Prompt Update + Enivi Reminders

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First off, we've added 20 new prompts for you to enjoy!

Some of these prompts are very simple, like the Draw your Enivi prompt.
Others require a bit more time, like the Pasta-Tively Amazing Prompt.

For simple prompts, we wanted to add reoccuring, fun prompts that can be applied to a variety of situations, styles, and mediums. 
These include prompts like Draw an Ortusi, Favorite Memory, Write about your Enivi, and Family Portrait. These are meant to give you an opportunity to build your Enivi's character while earning some additional rewards and experience points.

We've also changed the way Out of the Box works.


Now that we've added Flash Prompts, Out of the Box (OotB) prompts have been revised.
Going forward, OotB has it's own category on the Prompts and Quests page. These prompts are meant to push players out of their comfort zones with challenging, silly, or unexpected ideas.
Creating a pasta portrait, cooking a meal, writing a haiku, and coloring a coloring page are just a few examples. 

Some prompts give away special, prompt-only prizes like the lightening Stormy Field of Flowers Background (can you find the prompt?)

We hope you'll all enjoy these updates!

These Enivi Need Homes

Secondly, this is a small reminder that these Enivi are still in search of their new homes;


Update: Nightbloom is Sold!

Be sure to grab yours before they disappear!


Community Question!

Answer the question to be entered into a raffle for Rare Gachapon! (Raffle rolled on Monday).

What other prompts would you like to see added to the game? What kind of rewards would you like to see added to the prompts?

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Different game prompts would be awesome! Like do Enivi play DnD? Or maybe a version of it? Do they have card games? We have hoofball as a sort of jumping point for sports, and races, but other less pyhsical types of games would also be fun to see added or developed.

2022-05-23 10:59:18

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