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Created: 13 February 2024, 13:43:29 PST
Last updated: 2 July 2024, 16:22:38 PDT

Getting Started With

Keepers oF Eniv

What is Keepers of Eniv?

Welcome to Keepers of Eniv, a whimsical realm where fantasy comes to life!

In this browser-based role-playing game, embark on an enchanting journey leading a herd of magical creatures called Enivi. Dive into quests, explore vibrant lore, and engage in a myriad of activities, like farming and fishing or playing captivating minigames.

Unleash your creativity by customizing your Enivi with a vast array of pre-made traits or hand-paint your own, making each creature truly unique.

As you traverse this fantastical land you can build friendships, participate in community events, and immerse yourself in a warm, accepting community that values creativity and camaraderie. In Keepers of Eniv, adventure, friendship, and endless possibilities await, so let's get started!

Using This Guide

While it might seem odd to have a guide for a guide, the best way to maximize its benefits is to read a section and then open the "Complete This and Claim Your Reward" button in a new tab.
This will guide you through the prompt related to that section and give you some nice rewards when you've completed it.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to join our welcoming Discord Server!

What If I've Done This Before The Guide Was Released?

Already completed a step? The next time you have the opportunity to, feel free to complete the prompt again to get the reward!


Getting your First Enivi

Common Character Slot

Click here to claim your first Character Slot!

Embarking on your Keepers of Eniv journey is an exciting adventure with various paths to acquiring your first Enivi!
Whether you prefer using our RPG-style character creator, showcasing your artistic flair by hand-painting unique markings, or even acquiring special Enivi through events, we've got options galore.

Every account comes equipped with a Common Character Slot, enabling you to craft a character with common traits.
As you progress, you'll unlock the ability to customize your Enivi with rarer traits and blessings.
Uncommon and Rare Character Slots can be discovered as rewards in games, quests, and events, or obtained with Gems, which are purchased with real-world currency, through The Hidden Cove.

Before starting on your new Enivi, you should check out the Design Guide!

For now, let's take a look into what you can do with your Common Character Slot:

the Character Creator

Our character creator is a treasure trove of thousands of pre-made markings, traits, and accessories.
Scroll through the tabs, mix and match colors, and layer traits creatively to design your perfect starter Enivi.
Then, when you're finished, you can submit your creation for approval directly from the creator.

For an extra personal touch, select the option to download the PNG file and enhance your Enivi in your favorite art program by cleaning up any areas that are clipping strangely or even paint a few custom markings!

Dive into the creative process and make your Enivi truly yours!

Creating Your Enivi By Hand

Feeling adventurous?
Craving more freedom than the character creator offers?
Take the reins and hand-paint your own markings using our official assets!
Begin by building your character in the creator, then download the PNG for customization. Or, skip the creator and download individual asset pieces from our Trait Encyclopedia.
Unleash your creativity—erase, color-shift, or modify the traits! Just be sure to pay attention to the individual rules on each trait's encyclopedia entry and the Design Guide rules.
When you're finished, upload your masterpiece for approval by following the steps in our Character Design Guide

We can't wait to meet your new Enivi!

Staff Hours

We aim to process all submissions within 3 business days.
To make sure our staff have time to breathe, we don't process on holidays or weekends. Thank you for your patience and understanding so we can make sure our staff can take care of themselves!

Speciality Enivi sALES AND rAFFLES

Keep an eye out for specialty Enivi releases in Sales!
Crafted by the Keepers of Eniv art team, these Enivi boast custom markings, traits, and unique touch-ups.
Announcements for sales are prominently displayed on the site, in News posts, and on our Discord server.
Additionally, you may have the chance to commission a specialty Enivi, designed to your specifications!

While sales and commissions involve real-world currency, our Monthly Enivi Raffle offers a chance to acquire a special Enivi as a token of gratitude.
Entry typically involves community acts of kindness or purchasing tickets with Star Shards, our earnable site currency as we try to keep Enivi available to all our players.



