Trouble in the Temple (Guiding Lights)

Prerequisite: A Grand Arrival

Required by: Visions of Light

Child of: A Grand Arrival

Children: Visions of Light

NOTE: You will need to complete the prompt from the first stage before moving to this quest. 


Just outside the bustling city one structure stands out amongst the others. It's long, spiraling tower reaches up into the sky past the others.

Set against the beach, the softly colored sky often casts a colorful glow over the white stone of the building. At the top, a bright beacon sits like a star.  This light only appears during the celebration, and any Vespiri will tell you that it's the power of the collective souls that bring it to life. 

Your Enivi follows the sandy path down toward the beach - and the temple. The path is lined with large lanterns that resemble the buildings of the city. Temporary homes for the souls, or just fancy lighting, your Enivi wonders.  When they reach the large doors of the temple, they're already open. The inside of the temple is bright and warm and welcoming despite the chilled breeze coming off the sea water.  It's a beautiful sight and not at all what some of the outside clans would expect. Your Enivi wanders the temple, looking at the colorful tapestries of old lore and decorative urns - until they hear a loud crash.

"Oh no!" a panicked voice follows the clamber. "What am I gonna do?"

Your Enivi rushes toward the sound to find a Temple Tender standing over a pile of clay shards, their brown eyes wide beneath their skull mask. They look younger than the other Enivi there, as if they're just coming into adulthood. When they raise their attention to your Enivi they look startled. 

"Help! I need your help! The souls escaped!" They look down at the broken shard on the ground in dismay. "Please, help me find the souls and bring them back before they get lost."

To complete this step in the event, check out the "Temple Trouble" prompt under the "Guiding Light Celebration".

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