Displays as: 0 Acorns
Held by: Users

This currency is for the Sylvan Hunt.

Adoption Tokens (AT)

Displays as: 0 AT
Held by: Users

These tokens allow you to adopt an Enivi from the Adoption Center.

They cannot be bought, sold, or transferred, and are earned through participation in the game.

Candy Canes

Displays as: 0 Candy Canes
Held by: Users

Candy Canes are a special winter holiday currency.


Displays as: 0 XP
Held by: Characters

Gems (G)

Displays as: 0 G
Held by: Users

Gems are a special currency that can be purchased with USD.

Suggested Currency Exchange
1 Gem = 25 Star Shards

Magic Exp (Magic)

Displays as: 0 Magic
Held by: Users

Magic Exp is gained through the Drukworth Academy.

It can be used for creating spells.

Martial Exp (Martial)

Displays as: 0 Martial
Held by: Users

Martial Experience is gained through the Martial Prowess Training with Arkadeau.

It can be used for crafting attacks, and gaining complex weapon and armor sets.

Ortusi Shoes (OS)

Displays as: 0 OS
Held by: Users

This is an Ortusi Event currency.


Displays as: 0 Shells
Held by: Users

Star Shards (SS)

Displays as: 0 Star Shards
Held by: Users

Wandering Souls

Displays as: 0 Wandering Souls
Held by: Users

Help these souls back to the temple for rewards.

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