Be Gentle (Guiding Lights)

Prerequisite: Visions of Light

Child of: Visions of Light

Your Enivi chooses to be kind to the spirit...

The spirit snaps and snarls!

But the danger seems to fade quickly as your Enivi speaks softly to them and lulls them into comfort. It isn't long before the spirit takes on it's true form, an elderly old Enivi - one of the wandering souls. It seems to almost sigh as it relaxes then drifts back toward the Temple of Vesper.

Suddenly, the forest darkens around you. Glowing orbs begin to appear around the trees. For a Vespiri, this would be comforting, but for the other clans, it could be a bad omen.

Luckily, the orbs keep their distance, but a long, strange, Enivi-like figure steps forward from the darkness. Their long, spiraling horns reach up high enough that they seem to disappear into the sky. Their long legs step toward you. Your Enivi realizes with a sudden jolt that this is a deity.

This is Vesper.

Vesper seems to regard your Enivi with a sense of curiosity and respect - as your Enivi likely showed the spirit in the Dark Forest.

There's a glowing warmth within your Enivi and they feel a momentary relief and peace. 

With a gentle nod, Vesper seems to evaporate from the area, and your Enivi finds themself back at the temple chamber. The Temple Tender stands before your Enivi.

"It seems you've learned quite a bit," they bow their head just a bit in your Enivi's direction. "Welcome to the Temple of Vesper."


Your Enivi has been (double) blessed. 

This is an extremely rare event! It seems Vesper has looked into your Enivi and has deemed them worthy of their blessing as well.

If your Enivi was already a Vespiri, they've been granted access to the Vespiri Temple Training line (begins November 1st).

With the double-blessing, your Enivi retains their original clan, but has the one-time option to change their base to that of a Vespiri. They keep all their current traits, but are given the option once now (and will gain access to any Vespiri-only events in the future).

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