White Belly

White Belly (Free)

Category: Markings

A white or off-white marking along the belly of your Enivi. 

This marking may have a soft edge, but cannot extend past the given example.


Tips (Free)

Category: Markings

This marking adds a different color to the ear tips, tail tip, snout tip, and around the eye. 

The marking can be any color, but can't go past the example.

Classic Soul

Classic Soul (Free)

Category: Soul Orbs
Species: Enivi

A simple Soul Orb, which can come in thousands of different color combinations based on the personality of each Enivi! While not the most elaborately influenced by magic, these Souls are considered beautiful just like the most powerful souls are.

Wisp-Like Soul

Wisp-Like Soul (Free)

Category: Soul Orbs
Species: Enivi

The Classic Soul has received a substantial facelift!

Cheapo Torso

Cheapo Torso (Free)

Category: Torso - Druaesi
Species: Enivi (Druaesi subtype)

Let's face it, not every Druaesi has expert woodworkers as their parents, or has parents who can hire expert woodworkers. 

For those Druaesi, there's options. This log is a very thrifty choice!

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