MYO Guide

Created: 1 January 2022, 18:32:46 PST
Last updated: 13 January 2023, 13:35:48 PST

Whether you're creating your first Enivi or claiming a Make-Your-Own, this page will walk you through the in's and out's of designing your Enivi.

When a new member joins they're given a Common MYO in their Welcome Chest.
A Common Make-Your-Own will grant you the ability to create a new Enivi with common traits. This is a great way to start getting into the game. As you advance, you'll be able to earn and purchase new, rarer traits and markings.  

For more information on customizing your first MYO, see the section below.

Make-Your-Own (MYO)

When a new member joins and completes the Getting Started guide, they’re awarded with their first Make-Your-Own in their Welcome Package.

Make-Your-Own Tokens (also known as MYOs) give you the ability to create your own Enivi.

A Common Make-Your-Own will grant you the ability to create a new Enivi with common traits. This is a great way to start getting into the game.
As you advance, you'll be able to earn and purchase new, rarer traits and markings. 

Creating Your First Enivi

MYOs allow you to create a new Enivi of your own design. The rarity of the MYO designates the highest rarity of traits or markings you may add to your Enivi.

For example, if you have a Common MYO, the rarest trait you may add is Common.
If you have a Rare MYO, you can add any trait listed as Common, Uncommon, or Rare.
Traits with rarities listed as "Seasonal" or "Blessings" can only be earned through special events, while "Favors of Drae" are Druaesi-only traits. Some bases can only be earned through special activities, so be sure to check The Encylopedia before choosing a base.

All Make-Your-Own Enivi Include;

  • 1 Base
  • 1 Ear Set
  • 1 Soul Orb
  • 1 Set of Hooves
  • 1 Set of Shoulder, Back, Belly, or Hind Scales.
  • 1 Set of Horns
  • 1 Set of Fangs
  • 1 Hairstyle
  • 1 Tail
  • 1 Set of Eyes
  • 2 Markings
  • 1 Meadow in the Morning or 1 Meadow in the Evening Background

Note! You may add additional markings and traits with items from your inventory.

Herd-Specific Features:

  • Ortusi must have facial scales.
  • Lunaesi must have a mane.
  • Vespiri must have long or twisting horns or antlers.
  • Druaesi must be comprised mostly of plant-based materials.

Please note that listed markings and traits for an Enivi can't be covered more than 25% by other traits, with the exception of hair styles.
For example,  layering an appaloosa marking over the scales to remove the apperance of scales, or placing horns behind ears to remove the visible horns.
You can, however, have scales take on the color of a marking, or have markings overlap one another, as long as it isn't creating the appearance of a different marking or falling outside what the marking should look like per the traits entry for that marking.

Art Packs to Build Your Enivi

To make your Enivi you can use the Art Packs provided by Keepers of Eniv. These include all our currently available markings and traits. Just download the assets you’d like to use, then layer them in your preferred art program. 

Traits are physical parts of your Enivi, like their hair, tail, mane, body, and soul.
Markings are the decorative patterns on an Enivi, like their stripes, spots, or appaloosa. 

Most traits and markings can be recolored into custom colors by players. You can tell if something can be re-colored by checking the Trait Information in the Encyclopedia

Markings can also be created by hand for those wishing for a truly custom Enivi.
If you choose to hand-paint your own custom markings, they still need to resemble an in-game marking, and will need to follow the guidelines of that marking on their Encyclopedia entry. If you’re ever unsure if your marking is acceptable, feel free to post questions and WIPs on our Forum or in our Discord server for feedback.

Traits can be color-shifted to match your Enivi’s base or to add markings, but can’t be custom painted or warped.
It’s alright to erase away bits that overlap unnaturally (like an ear that’s cutting into hair in an awkward way), or to resize traits to make them look more natural on your Enivi, but we don’t allow players to custom paint or warp traits.

Let’s take a minute to look at some examples of what’s okay and what’s not;

This is my Enivi with their traits placed as suggested;


Unfortunately, the hair seems to be laying strangely over the mane. My options to fix this would be;

My first option would be to move the hair below the mane.


As you can see, this still poses some issues. In this case, I could erase the extra pieces of the hair away.


Another option would be to leave the hair in front of the mane, and erase the extra bits of mane:



What I would not be able to do, would be the bend, warp, or erase the mane or hair to become visually different assets like the following:


On the other hand, I could create my own spotted pattern, as long as it was still within the guidelines of the existing Spotted Marking and looked natural on the Enivi.

What Is/Isn't Allowed?

