Designing Your Enivi

Created: 11 March 2024, 15:43:56 PDT
Last updated: 3 April 2024, 15:03:23 PDT

Getting Started With

Creating Your Enivi

What is an EnivI? 

['enēve-e'](paste into reader to hear)

Enivi, the mystical inhabitants of the world of Eniv, are abound with magic and charm.
Whether found in quaint cafes sipping a cup of tea or roaming the untamed wildlands in herds, these enchanting creatures share a profound bond with the natural magic of their realm.

Now, let's delve into the process of bringing your very own Enivi to life!

Fun Fact!

Did you know "Enivi" is both the singular and plural form of the word?


Choosing your herd

Lunaesi Lunaesi

['lo͞o-nay-see'](paste into reader to hear)

Inquisitive by nature, the Lunaesi are revered as the scholars of Eniv. They hold the sacred duty of preserving ancient tomes, inscribing scrolls with wisdom, and deciphering the mysteries of the stars.

And, as a delightful bonus, they happen to be the fluffiest among the four original herds!

Along with the required traits of all Enivi, starter Lunaesi must have a mane.


To learn more about the Lunaesi and their culture, click here!

Ortusi IconOrtusi

['or·too-see'](paste into reader to hear)

Meet the Ortusi, the formidable giants among Enivi herds.
Renowned for their strength and resilience, these Enivi excel in both combat and agriculture.
Ever vigilant, the Ortusi swiftly respond to any threat that looms over Eniv, offering their assistance to all Enivi in need, fostering unity across the realm.

Along with the required traits of all Enivi, starter Ortusi are required to have facial scales.


To learn more about the Ortusi and their culture, click here!

Vespiri IconVespiri

['ves·pier·ee'](paste into reader to hear)

Elegant and agile, Vespiri wander the world to offer their assistance to fellow Enivi. Whether celebrating the arrival of new life or guiding souls to Vesper, the Vespiri embody gentleness and kindness, though their nature is often misinterpreted as ominous. 

Along with the required traits of all Enivi, starter Vespiri are required to have long, spiraling horns that curve upward.



To learn more about the Vespiri and their culture, click here!

Druaesi IconDruaesi

['drew·ay-see'](paste into reader to hear)

Petite and elusive, the Druaesi inhabit the depths of the Dark Forest, shrouded in mystery from the rest of the herds.
Their profound connection with the natural world is unmistakable, evidenced by their bodies woven from the very essence of the forest – a blend of plant life, stone, and other organic materials.

Along with the required traits of all Enivi, starter Druaesi are required to have bodies that are mostly comprised of Blessings of Druae and nature-based traits.

Important Note!

Druaesi are a rare herd that can only be made with an "Ancient Sprout". 
Learn more about these in the "Character Slot Tokens" section.


To learn more about the Druaesi and their culture, click here!

Herd Checklists

Use Herd Checklists to ensure your Enivi meets the required traits for each herd before submitting your character.
These handy guides provide a comprehensive list of traits needed for approval, ensuring your Enivi fits right in with its chosen herd!

[ Druaesi Checklist ] [ Lunaesi Checklist ] [ Ortusi Checklist ] [ Vespiri Checklist ]


Character Slots

Breathing life into your new Enivi begins with your Character Slot Token!
There are four types to choose from, each offering different possibilities.
Don't worry if it seems overwhelming at first—we're here to guide you through it!

  • Common Character Slot Token: This token grants your character common traits and is gifted to all new players when they complete the Welcome Guide. You can also get one by winning games like Gem Jackpot Rush or by purchasing it from The Hidden Cove.
  • Uncommon Character Slot Token: With this token, your character can have common or uncommon traits. This token can be purchased from The Hidden Cove.
  • Rare Character Slot Token: Unlock common, uncommon, or rare traits for your Enivi with this token, available for purchase from The Hidden Cove.
  • Ancient Sprouts: These special tokens enable the creation of a Druaesi with traits labeled as "Gifts from Druae," along with rare traits. These can be earned through exclusive events held throughout the year.

PhSXqEAniR24-image.pngUncommon Character SlotRare Character Slot<a href=


Activating Character Slots

To activate your Character Slot using your token, begin by navigating to your Inventory. You can find this in the navigation bar under My Activity
Locate your Character Slot Token and click on it to use the item. Then, check the box beside the item, making sure you've selected the appropriate number of tokens to activate if you own more than one.



Next, open the "Use Slot" acordion menu and click the blue "Open" button. 



Once you click Open, your page will refresh and you'll be greeted with a message at the top of your page stating that your character slot has been created!
Now, you're ready to move on to the next step of actually creating your Enivi, so let's take a look at your options for making your character.


