Getting Started

Created: 1 July 2021, 18:02:45 PDT
Last updated: 5 September 2022, 10:20:09 PDT

Welcome to Keepers of Eniv!

If you're here, I imagine you're just getting started, or maybe you're a long-time member who is curious about the guide and trying to make sure you're not missing anything.
Either way, this guide is here to help. For new members, reading all the way through this guide will grant access to some bonus items. So let's get into it!

(Keep in mind that this is a guide for getting started. Our Design Guide can be found here.)

What Is Keepers of Eniv?

Keepers of Eniv is a fantasy ARPG and SIM game where players can create their own Enivi, a magical hooved creature, build their characters, and interact with other members of the community. 

But What's an ARPG?
An ARPG is an Art Role-Play Game. This means that your characters' interactions are preformed and scored through art - be it visual or literary. This could be through RP posts, paintings, hand-made plushies - whatever artistic form you express yourself in as long as it tells the story of your character. Art Role-Play Games are all about creative expression, and we try to keep to the spirit of that with Keepers of Eniv. 

Okay, What's A SIM Game?
A SIM game is a simulation game. SIM games are a very broad genre of games ranging from MMORPGs to browser-based pet-collecting games. The aspects of a SIM game Keepers of Eniv has vary, from click-games to character profile customization and more.  We're always looking to add more features and expand the gameplay and world.

Getting Your First Enivi

When  you first create your account you have a few options for how you'll obtain your first Enivi.  Our recommended choice is the First Time Owner Make Your Own (FTO MYO). This is a Common MYO that allows you to design your own Enivi with common traits. You'll earn your first Common MYO by completing this tutorial.

To create your first Enivi with your Common MYO, you can use our Art Packs. These are .PSD files that you can download to create your own custom Enivi, while still matching the profile-image style of the site (artwork submitted for Star Shards can be in any style). 
If you're not comfortable creating your own Enivi, but still want something custom, you could watch for Custom Enivi openings, where a member of our Official Art Team can design your Enivi for you, or ask for help in the Discord community.

Not feeling particularly creative, but still want a nice-looking Enivi? You can get your Enivi from the Adoption Center where the Adoption Tokens you receive can be used to adopt one of the Enivi looking for a new home. (Keep reading to find out more about Adoption Tokens, and how to get your first one!)

Finally, you can purchase an Enivi from another player for real-life currency or Star Shards.

From there, you'll be able to start playing the game.

Earning Star Shards And Items

Star Shards are the common in-game currency of the site. 
These can be earned through games, activities, and gallery submissions.

The easiest way to earn items and Star Shards is to visit our Advent Calendar once a day. If you collect your daily bonus every day, at the end of the month you'll get an extra-special bonus item.

You can also earn Star Shards by completing prompts. Prompts are mini-events created to help you develop your character and to spark activity in site-wide plots. These range from talking about your character's past and their likes and dislikes, to things like solving mysteries and going on adventures. 

Our suggestion is to start with Story Prompts. From there, you can begin exploring and even enroll in the Drukworth Academy of Arcane Magic, where you can gain an additional title for your character and complete side-quests about the magic school. There's a lot to do and explore, and for each prompt you complete, you'll have a chance to gain items, Star Shards, and experience.

You can also gain Star Shards by submitting your artwork to The Gallery. These can be general pictures, gift art for others, story blurbs, random crafts you've made - as long as it's Keepers of Eniv-related, you can gain Star Shards for your contribution!

These are just a few examples of how you can earn Star Shards and items. Take a look around the site and we're sure you'll find something suited to you!

Customizing Your Enivi

Once you've been earning Star Shards you'll want to spend them, and what better way to do that than by customizing your Enivi?

You can add or remove markings, traits, accessories, weapons, and companions as often as you like. You'll simply need to make the changes and submit them for approval. This changes not only your character's profile image, but also the markings and traits that can be inherited by their Kids.

You can apply any markings or traits you have in your inventory, or purchase new ones from Sophie's Shoppe when she has them available. 

Keep in mind that some markings and traits are more exclusive than others, and some are only obtainable through events, crafting, or season.  Also remember that accessories, weapons, companions, and backgrounds cannot be inherited by your Enivi's Kids.

For more information on customizing your Enivi, check out our full guide here.

Growing your herd

Of course, you'll want to add more Enivi to your herd as time goes by, and you have a lot of options of how to do this.

You can get new Enivi by trading with other players, through the Adoption Center, or from earning a new MYO.

MYOs can be earned by participating in events, raffles, and occasionally through special shop releases. 

There's Much, Much More...

Eniv is a wide, wonderful world filled with things to do. We hope to keep you entertained with our ever-expanding lore and gameplay features.

Of course, that means there's far too much to go over here. While this tutorial will get you started, we'd suggest checking out the rest of the site and striking up a conversation with the rest of the community to learn more ways to play.

That's all for this tutorial! Thanks for sticking with us. As a welcome gift, you should head over to the Welcome Party and claim your Welcome Chest. Your Welcome Chest includes your first Common MYO, an Adoption Token, and some special surprises.

As always, if you still need help just reach out to us!