Lunaesi (Enivi Subtype)


Required Trait: Lunaesi MYOs must have a mane.

Despite their diminutive size compared to the Ortusi and Vespiri, the Lunaesi boast the fluffiest fur of all the Enivi herds.

Their deity, Lunae, values the pursuit of knowledge, and the Lunaesi equate their spiritual side to their wisdom. Like other Enivi herds, the Lunaesi possess innate magic, but instead have mastered and rely primarily on the art of alchemy. Their alchemical skills are unmatched, and they are renowned for their vast libraries and universities, where they share their knowledge with those they deem worthy of Lunae's gifts. The Lunaesi are credited for charting the stars, mapping the cosmos, and keeping the written history of Eniv and its lore.

At the center of the Lunaesi's capital city lies a giant telescope within their temple, a landmark that both symbolizes their pursuit of knowledge and aids in their exploration of the universe.

Lunaesi have access to a wealth of knowledge and alchemical expertise. Your character's natural intelligence and problem-solving skills will prove invaluable whether they're exploring ancient ruins or unlocking the secrets of the cosmos.

In a world where knowledge is power, the Lunaesi are the ultimate scholars. Join their quest for enlightenment and uncover the mysteries of Eniv with this fascinating and compelling herd.


Ortusi (Enivi Subtype)


Required Trait: Ortusi MYOs require scales on their face.

Known for their strength of agriculture, arms, and spirit, the Ortusi are a hardy herd whose empire once spread across the entirty of the herdlands before the current era of peace.

The Ortusi hold physical strength and community in the highest regard, and believe that caring for everyone in their society is essential for the well-being of all. Their herd is close-knit, with the entire community considered to be one large family.

With a strong focus on agriculture, the Ortusi work hard to provide food for not only their own people, but for all the herds of Eniv during the winters. In addition to farming, they're renowned for their skills in song, pottery, weaving, and exporting spices used to create marvelous foods.

But it is their warriors who truly stand out, with their military force being one of the strongest in the land. The Ortusi are always ready to defend other herds against outside threats and to lend aid to those in need. As the largest, most physically powerful of the herds, the Ortusi are unmatched in hoof-to-hoof combat.

As an Ortusi, your character will have the opportunity to take on various roles within this unique society. They could be a brave warrior, upholding the values of the Ortusi and defending your herd from danger. Or they might choose to be an artisan, crafting beautiful works of pottery or weaving intricate textiles. Alternatively, they could be a farmer, working the land to provide food for their community. Whichever path they choose, they'll navigate the complex social dynamics of Ortusi society, balancing their duty to their community with their own personal goals and desires. 


Vespiri (Enivi Subtype)

Required Trait: Vespiri MYOs require long, spiraling horns.

The Vespiri are a unique and enigmatic race of long-legged, agile, deer-like Enivi with long, spiraling horns. They follow the deity Vesper, who cares for Enivi in death. Vespiri culture revolves around caring for the souls of those who have passed away, tending to their spirit until they are ready to move on to the afterlife.

Unfortunately, this association with death has given the Vespiri a bleak and ominous reputation among other herds, who often view them as a bad omen or bringer of misfortune. However, the Vespiri are also present for births, assisting in the arrival of new souls into the world.

Due to their heightened sensitivity to magic and the "veil" between worlds, Vespiri can sometimes seem distant or distracted. This is because their thoughts are pulled in multiple directions as they attend to the needs of both the living and the dead.

As a Vespiri, your character will embody this mysterious and powerful magic. You may be a Soul Tender of those who have passed, helping lost souls find their way to the afterlife. Or perhaps they will assist with Dawnings, the arrival of new souls into the world. They could also be an adventurer, exploring the world and uncovering the mysteries of magic and the veil.

Whatever your Vespiri's role, they'll navigate the complex relationships and cultural dynamics of the Vespiri, balancing your obligations to the living, the dead, and to Vesper.


Druaesi (Enivi Subtype)

Note: Druaesi require an Ancient Sprout to create. They cannot be made through our regular Common, Uncommon, or Rare character slots. 

Required Trait: Druaesi MYOs must be entirely comprised out of plant or rock-based materials (Favors of Druae), with the exception of scales and hooves.

The Druaesi are the smallest and most bewildering of the Enivi herds. They make their home in the Dark Forest, a place full of danger and mystery, where they have managed to thrive despite the perilous surroundings.

Unlike the other Enivi, the bodies of the Druaesi are comprised entirely of plants, rocks, and magic. They have the unique ability to keep their soul within their bodies at times, creating tiny nests to house them within their chest, neck, or abdomen.

The Druaesi lead secretive lives, but they have begun to interact more with the other herds, sharing their springtime festival with the other Enivi and opening their borders for others to travel through and occasionally visit.

They possess a deep physical and spiritual connection to nature and to their deity, Druae, who created and spread the plants and trees throughout the world.

As a Druaesi, your Enivi will have the opportunity to delve into the mysteries of the Dark Forest, exploring its secrets and facing the dangers that lurk within. You could be a scout, venturing into uncharted territory to gather information for your herd. Alternatively, you may be a protector, guarding your herd against the many threats that the Dark Forest presents. You could also venture outside the Dark Forest to meet with the other herds and learn about the other lands in Eniv.

Whatever your role, you will discover the unique powers and abilities that come with being a Druaesi, learning to navigate the delicate balance between secrecy and interaction with the other Enivi herds.


Kid (Enivi Subtype)

Note: Kids can only be obtained through breeding, or you can change your Enivi into a kid using Baby's Breath from the Hidden Cove.
Kids are the youthful Enivi of any herd.
When first born, they have no herd-specific features. However, after being taken to a temple and blessed by their deity, these features begin to emerge. Kids can be born to parents from any of the different herds, as they are created through magical means and not biologically.
Kids from every herd tend to have legs that are too long for their bodies, ears that are too big, and large, adorable eyes that make them lovable to everyone around them.
As a kid, your Enivi will explore the world through the innocent eyes of these young herdmates. You could be a curious adventurer, always seeking out new experiences and discoveries. Alternatively, you could be a protector, watching over the other kids and keeping them safe from harm.
You could also be a mediator, helping to resolve conflicts between the other kids and fostering understanding and friendship. Whatever your role, you will discover unique abilities and powers that come with age as you learn about the world and grow in strength and knowledge.
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