Site and Profile Settings

Now that you're well on your way to having your first Enivi, you'll want to make sure your stay in Eniv is as comfortable as possible, and to help the rest of the community get to know you a little more. 
Let's start looking into your Site Settings and your Profile!

Start by clicking your name on the upper right-hand side of the navigation bar, then click settings.

Now, we're ready to get started!

Uploading Your Avatar

A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not say something worthwhile with your avatar?
Avatars can be still or set as gifs. You're welcome to use a Keepers of Eniv image if you'd like, as long as you're not using images of other players' Enivi.

Our image rules extend to avatars. They cannot be eye-straining, flashing, rapidly vibrating, or break any of our general site rules (such as being offensive or "adult" in nature). 

To upload your avatar, click "Choose File" beside "Update Profile Picture", and then click the blue "Edit" button below. This will update your avatar for you.
Not seeing the change? Try a hard refresh!
This should update your site cookies and allow you to see the new avatar.

Customizing Your profile

Just below your avatar  you'll see the section where you can edit your profile.
This area comes with a rich html editor to make customizing your profile easy!
You can add images, text, links to your other social media profiles (as long as they're Keepers of Eniv-friendly!) , and tell us a bit about yourself.

If you'd like to go a little more in-depth, you can click the source code editor on the far right-hand side to give yourself a little more freedom.
Please keep in mind that we do need to restrict what we can allow for the safety of our community, but we do encourage our players to make creative and beautiful profiles and we can't wait to see how you customize yours!

Once you've finished, click the blue "Edit" button just below your text to save your changes.

Site Themes

Site themes are a fun addition for our players!
General players have both our standard Keepers of Eniv theme and a Dark Mode available, while Premium members have access to all our holiday and specialty themes all year long!

To change your site theme, select the theme you'd like from the drop-down menu and click the blue "Edit" button below the drop-down menu to save your changes.

Your Site settings and Online Safety

Being safe online is an increasingly important factor in our day-to-day lives.

We recognize and understand that it's important to keep our community safe, so we strive to keep it simple to protect your information and your account. 
It's easy to make your birth date private, update your email address (which is not publicly shared), change your password, and add Two-Factor Authentification to your account for additional security.

Just remember to click the blue "Edit" button after each change.

Quality of life and Fun Features

Not everything needs to be about security, though!
We also have some nice quality of life features to help you make the most of your time in Eniv!

Save your favorite characters by clicking the Bookmark feature on their profile. Then, you can view them any time in your personal collection of bookmarks by clicking your name in the upper right-hand side of the navigation bar and clicking "Bookmarks". 


You can also build and organize your personal Wishlist by going to "My Activity" in the main navigation bar and clicking "Wishlists". Then click the green "+Create Wishlist" button to start your own wishlist to track items you'd like and allow other players to gift them to you if they're feeling generous!
Organize your Enivi by clicking My Activity in the main navigation bar, then clicking "My Characters". This will allow you to organize your Enivi by dragging and dropping them into the new order they'll show on your profile!

There are many more small quality of life features we'd love for you to get to know, so keep an eye on our social media platforms for updates and reminders about them and how to use them!



Earning Currency



In the vibrant world of Keepers of Eniv, we have a variety of currencies, with Star Shards and Gems taking center stage!


Star Shards, our in-game currency, are earned through our fun activities like participating in prompts, creating mesmerizing artwork for the Gallery, and trying your luck in games.

These magical Shards hold the key to getting on-site treasures and engaging in lively trades with fellow players.


Gems, on the other hand, are our real-world currency, unlocking the wonders of The Hidden Cove.

Occasionally, Gems can be used alongside USD to bring home extraordinary specialty Enivi (don't forget to check the notes on the sales post!).
While Gems can be earned through special events and Rare Gachapons, and lucky wheel spins, they are typically bought directly through Keepers of Eniv.


Throughout the changing seasons, special currencies come into play to enhance your event experiences.

Some of these currencies bid farewell after the event, while others stay with you in your bank.
Visit the Event Shop to use the seasonal treasures you've earned to add a touch of enchantment to your Eniv journey.



