Celestial Appaloosa

Celestial Appaloosa (Rare)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

A colorful swirl of stars spreads across your Enivi.

This marking can be color-shifted, but cannot take up more space than the example shown.


Rosettes (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

Rosettes are rose-like, spotted markings along the coat of your Enivi. Rosettes may have a dark, blotchy outter edges and a different hue inside.

Rosettes may be any 2 colors (outside edge and inside spot), and there are no restrictions for area coverage.

Thylacine Stripes

Thylacine Stripes (Rare)

Category: Markings

Thylacine Stripes are a 2 part marking with a light patch beneath the stripes and the stripes themselves. 

The stripes and the light patch can be any color, as long as the light patch is lighter than the stripes, and the markings do not exceed the area in the example.


Okapi (Rare)

Category: Markings

Okapi markings have a dark color that runs up the legs and over the hinds and shoulders of the Enivi, as well as stripes and lighter markings.

These markings can be any color, as long as the faded leggings beneath the stripes are darker than the stripes.

The markings may not be larger than the shown example.

Tiger Stripes

Tiger Stripes (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

Tiger stripes are vertical stripes that often split and merge off one another. 

These stripes can be any color, and there is no restriction on coverage for this marking.

Racing Stripes

Racing Stripes (Rare)

Category: Markings

Racing Stripes are horizontal stripes that stretch up over the hinds and abdomen of the Enivi. They can be a series of long stripes, or a mix of long and short.

Racing Stripes can be any color, but can't extend past the area shown in the example.


Swirls (Rare)

Category: Markings

Swirls are a large, abstract marking that allows you to add one or more swirls of solid color to your Enivi.

Swirls may be any solid color, and there is no restriction on size for this marking so long as the swirl is visible and clearly a swirl.


Stardust (Legendary)

Category: Markings

Stardust is a Marking that can be added to either the body of an Enivi, or to a particular marking.

Once applied, Stardust casts a series of glowing, multi-colored speckles over your Enivi.


Fleabitten (Uncommon)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

A ticked series of short hairs that are a slightly different color than the main coat.

This marking can be color-shifted with a Color Change Potion.

Note: This marking can be either added to the full coat, or as an enhancement to another marking.


Socks (Common)

Category: Markings

This marking may be color shifted with a Color Change Potion.
Socks are markings that stretch up the leg from the hoof, but must fall below the knee in the front leg or bend in the back leg.

Peacock Appaloosa

Peacock Appaloosa (Legendary)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

The Peacock Appaloosa marking is fun and adorable, but when used with strongly contrasting colors it can cause eye strain, headaches, and migrains. 
To prevent this, heavily saturated colors that also contrast sharply will not be allowed with this marking (for example, lime greens mixed with equally saturated purples). 
If you're unsure of if your marking is acceptable, feel free to reach out to staff for help and input. (Including Tony, as he's not heavily affected by this marking)

Moon Phases Marking

Moon Phases Marking (Uncommon)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

Glowing Moon Phases across your Enivi.

This marking can be color shifted and re-arranged, but must contain a full moon, a waxing moon, and a waning moon in full view.

End of Autumn

End of Autumn (Seasonal)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

Gilded leaves fall from the trees and land on your Enivi, leaving a magical pattern on their coat.


Mask (Common)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

A mask-like marking around your Enivi's eyes.

This marking cannot extend past the example, and may be color-shifted.


Countershading (Common)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

Countershading is a marking where the entire underside of the Enivi is colored.

Frequently in nature this is seen with lighter colors only, but in the case of Enivi, you can choose any color you want. This marking can extend onto the underside of tails, and can be soft or hard-edged.
This marking cannot extend further than shown.

Nebula Stars Marking

Nebula Stars Marking (Legendary)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

Not to be mistaken for the Constellation Scales, or the Galaxy marking, these stars twinkle brightly across the Envi's whole body.

Nebula Galaxy Markings

Nebula Galaxy Markings (Legendary)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

Galaxy markings! For all of your Nebula needs.


Stockings (Common)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

Stockings are markings of any color that run up your Enivi's leg and end in a blunt cutoff (these cannot have a gradient). 

This marking has no minimum, but cannot extend past the shown example.

Winter Breeze Marking

Winter Breeze Marking (Seasonal)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

The winter wind seems to have left an impression on your Enivi!

Aurora Lights

Aurora Lights (Rare)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

This marking adds the shimmering Aurora Lights to your Enivi.

This marking can be color-shifted, but cannot take up more space than the example shown.

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