Guiding Lights Festival Part 2

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Things start to seem a little off as the festival continues.

Two Temple Tenders, Lyra and Sammy, are starting to notice that something is amiss. 
While the souls normally wander quite a bit during the festival, they don't seem to be going very far from the Soul Gem this year.

Check out the recent video update here;


Click the image to see the video.

Also make sure to check out the Event Page to start helping them bring back the souls who have wandered a bit.

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Lore Updates

We've added a few new pages to our Lore!

  • Grand Speaker Wymund
    Learn more about Grand Speaker Wymund and how he got his title.
  • The Soul Gem
    The Soul Gem is an important Vespiri artifact. Learn more about how they utilize this beautiful crystal.
  • Soul Shards
    Soul Shards are used by Temple Tenders who are still learning to use their magic. Check out more info about how and why.

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