Visions of Light (Guiding Lights)

Prerequisite: Trouble in the Temple

Required by: Fight The Beast! Be Gentle

Child of: Trouble in the Temple

Children: Fight The Beast! Be Gentle

As thanks for your help...

NOTE: You must complete the previous prompts before moving on to this branch.

"Oh, thank you so much," the Enivi rushes up to you as you return the collected souls. "I was so worried that I messed everything up. I'm still a little new here."

"My name is Fen," the Enivi finally introduces themself with a small nod. "I'm a Soul Tender here, so I look after the souls of Enivi who are beginning their journey home. It's my job to keep them comfortable until they're ready to join Vesper. It means so much to me that you'd help. I wish there was some way for me to... "

Fen's words trail off in thought before their ears perk back up. "Come with me. There's something I'd like to show you."

Fen leads your Enivi through winding corridors and up long flights of stairs. Eventually, they're both greeted by another, much older looking Enivi. 

"Grand Tender, this wonderful Enivi has been helping me all evening. They've shown so much reverence and respect for the souls, I thought I should bring them to you."

The Grand Tender, a Vespiri would know, is the highest level of Temple Guardian. They're the Enivi who issues blessings and oversees the temple. They're covered head-to-tail in decorative bones and sunset-colored cloth. Their light grey eyes regard your Enivi through the mask, though it feels more like judgement than appreciation.

"All Enivi through treat the souls of our ancestors with the respect they deserve," the Grand Tender's voice is soft, but harsh as they turn back to what they were doing before the pair walked in.

Just past the Grand Tender is a white stone table. Intricate carvings race up the sides and over the top, trailing in a spiral around a silver bowl of water in the center. The surface is still as glass, yet something seems to shimmer beneath the surface.

The Grand Tender's ears fold back toward your Enivi. 

"If you see something that interests you," the old Enivi steps back from the bowl to give your Enivi a clearer look, "perhaps you should take a closer look."

To continue with this quest, please see the "Visions of Light" prompt under "Guiding Light Celebration".

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