

While this may seem like a heavily restricted area, it's meant to be an area of peace. Of course, the lack of an official government for the area does draw in a few bad apples now and then, but mixed-herd ranger posts set here and there along the branching road between the herdlands does provide some safety for the long trip (and emergency food, water, and shelter).

Contains the following

Natural Landmark: Still Mirror Lake

Storefront: Sophie's Shoppe