Games, Activities, and Events

At Keepers of Eniv, we've crafted a delightful array of games and activities to ensure you have a blast in our magical realm!


Whether it's the enchanting Wheel of Wonder, the tranquil Fishing spots, tending to your Farm, or exploring the wilds during Foraging, there's something for everyone.
Some, like the challenging Sudoku, unveil new excitement every week.

Each game offers unique rewards, special benefits, and varying play requirements, so make sure to check out the descriptions before diving in!


Our special events occur every few months, celebrating the distinctive herds and weaving captivating lore into the game.
These events introduce additional games, from mind-bending puzzles to thrilling scavenger hunts, offering endless fun for our wonderful community.
Keep an eye on the Event Page for all the details and upcoming events!




Art and Prompts

Your Enivi isn't just a pretty picture; it's a character waiting to come to life!
Earn Star Shards and a variety of other treasures by creating artwork— visual, literary, and more—sharing the unique story of your Enivi and submitting it to our vibrant Gallery.

Submitting Artwork to the gallery

To showcase your artistic side and earn Star Shards, submit your artwork to the Gallery.
Click on 'Gallery' in the navigation bar, choose the gallery folder that best suits your creation, and complete the form.
Attach your image or literary work, and once our staff gives it the green light, and your rewards will be automatically added to your account.

Now all of Eniv can see your masterpiece!

Earning Extra Rewards with Prompts

Looking for a little inspiration?
Explore our prompt list for that extra burst of inspiration!
Prompts offer questions or scenarios to ignite your Enivi's story, and they come with unique rewards.
While seasonal or specialty prompts grant even greater incentives, each prompt adds a touch of something special to your Enivi's journey.
Ready to dive into a world of imagination? Give our prompts a whirl!




Unleash your inner crafter!
While many items and accessories can be easily bought with Star Shards, some are a bit trickier to acquire.
Sometimes you'll need to craft the accessory or trait you want to add that extra touch of dazzle to your Enivi!

Gathering Supplies

Unlock the secrets of crafting as you explore the world of Eniv through various activities.
From peacefully Foraging in magical landscapes to trying your hand at Fishing in serene waters, or even tending to lively Thunderbee Keeping, each endeavor provides the crafting supplies you need.
Dive into the heart of Farming, participate in seasonal events like the Bug Hunt, and embrace the simplicity of gathering materials to add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your Enivi's look.

HOw to Craft

Crafting a recipe is easy! Once you have all your supplies gathered, you'll just need to go to Games, then Alchemy and Crafting in the navigation menu.
Search for and click on the name of the item you'd like to craft, then click craft - it's that simple!



Customizing and Updating Your Enivi

Even the most stunning Enivi deserves a touch-up now and then!
Personalizing your Enivi is a fun way to showcase your creative flair and to show off your Enivi's distinctive look that reflects their unique personality!

Some Important Notes!

There's no item to remove an accessory from your Enivi. You can remove an accessory at any time!
If the image doesn't instantly change, "hard refresh" your browser to shake off those old cookie crumbs.


Adding Accessories

Sprucing up your Enivi's style with accessories can be a lot of fun, and you can pull it off with flair using either the Character Creator or your go-to art program.

For Enivi with standard markings (no hand-painted or custom-colored touches), recreate them in the character creator, add the accessories you'd like, save the image, and head to your Enivi's profile. 
To use your own art program, open your Enivi's image file, then download the file for the accessory from the item. You can do this by clicking to the item in the Item Directory ( you can find this in the navigation bar under World > Encyclopedia ), then search for the item. Or, click on the item in your Inventory to open the item, then click the image of the item in the pop-up window, then click the item's name to take you to the item's directory entry with it's files. 
Once you have all the files you need, add them to your Enivi, save the image, and head over to your Enivi's profile.
Navigate to the vertical side menu, click on "Update Design," then hit "Create Request." Fill in each tab with a touch of care (peek at Tab Details below for extra guidance). Once you hit the Masterlist Image tab, flip the "Is Alternate Image" toggle to "On."

