Summer's Start HUGE Site Update!

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With the change of the season comes another huge update! We'll cover our quarterly Charity Raffle, Pride Month celebrations, Bug Hunting and the Festival of the Sun!

Let's get started!

Charity Raffle

Firstly, we've got our special Pride Month Charity Raffle up and running!
Make a donation to The Trevor Project in the amount of $5 USD or more to earn not only a raffle ticket toward the beautiful Enivi below, but also a Pride Chest!

The Pride Chest contains;

  • 1 Rainbow Base
  • 1 Pearlescent Base
  • 1 Pride Month My Sweet Enivi
  • 1 Rainbow Juice
  • 1 Rainbow Berries
  • 1 Rainbow Pearl Necklace
  • 1 Pack of Rainbow Seeds
  • 1 Color Change Potion
  • 1 Rainbow Background

As for the Enivi being raffled, we've got a very special Pride-themed friend!


We're trying to raise at least $300 USD toward this charity, so tell your friends ;)

You can find more info about the raffle on our Charity Page.

The Festival of the Sun


The Festival of the Sun is here!

The Ortusi have invited all of Eniv to come celebrate with them. 

Learn more about the Ortusi while you collect Ancient Ortusi Shoes to unlock the battle features in the event and earn some amazing new traits and accessories like the Fiery Soul, Burning Phoenix Wings, and Ortusi Armor Set from the Seasonal Shop.

<a href=" Eyes" class="display-item">Fiery Eyes</a><a href=" Soul" class="display-item">Fiery Soul</a> <a href=" Nostrils" class="display-item">Fiery Nostrils</a>

For more info on the event and to keep track of how we're doing with gathering Ortusi Shoes, check out our Event Page!

The Bug Hunt

The Summer Bug Hunt is underway as well (starting June 1st at 12:00AM PST)!

This is an event that will run from June through August. Collect bugs to earn special rewards and to use them in alchemy/crafting to get a variety of new wings.
You can catch bugs by visiting our Bug Hunt daily, by doing special bug hunt prompts, finding them hidden on pages, and by purchasing Bug Nets.

Don't worry, all our buggy friends are very friendly and docile, and are happy to lend their natural magic to helping your Enivi get their new wings

<a href=" Butterfly" class="display-item">Monarch Butterfly</a><a href="" class="display-item">Firefly</a><a href=" Darner Dragonfly" class="display-item">Green Darner Dragonfly</a><a href=" Butterfly" class="display-item">Copper Butterfly</a><a href=" Butterfly" class="display-item">Emperor Butterfly</a>


If you're lucky, you'll also find some Hawk Feathers to combine into Hunter's Wings while you're looking for insects or fishing.
You can find the Summer Bug Hunt listed under Games in the navigation menu.

Beauty Contest Update

We've updated our beauty contest to give away a new item!

"Okay. It kind of goes with my moss..."

Winners of the Beauty Contest will now get this lovely seasonal wreath! Be sure to enter, because the wreath is only available until fall, when it'll be switched out for a more autumny version.

New Traits

Finally, we have some new traits for you all!
First off, we've got our Pride Month Rainbow Base available. This will restock randomly in Sophie's Shoppe and is also available through our Charity Raffle.
With the Summer Bug Hunt under way we've got some nice Dragonfly and Monarch Wings.
Sun Raiser Horns are a new, curved horn set available now.
We've also added Short Hair as an option for your Enivi's hairstyles, and two new markings. The first is "Socks", which is a shorter version of Stockings to give you a little more customization.
Finally... after a long wait...

Peacock Appaloosa!
Peacock Appaloosa

Peacock Appaloosa is a Legendary tier marking that will be available through events and purchases. 
We have had a few concerns while creating it because the spots combined with high contrasting colors can trigger some phobias and medical issues, so we were very careful with this design.
Peacock Appaloosa is one of the few markings we have that staff will be very wary with, but don't worry, we're more than happy to work with our players to make sure you can have your beautiful Enivi while still ensuring it won't cause a real-life issue for anyone else.

Phew! That was a lot to go over!

Community Question

Answer this week's community question to earn a random item from this news post!

What is your Enivi's favorite summer activity?

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Claris likes hunting bugs, and collecting them, and just in general exploring peacefully and doing research into local wildlife.

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