Creating Your First Enivi

Now that your Character Slot is activated, you have several options for creating your Enivi.
The Character Creator provides access to thousands of pre-made traits, allowing players to custom-design their own characters effortlessly. With a range of color choices, diverse traits, and accessories, crafting the Enivi of your dreams is as simple as navigating through options and layers.

Seeking more freedom and additional options?
You can download assets from their encyclopedia entries to further customize them or craft your own versions of markings by hand.

Let your creativity run wild!

Character Creator


The Character Creator offers a delightful way to craft your Enivi, eliminating the need for art programs or color shifting on your own.
Just navigate to the Character Creator under Resources in the menu and let your imagination take the reins!

Begin by exploring each herd's unique qualities by clicking on their respective icons. Once you've made your selection, hit the green "Confirm" button to proceed. Then, dive into designing your Enivi by browsing through bases, traits, markings, accessories, and companions.

Remember to consider the limits of your Character Slot Token as you customize your Enivi, ensuring you have the necessary items for any additional traits, accessories, or companions you want to include.

Once your design is complete, it's time for a final check against the Enivi Herd checklist:

[ Druaesi Checklist ] [ Lunaesi Checklist ] [ Ortusi Checklist ] [ Vespiri Checklist ]

Finally, you have two options to finish your design. 
The first, is to click the green "Submit MYO" button. This will open the remaining area for you to submit your Character. 



Once you're ready to finish your character , go to the "Submitting a New Character" section below. 

Designer Note!

We alway recommend downloading a PNG version of your Enivi with no background for future changes!
This makes it easier if you ever want to add accessories or change their background. You can also download PNG versions with no hair in case you want to change their hair style often.

Character Creator With Edits

Another exciting option to go with the character creator is to finalize your design and then fine-tune any clipping issues or make additional adjustments using your preferred digital art software!

Start by addressing any traits that may be causing awkward clipping. For instance, in our Vespiri example below, the Spiral Horns were overlapping oddly with the ears and hair, so we opted to remove them entirely from this first version.
Afterward, hit the "Download PNG" button and save your file.


Next, head to the trait's encyclopedia entry to download the required file.
For example, if you're adding Spiral Horns to your Enivi, download the Spiral Horns files directly from the Spiral Horns trait page. Make sure you download both the back and front files in your desired color.
Remember, you can also color-shift traits to match any color scheme you prefer.


Each accordion menu opens an assortment of colors available for each herd, along with the corresponding files. Note that some traits feature only front files, while others include back files, and a few need both front and back files for proper display. Be careful to make sure you're getting all the files you need.

Once you've got your files, bring them over to your Enivi and clean up any spots where they're overlapping. Then, give your Enivi a bit of a touch-up by fixing any little marks left from layering or clipping. Just remember, no stretching or warping those traits – let's keep things looking sharp and clean!


For our image, we've fixed the clipping issues and cleaned up some small artifacts around the legs created by layering the traits. 

Once you're finished, save your image and move on to the steps in the Submitting a New Character section.

Clipping Conundrum?

If you're having a hard time fixing clipping issues, feel free to ask for help in our friendly Discord server!

Creating Your Character By Hand 

Crafting custom markings by hand is an opportunity to unleash your creativity and create a one-of-a-kind Enivi!
No special items needed—just ensure your designs adhere to trait rules outlined in each entry. These rules specify coverage limits, shape requirements, and color guidelines. Feel free to break away from pre-made options and let your imagination soar!

Check out these inspiring Enivi with stunning custom markings:



Sometimes custom designs can be as simple as color-shifting the existing traits, or as complex as the designs showcased above, it's really all about your preference and your Enivi's personality!

How To Get Rarer Traits

Ready to elevate your Enivi to new heights?
While Character Slot Tokens secure a certain rarity level, the journey through Eniv is packed with opportunities to earn unique traits, specialty markings, and divine blessings!
Explore Sophie's Shoppe for exclusive finds, test your luck in thrilling games, or seize the spotlight during special events. Ever dreamt of wishing upon a shooting star for that one-of-a-kind trait? You could even wish for your special trait or marking on a falling star!



Some traits are a bit trickier to snag and require a bit of adventure! You might stumble upon them while foraging or crafting, or even by munching on some Mysterious Slime you find while out for a run.

Once you have your new traits, you'll want to follow the steps in Updating your Enivi to add the new trait to your Enivi's design.


Submitting a New Character

Whether you've used the character creator or designed your character by hand, once you've designed your character and have your final image, you're ready to submit your character! 
If you've used the character creator, the image will be automatically transported over into the submission form. If you've made adjustments or designed your character by hand, you'll need to upload the image on your own.

