Spooky Season - Carving Contest, Site Updates, and More!

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It's the first week of Halloween and we're ready for you!

Carving Contest

First off, the most exciting news is that we're back with another autumn craft to earn yourself a Druaesi MYO!

Carve Your Own Way is a new (featured) prompt that lasts through October. 
Submit a photo of your carved pumpkin or apple to the gallery to get your very own Ancient Sprout.

You'll also receive Star Shard rewards for your gallery submission, so double-win!

We can't wait to see what Keepers of Eniv-themed creations you can make!

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Halloween Party

On Friday, October 28th we'll be having a virtual Halloween Party in the Discord server!

Be sure to join the server ahead of time and have your account verified so you can claim your goodies through the night.

We'll be picking the best apple or pumpkin submission to get an extra prize, having trivia contests, Halloween Bingo, and much more.

We hope you'll join us starting at 8:00pm EST (5pm PST) on October 28th.

More details will be added for this event later this week!

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The sound of leathery wings fills the air as hundreds of blackened silhouettes flood the night sky.

The bats have returned!

Keep an eye out for bats around the site. If you'd like to get pinged for when they've been spotted, be sure to join the Discord server and sign up for the Daily Reminders ping.

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Spooky Gachapons Return

Does more need to be said? Spooky Gachapons have restocked in the Gachapon Machine!

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Jack O' Soul

Jack O' Souls are now craftable!
Get your own spooky soul by crafting 25 Red Pumpkins.



Small Video Delay

We had a small issue with some of our frames being corrupted in the latest video that's set us back a few days of development while we re-create them.

Don't worry, you'll still have plent of time to complete the event, and we'll get the video back up ASAP!


Rule and Site Updates

Finally, we have some less fun things, a few site and rule updates.

Rule Updates;

  • We've updated our Discord rules to explain when it's appropriate to ping, at, or directly message a staff member on our Discord server. Please use ModMail when you can, we've seen an odd uptick in the amount of direct messages our staff members are getting since we added ModMail.
    Please remember that our moderators are volunteers who gift us the their time to help. They deserve personal time and space as much as anyone else.
  • We've added a "Subject Change" sticker and emoji set to the Discord Server! 
    Community members are welcome to use the Subject Change sticker and emoji to indicate they're uncomfortable with a topic. If a community member posts one of the two, please be respectful.
    If a Moderator, Lead Moderator, Admin, or Founder posts the Subject Change sticker or Emoji, a change of subject is required.
    Use of this specific sticker and emoji set as a joke is not allowed, as it would take away it's original intent, which is to help people indicate when a situation is making them uncomfortable when they're unable to verbalize it.
    Thank you!

Site Updates;

  • We've adjusted the sell prices of a lot of our items to help balance our economy. 
  • We've added a clarification to the Woodland and Still Mirror bases. These bases can only be obtained through Exploring the Dark Forest and Fishing, no through MYOs or potions.
  • We're continuing to make changes regarding Traits and how they're listed in preparation for the Character Creator.
  • We've updated how our prompts are listed to make them easier to find and categorize. 
  • Not an update, but a clarification - Bats will continue to be their own items for crafting and not a site-currency.


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