It's been a huge month and we have a lot of exciting updates to share - from the final totals, goals met, and rewards from our ARPGs for Pride Fundraiser to this month's Fire Festival and our first official Guest Artist!

Let's get our Ortusi Shoes on and get trotting!


ARPGs for Pride

First off, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for donating, sharing by word of mouth, and overall just being the wonderful, supportive, and generous community I've always known you to be!
Together, with our partners, ARPGs for Pride raised over $17,152.80 USD!!!!!

Even better - with The Trevor Project backing us and matching our donations, our actual donated amount was a WHOPPING...

BulletRainbow.png $67,186.80 BulletRainbow.png

and donations are still rolling in!

Honestly, this was beyond what we expected, and I think I can speak for the whole of ARPGs for Pride when I say a very honest and genuine THANK YOU!

We'll be honoring the donated amount from the community for our goals met, so that means we'll be doing the following activities;

  • The claimable gift box will remain in Sophie's Shoppe until August 1st, 2024!
  • A Rainbow Potion claimable will be added to Sophie's Shoppe shortly and will remain until August 1st, 2024!
  • A community poll will be added in our Discord Server to decide which Companion will be given an upgraded form or art redo!
  • 5 New companions will be added, artwork will be upgraded, or upgraded forms will be added! We'll discuss this after the first form has been decided!
  • A new Questline will be added to the site similar to the Necromancer storyline, but this will be playable year-round.
  • Gem Jackpot Rush will have it's cost lowered to 100 SS from July 8th through July 12th!
  • A second questline will be added to the game (similar to the Necromancer storyline, but playable all year long!). This one will be finished after the first, of course!

Please be sure to join the Discord Server so we can get your input on these rewards!

Again, thank you all so much for your kindness and support! We're so proud to have been a part of this collective and we're looking forward to doing even more next year!

The Fire Festival

Get your traveling shoes on! It's time to travel to the Ortusi Empire to celebrate community, family, and of course, Ortus and the Sun!

Taste the foods, check out the ornate architecture, and investigate the strange whisperings of the newly discovered hidden temple. Find the nine pieces of the treasure map and maybe you'll find some impressive loot - or maybe you'll find your doom.
No, just kidding, it's treasure!
But who knows? Maybe you'll discover something new about yourself in the meantime. 
The Seers are saying Ortus is watching this year.

Check out the Event Page Here!

Community Raffle

A new Community Raffle has started for July!
Thumbnail for GEN-268

Beach Lily is available for raffle through this month!

To enter, you'll just need to make a piece of gift art for another community member and submit a Claim to have your ticket granted.
The raffle goes off on July 31st, just in time for our August Beach Party event, so make sure to get your entries in!



We have our first official Guest Artist!



Uunicornicc has designed two very beautiful Enivi for us - a Vespiri and an Ortusi!
They were kind enough to be our first guest artist and to be patient while we tested and worked out our Guest Artist policies to open the door for future guest artists, so we'd love for them to see some real Keepers of Eniv love in return!
All the funds from these auctions go back to the artist!

These beautiful Enivi are available to join your herd until July 15th - or until someone auto-buys them, so grab them while you can!




Speaking of beautiful Enivi who deserve appreciation...

Our Enivi of the Month is...



Owned by Nox
Zae is a beautiful Vespiri who has gotten a lot of love from Nox, and deserves love from the community too.
Don't forget, if you create gift art of Zae this month, you'll get a special Enivi of the Month bonus!

Finally, a few site updates

  • We fixed a small bug in our shops that then made a bigger bug in our shops - which was then immediately fixed! (Go, Wisp, go!!!!)
  • Our banner on the home page was updated! Check it out!
  • Our fonts have been updated through the site on our main layout! (Dark mode is currently being recoded and should be looking good soon! )
  • Our Terms of Service and Rules have both been updated, please give them a look!
  • Our Mystery Pic has been updated for July! (Congrats to our June winners!)


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