Accessing your Character Token Slots


Skip Ahead!

If you've designed your Enivi entirely with the character creator and didn't make any adjustments by hand, you can skip to the next section.


To begin, access your Character Token Slot by navigating to 'My Activity' and selecting 'Character Slots.' If you don't see any active slots, you may need to activate them in your inventory.
Once you've chosen a slot, click 'Submit Character Slot Design' from the vertical menu on the left.

Finally, hit the blue 'Create Request' button to submit your character.

Filling Out The Tabs

When you first land on the next page you'll find five tabs that need to be completed before you can submit your character.
Don't worry, this process won't be as complicated as it sounds, and we're here to walk you through the process!
At first, these tabs will have small, red "x"s beside them, showing the tabs haven't been finished yet. Let's walk through the tabs one-by-one.



The "Status" tab is the start and end of your venture.
Here, you've got the choice to "Delete Request" or "Submit Request", but the submission option stays faded out until you've tackled the other tabs.
Let's skip this for now and circle back once we've wrapped up the rest!


The "Comments" tab lets our staff know what you're doing with your request.
Keep it simple, like "Making a new character" or "Using a Common Character Slot", so they know what's up. If you're spicing up your Enivi with extras like accessories or rare traits, give us a heads-up here.
This helps us make sure traits aren't being accidentally added.
Hit the blue "Save" button when you're done, and the red "x" will turn into a green circle. 


Now onto the "Masterlist Image" tab, where you get to showcase your Enivi in the character directory and their profile!
If you've used our handy Character Creator, your character's image is already set, but if you've lovingly crafted your Enivi by hand, fear not!
Just click "Choose File" to upload your image file.
After uploading, you can use our image cropper to make sure your Enivi shines in all their glory in the directory!
Typically, the image should highlight your Enivi's face, though we're open to some creative interpretations.

Feel free to credit yourself as the Designer if you've brought your Enivi to life, and if someone else lent their artistic talents, be sure to give them a shoutout!
While it's optional, you're welcome to credit the site as the artist of the assets if you'd like, but be sure to celebrate your creativity!

At the bottom of the page, you'll spot a toggle labeled "Alternate Images".
Keep this toggled "Off" for your initial Enivi submission. We'll dive deeper into Alternate Images later on!

Once everything looks just right, hit that blue "Save" button and glide over to the "Add Ons" tab.


Now, let's dive into the "Add Ons" tab, where you can sprinkle some extra charm onto your Enivi.
This is where you can add additional traits or accessories to your character. Simply open the inventory accordian menu and pick out the items you want to add.
Just check the box beside each item, and once you're satisfied with your selections, hit that trusty blue "Save" button to finish up.


We're on the final stretch now, just a few more steps to go!
In the "Traits" tab, start by selecting your Enivi's "sub type" or herd if it wasn't automatically filled in by the character creator.
Then, it's time to add your Enivi's traits!
Click on the blue "Add Trait" button and start layering on those traits, from their ears to their hooves, making sure you don't miss a thing.
Don't forget to give a nod to your hand-crafted creations if you've designed any custom traits. Let everyone know the effort you've put in!
Once you've dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's, hit that trusty blue "Save" button and hop back to the first "Status" tab.

We're almost there!


As we've completed our journey through each tab, you should now see a green circle beside each one instead of that red "x".
If you happen to still spot any pesky "x"s, don't fret!
It just means some work hasn't been properly saved. Simply head back to the tab, tidy things up, hit that trusty blue "Save" button, and return to this Status tab.

With everything in shipshape, it's time for the grand finale: click that "Submit Request" button!

Your Enivi is now on its way for approval.

Our dedicated staff will give it a once-over shortly. Once it's given the green light, you'll be all set to embark on your Eniv adventure!

Staff Approval Process

We value your time and strive to keep wait times short for Enivi submissions.
While each approval is meticulously handled by our team, we aim to have your Enivi reviewed within a speedy 3 days.
However, it's worth noting that our hardworking staff take weekends off, so if you submit your Enivi on a Friday evening, you might need to wait until Monday for approval.

We genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding!


Updating Enivi

As time goes by, your Enivi's journey will evolve, and so will their appearance!
Maybe you'll feel inspired to freshen up their look, add some stylish accessories, or have a clever companion join their side.
Don't worry, you can showcase a variety outfits or styles by adding extra images to your Enivi's profile!

Adding Accessories

Adding accessories to your Enivi is a breeze with these simple steps!
If your Enivi doesn't have custom markings, you can easily recreate them in the character creator and include the desired accessories from the "Accessories" tab.
Once you've finalized the design, simply opt for the "Download PNG" feature.

