A Grand Arrival (Guiding Lights)

Required by: Trouble in the Temple

Children: Trouble in the Temple

Your Enivi has just arrived in the Vespiri Grand City. What a sight!

NOTE: You will need to complete the prompt for each branch of this quest before moving on to the next stage.


The Guiding Lights Celebration celebrates Vesper and honors those who have passed. 

To the Vespiri, this is a festival of both somber and celebratory tones, as Enivi can be reunited with loved ones and the spirits of those who had lost their way finally have an opportunity to return home. They often wear the bones of Enivi who have returned to Vesper, and transport lost souls in lanterns back to their temple for care. 

Other Enivi tend to find the whole thing a little spooky.

It makes for a great story, but the bones and the ghosts are a bit much for some of them.

All the same, the Vespiri keep their temple doors open during this time of reverence to give the other clans the opportunity to reconnect, or simply to get to know more about their culture.

Your Enivi, like many others, has been invited to the festival at the Temple of Vesper. When they arrive in the city they find tall, spiraling buildings and glowing lights. Some are magically charged while others are the souls of Enivi, who float peacefully among the crowds. Rarely, the souls will take on a transparent, sparkling version of their old self, but it only lasts a few moments before they transform back into their orb.  It's a colorful, vibrant celebration... despite the bones.

To complete this first step of the celebration finish the "A Grand Arrival" prompt (found under "Guiding Lights Celebration").

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