UPDATE: It looks like someone lost a bunch of Ancient Ortusi Shoes. Can you help collect them? Find the details to get you started on the Event Page!

Our Battle Prompts have finally arrived! Fight against NPCs or other Enivi for treasure and glory!

How Battling Works

Battling is fairly easy. Select your opponent and create your prompt. It can be an image, writing, song - anything you'd like that fits the theme.
From here, submit the prompt as you normally would. The prompt is then reviewed by staff and a roller that uses your character's stats, any attached items and gear, and a small random chance much like racing, is rolled to see who won.

Participants will always receive the listed rewards, but the winners could stand to gain up to double the prizes. 
The rewards can range from small weaponry to some Legendary traits and 100 additional Star Shards!

Your Enivi can also become visibly injured or get scars during battle. There's more on that below.

The prompts can be found under "Explore Eniv".


At last, the long awaited Scars update.
There are now 24 different kinds of scars and visible injuries your Enivi can walk away from a battle with. These range from bloody nose scratches to light, healing scars along the side.
We do need to note a few things regarding these injuries and scars;

  1. Kids cannot have injuries or scars. They also cannot battle. This includes "Forever Kids" created with Babies' Breath.
  2. We understand that not everyone likes the idea of scars or injuries on their Enivi. These are optional. You are not in any way required to use them if your Enivi gets "injured" in battle.
  3. Injuries are purely cosmetic at this time.
  4. We give our players a lot of artistic freedom with their item uses and you may recolor these items and change the  positioning of them (in other words, your Druaesi may have green blood if you'd like!). You may not, however, use these assets to mimic self-harm situations. 
    If you or someone you know is in need of help, please contact a help hotline or text 741741 in the United States to be connected to the Crisis Text Line. You are important. You matter.
  5. There's only one item for each of the types of scars/injuries, but there are 3 versions of each; Fresh Wounds, Fresh Scars, and Healing Scars. You can use whichever version you'd like, and may change them out once applied. So, if you wanted to start with a fresh injury and keep that for a while before have the scar heal and fade, that's 100% fine and you won't need another applicator unless you're changing the color (changing blood from red to green) or the positioning in a noticeable way.
  6. These assets can be found under Accessories in the Art Packs.
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New Flora and Fauna

To go with the battle system with have some battle NPCs.
You can find more information about them in the World Lore under Flora and Fauna.


Ever wonder where that Mysterious Slime comes from? You may not want the answer...

Exploring the Dark Forest

While you're exploring Eniv you may have noticed a new game has been added.
Exploring is a new daily that can be completed up to 5 times a day (for all accounts, not just Premium). Your Enivi is sent into an area where they explore and forage for an hour. When they return, they'll bring back what they've found.

Right now, the Dark Forest is the only location we have available, but more will be coming very soon and the page for the game will be updated to look nicer as well.

Festival of the Sun

The Festival of The Sun is still in full swing! 
Don't forget to participate in the event prompts to earn Ancient Ortusi Shoes for the Holiday shop.
Keep an eye out for them to appear on random pages of the site over the weekend as well!

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Site Holiday Vacations

We love our community and we love our staff members!
To ensure the mental health of our staff we're going to be officially "closing" on some holidays.
Don't worry, the site will still be playable, but what this means is that we won't be processing anything until the following day. In other words, character updates, prompt submissions, gallery submissions and non-emergency reports will all be put on hold while the site is on "vacation".

Here's a list of days we'll be taking off;

  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day
  • 4th of July
  • Thanksgiving Eve (1/2 Day - we stop all processing at 12PM EST)
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve (1/2 Day - we stop all processing at 12PM EST)
  • Christmas Day

Thanks very much for your understanding and support!

Bugs Update

  • The issue with Enivi not leveling up correctly was resolved (yay!)
  • The issue with staff being unable to correctly approve prompts has been resolved.
  • With the new iPhone update there has been an issue with uploading via mobile for iPhone users. We've consulted 3 coders and, unfortunately, it sounds like this is out of our hands for now. We'd recommend using a different device to upload images to the Gallery if you encounter any issues.


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