Summers' End

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Hello everyone! Just wrapping up some announcements for the final few weeks of our summer events.

Updates to the Star Shard Guide!

The Star Shard guide now has an updated set of infographics related to how we determine different types of shading!
This should help our members in the future to pre-plan out their work, do calculations before submiting the finished pieces, and will help serve as a guideline for what level of finish will fit what they're looking to do. 

Final Month for the Summers Wreath! 

This month is the last one to obtain our beautiful Summer Wreath reward from the Beauty Contest! Winners will obtain the floral decoration and be able to dress to impress year round. 
Why just don it during the winning ceremonies? 

She Sells Sea Shells In the Shoppe Scavenger Hunt!

For those who are still on the hunt for those beautiful sea shells, we have another round of the scavenger hunt going on now! As we come to the end of the summer event, we're finally starting to gather all of the shells up.

That's a wrap! Thank you all for a fantastic summer event so far. It's been filled with the excitement and energy we're always so stoked to see from the folks in our community. 
You all make this game thrive. 




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