With all this artistic freedom you may be wondering where the line is drawn. Well, we'll try to keep things simple;

You May;

  • Recolor any assets that are physically attached to your Enivi.
    • An exception would be Companions.
  • Erase parts of assets that clip into one another.
    • An example would be if an ear is clipping strangely with hair, or a tail ribbon has part of it laying over part of the tail that doesn't make sense.
  • Change the placement of assets as long as they still make sense for their intended use.
    • For example, you may move ears up or down to get a placement that looks good to you, but you may not add them onto your Enivi's back or legs.
  • You may resize assets as long as it still looks natural,  and don't appear to be mimicking another trait. 
    • For example, you can make wings a little smaller than the standard wings, but may not make them excessively small or place them on the head or hindquarters of your Enivi.
  • Draw your Enivi with additional accessories not in-game in personal artwork.
    • To clarify, in your personal artwork that you create of your Enivi, you can have them wearing a locket not yet created in-game, but you wouldn't be able to paint your own verson of that locket on your Masterlist.

You May Not;

  • Paint your own non-marking assets or warp existing assets into new traits or assets.
    • For example, you may not paint in a locket around your Enivi's neck on the masterlist/profile image.
  • Create images that go against our terms and conditions.
    • This includes images that may be vulgar or cause intense eye-strain.
  • Sell our art assets or work made with them.
    • The characters themselves can be sold, but the art assets themselves belong to Keepers of Eniv.
  • Make changes to the silhouette of the base.
    • Adding additional legs, for example.
  • Recolor or paint onto Companions.
    • For example, adding wings to your Kalli.

As far as areas of allowance with markings and traits, each one has their own Encyclopedia Entry. These entries show an example of the marking and list any restrictions.

Finally, if you’d like to add accessories or additional markings with your MYO, that’s perfectly fine! You’ll just need to own the accessory item or marking applicator. These can be found in the shops, from other users, from doing prompts, the Daily Gift, and much more.

Once you’ve made your Enivi’s profile image, you’ll want to activate your MYO.

Activating Your MYO

First, go to your Inventory and click on the MYO. 
Then, click the checkbox beside the MYO, and click "Use Slot" and "Open".
This will show you a bar that says "MYO Created", which you can click on to go directly to your MYO.

You can also get to My MYO Slots in the main navigation bar under My Activities, and click on the MYO you'd like to use.
On the left-hand vertical menu, click "Submit MYO Design" under Settings.
This will bring you to a page where you'll be able to see any pending MYO designs for this MYO and to create a new request.
Click "Create Request".

From here, you can follow the "Making Updates" guide below, starting with the "Comments" section. 
If you have any Add-Ons, you're welcome to add them to your MYO.

Submitting your MYO

Once you've played the game and earned new markings and traits, you'll want to update your Enivi's profile image.

To do this, navigate to your characters, and select the character you'd like to update.
Next, click Update Design. You'll find this on the left-hand side vertical menu, at the very bottom.
This will take you to the page where you can view any updates that may be pending approval and where you can submit a new update for this specific character.
Click Create Request to get started.


Now you'll be brought to the Drafts page. You'll see a status bar with a lot of red x's, this is normal. These are the areas you'll need to fill out before you can submit your request for approval.

  • Comments
    • In this area, let the Approvals Team know what's going on. Are you changing the background? Adding a new marking? Just a quick description of what you're updating is all we need here. Be sure to click "Save" when you're finished.
  • Masterlist Image
    • Here, you'll upload your new Masterlist Image/Profile Image for your Enivi. You'll also be asked to credit any artists who helped you with the design. You don't need to credit Keepers of Eniv for the base artwork, but if a staff member or another member of the community helped you with your design, please be sure to credit them. Again, make sure to click "Save" when you're finished here.
  • Add-Ons
    • If you have any items to use, this is where you'll attach them. Any accessories, traits, or markings needing to be used should be selected here. As always, be sure to click "Save" when you've added any items you need to attach.
  • Traits
    • This is where you can add the additional traits you're adding to your Enivi (if any). Keep in mind that you shouldn't be updating your Character Rarity. Finally, click "Save" again when you're finished.

At this point, you should see a green check-mark appear beside the word "Status" in the status bar. Click the "Status" tab. 

This will bring you to the final step in the process. If everything looks good, you can submit your design update for approval. Simply click "Submit Request".

A staff member will review your request and either approve it, or reach out to you if any changes are needed.

Of course, if you ever have any questions or need help, please feel free to reach out to us on our Discord Server. Our helpful community and staff are always there for you!