For Enivi with custom markings, downloading accessory image files follows a similar process to trait images.
Accessory files are accessible through the item's encyclopedia entry.

You can find an item's entry by navigating to the encyclopedia under Resources, selecting "All Items," and searching by name.
Alternatively, you can access the item's entry directly from your inventory by clicking on the item, then click the item's image in the pop-up window, and click the item's name in the following window to be taken straight to the encyclopedia entry.

Wearable items in the encyclopedia display an accordion menu, allowing you to save the file by herd and color.
After positioning the accessory on your Enivi's image using your preferred art program, save the file for easy uploading.

Now, let's move on to the "Alternate Images" section to learn about uploading your Enivi's updated image.

Adding Or Changing Traits

Updating your traits starts with updating your Enivi's image file.
If you don't have any custom-made markings, you can easily recreate your Enivi using the character creator, and update the traits you'd like there.
Alternatively, for any updated trait files you need, download them from their encyclopedia entries and modify the base image using your preferred art program.

When using the character creator, ensure you select the "Download PNG" option instead of submitting a new character.

Next, head to your Enivi's profile and select "Update Design" from the vertical menu on the left-hand side. Then, click the blue "Create Request" button.
You'll see the familiar tabs seen during your initial character creation, but this time the process is a little more simple!
Let's kick things off by navigating to the Comments tab.


In the "Comments" tab, share with our friendly staff the exciting updates you've made to your Enivi!
Let them know about any trait changes or enhancements you've made and how you've customized your character.
Remember to hit the friendly blue "Save" button at the bottom before moving on to the Masterlist Image tab.


In the "Masterlist Image" tab, you can showcase your Enivi's fresh look!
Start by clicking "Choose File" to upload your updated image.
Feel free to crop the image to highlight your Enivi's best features.
While we typically display your Enivi's face, we're always open to showcasing unique designs that deserve a little extra spotlight!

If you've poured your creativity into this update, go ahead and credit yourself as the Designer. However, if someone else lent their artistic touch to your Enivi, be sure to give them credit where credit is due! 

Remember, toggling "Alternate Image" to "Off" ensures your Enivi's profile picture is up-to-date and ready to shine.

Once everything looks perfect, simply click the friendly blue "Save" button before galloping over to the "Add Ons" tab.


In the "Add Ons" tab you can select any items from your inventory you may need to attach if you used them to update your Enivi.
For example, if you updated your Enivi's tail from a Fluffy Fox Tail to a Long Wrapped Tail, you would want to choose the Long Wrapped Tail from your inventory.
Just check the box beside the item and be sure to click the  blue "Save" button when you've finished.


In the "Traits" tab, you'll see all your Enivi's existing traits already filled out. 
Here, you'll want to add, remove, or change any traits you've updated on your Enivi.

When you're finished, click the blue "Save" button and head back to the "Status" tab.


Back at the "Status" tab again, you'll be able to click the "Submit Request" button to have your updates reviewed by a staff member!

Remember, each request is hand-reviewed by our staff, and can take up to 3 days to process.
Our staff don't work on holidays or weekends, so if you submit your request on a Friday afternoon, it may not be processed until Monday.

Alternate Images

Want to show off your Enivi's fancy new look? Or does your Enivi have a hairstyle or wings that block their markings? 
You can use Alternate Images to show off different views of your character without losing their main image!

To create an alternate image, start by making and saving your image to your computer. Keep in mind that even alternate images must be created with site-approved assets.
Once your image is created, upload it with the guides above, but when you reach the "Alternate Image" toggle, mark the toggle to "On".


Standard accounts can have up to 3 alternate images, while Premium accounts can have up to 5. 
Alternate images must have the same markings as your canon Enivi. They can't be hypothetical or "dream" markings, though they can show your Enivi with and without an obtained curse or blessing activated.

To choose which image is shown on your Enivi's profile, click to their profile, then click "Edit Profile" in the vertical menu on the left-hand side. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see a section called "Active Image".
Here, you can choose which image you'd like to be your Enivi's displayed profile image, having the other images viewable beneath their main image. 
After you check the circle beside the image you'd like displayed, click "Set Active Image", and "hard refresh" your page.

Congrats! You've updated your Enivi's active image and set an alternate image on their profile!


Still Need Help?

Having a little trouble and still need some help? Not to worry, our friendly community is only a click away!
Join our official Discord server and we'll be happy to lend a hoof designing, updating, uploading, or even just looking at your beautiful new Enivi in awe!


We can't wait to see you there!