Remember: To color-shift an accessory you'll need to add a "dye" item for the color change!
The color doesn't have to be exact, but it should be close to the color you're trying to achieve.


If you're just fancying up with an accessory, you don't need to worry about changing anything in the Markings tab, but be sure to go in and click the blue "Save" button to change the red "x" to a green circle.

When your Enivi is finished, feeling awesome and ready, hit the "Submit Request" button under the Status tab.

To make this image the star of your Enivi's profile (and the one that shows in the character directory), head over to their profile, and click "Update Profile" in the left vertical navigation bar. Scroll to the end of the page, and you'll spot "Alternate Images" waiting for you. Select the image you'd like to be featured, and voila – your Enivi's got a new look!

Important Note!

While this is an excellent "quick guide", the full guide to designing, redesigning, and adding accessories to your Enivi can be found  HERE!


ChanGing Your Enivi's Traits and Markings

Updating an Enivi's traits and markings works alot like adding an accessory!

Whether you're tossing in a new trait using the character creator or crafting it by hand in your favorite art program, the world is your canvas.
Grab pre-made traits from our Encyclopedia under "All Traits," and don't forget to check for any specific rules or requirements these traits might have for hand-drawn or custom features.

Once your new profile image is ready for its grand debut, save it and dash to your Enivi's profile. On the vertical side menu, click "Update Design", then dance over to "Create Request", and fill out the form (check out Tab Details below for more). If you're just swapping hairstyles or unveiling those striking markings without wings, a mane, or hair getting in the way, flip the "Is Alternate Image" toggle to "On." For a brand-new look, leave it off.

Once the form is completed, head back to the Status tab and hit "Submit". Once our team gives the nod, your Enivi's rocking a fresh new vibe!

Tab Details

When you dive into giving your Enivi's profile image a facelift, you'll encounter a handful of tabs to fill out and complete.
Don't worry though; we're here to guide you through each step!

As a friendly reminder, don't forget to hit that blue "Save" button once you've finished each section.


The "Status" tab is your starting and finishing point.
Upon opening your request, you'll land on the Status tab. Feel free to jump to "Comments" right away and circle back to the "Status" tab once you've worked your magic on the rest of the form (we'll swing by the "Status" tab again later in the list).


The "Comments" tab serves as the voice for your Enivi's makeover.
Detail out the updates you're making so our staff can keep a keen eye on the changes.
Whether it's a minor tweak like adjusting the hairstyle or a grand redesign, a brief note like "changed the hair" or "complete redesign" will do the trick. While you don't need to delve into elaborate explanations, providing those specifics ensures a smoother process and avoids any potential delays caused by follow-up questions.

Remember, even if it feels evident to you, a little clarity goes a long way, preventing any oversight. So, take a moment to jot down the changes and let the enchantment unfold! 


The Masterlist Image tab allows you to upload the image file for your masterlist and profile images.
You have the option to credit the "Artist" and "Designer" if you wish, although this is typically required only for guest artists.
If you're proud of your own design, feel free to take credit!
There's no obligation to credit the site as the artist for the assets, but you're welcome to do so if you prefer.

If you'd like to designate the image as a secondary or "Alternate" image, simply toggle the "Alternate Image" option to "on".


The Add Ons tab comes in handy when you're incorporating a trait or accessory that requires an additional item.
For instance, if you're looking to add Tiger Stripes to your Enivi using an item, you can include the specific item from your inventory in this section.


The Traits tab is straightforward to navigate!
If you've added a new trait or modified an existing one, make sure it's reflected in your trait list.
Remove any outdated traits that no longer show on your Enivi.
For instance, if you switch your Deer Ears to Equus Ears, make the necessary change in the list. In case you accidentally add Equus Ears without replacing Deer Ears, simply remove the outdated Deer Ears trait.


Now that you've completed all the tabs, it's time to return to the Status tab and click "Submit Request".
Our team will carefully review your submission, and once approved, your Enivi's appearance will be automatically updated!

Avoid a Design Disaster!

Be sure to check out our Design Guide before starting your new Enivi!





Getting ready for an adventure? Gear is a great way to boost your stats before a quest and to give your Enivi a cool new look!

How to get Gear

There are a few different ways to get gear for your Enivi.
You can purchase it from shops, earn it through events, or craft it using special materials.
Some gear is more difficult to get than others, so be sure to keep an eye out for rare materials or finds!

How to Use Gear

Once you've collected your gear collection, it's time to deck out your Enivi.
Simply go to your Inventory, and hit "Gear" in the menu on the left.

Voila! You're in the gear armory.

Equipping gear instantly boosts your stats, but if you're after that visual upgrade, treat it like an accessory (see Customizing and Updating Your Enivi above). Keep an eye on the unique perks each gear piece brings to the table during Quest prompts—it's all about optimizing your Enivi's style and skills!




Adding a cute pet to your Enivi family is a delightful touch!
Although pets mainly serve an aesthetic purpose, giving one to your Enivi can be a playful way to enhance roleplay and their character development.
Plus, you'll enjoy additional Star Shard bonuses when featuring your pet in art submissions.

How to get And use Pets

Pets can be obtained through crafting, fishing, foraging, or games!
For crafting, you'll need to collect a specific amount of a particular animal to combine to "tame" them. 
To see which pets you have, click "Pets" in the verticle menu on the left-hand side of your Inventory. To add them to your Enivi, click on the pet, then select "Attach to Character". Then, you can choose which Enivi you'd like to add the pet to from the drop-down menu. 

If a pet is included in a Gallery submission, extra Star Shards are given for the entry, so be sure to give your Enivi some creative bonding time with their new companion!

How to Name Pets

Adding names to your pets can give them some special character of their own!
To do this, go back into the Pets section of your inventory and click on the pet attached to your Enivi, then select "Name Pet" and hit the blue "Name" button when you're finished. 

Now, when the pet is viewed on your Enivi's profile, their name will show beneath their image. 




Embark on a trading adventure to engage with the community and snag those elusive, rare items, traits, and characters!
Kick off your trading journey by dropping a trade ad in our Discord Server, showcasing what you're offering and what you're on the lookout for.

When you've found your trading partner, venture to "Trades" under "My Activity" in the navigation bar.
ere, you'll be able to see all your open, pending, completed, and rejected trades. Initiate a new trade by hitting the blue "New Trade" button, complete the page, and attach any items, characters, or currency you'd like to include.

A trade notification is sent over to your trade buddy, prompting them to contribute their side of the exchange. When they're finished, the updated trade is sent back to you for confirmation. After you approve the trade again, the other player gets one last chance to confirm on their end before the trade is completed!

How to Trade Safely

Safety first, fellow Keepers!
For the most secure trading experience, we strongly recommend utilizing our on-site trading system mentioned above. The use of "gifting" options during trades is discouraged, as it's a common ploy for mischievous individuals to exploit the good intentions of our community members.

While we allow off-site, third-party trading (such as swapping items from other games, given the other game permits it), please be aware that we don't moderate these trades, putting them solely at the players' own risk.
However, when it comes to on-site trades involving artwork, if a disagreement arises, our vigilant staff is prepared to act as impartial mediators. We'll thoroughly examine evidence from both sides, intervening when necessary, which may include reversing trades and taking appropriate action against dishonest parties, potentially leading to bans in serious situations.

In the vast realm of virtual item exchanges within our game, always prioritize online safety!



Make New Friends

What's a new adventure without new companions?
We boast an inclusive and welcoming community, where friendship flourishes.
It warms our hearts to witness players joining forces to tackle event puzzles, forge grand creations, pursue shared aspirations, and blossom both artistically and personally within our community.

Join the Community

Ready to join the rest of the community?

Bound into our Discord Server and get started today!



Guide Complete!

And that it!
You've reached the end of the trail, but it's just the beginning of your thrilling adventures in Eniv.
Remember, if you ever get lost along the way, we're here to help you out.

Just one more thing before you go - when you've finished all the prompts above, be sure to click that last one down the bottom for a final gift from us and a profile badge just for you!

Great job and welcome to Eniv!