Moon Phases Marking

Moon Phases Marking (Uncommon)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

Glowing Moon Phases across your Enivi.

This marking can be color shifted and re-arranged, but must contain a full moon, a waxing moon, and a waning moon in full view.

Badger Mask

Badger Mask (Uncommon)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

A thin stripe along the face resembling a badger's marking.

This marking can be color-shifted, but cannot exceede the area shown.


Dapple (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

This marking creates a wash of dappled patterning over the coat.

There are no restrictions on where this can be applied to the body of your Enivi.

Tiger Stripes

Tiger Stripes (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

Tiger stripes are vertical stripes that often split and merge off one another. 

These stripes can be any color, and there is no restriction on coverage for this marking.


Rosettes (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

Rosettes are rose-like, spotted markings along the coat of your Enivi. Rosettes may have a dark, blotchy outter edges and a different hue inside.

Rosettes may be any 2 colors (outside edge and inside spot), and there are no restrictions for area coverage.

Zebra Stripes

Zebra Stripes (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

Zebra stripes are long vertical stripes that sometimes run long, and sometimes connect in thick "V" shapes. 

These stripes can come in any color and have no minimum or maximum coverage as long as they appear as zebra stripes.


Fleabitten (Uncommon)

Category: Markings
Species: Enivi

A ticked series of short hairs that are a slightly different color than the main coat.

This marking can be color-shifted with a Color Change Potion.

Note: This marking can be either added to the full coat, or as an enhancement to another marking.


Dun (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

The Dun marking is similar to the dun marking of a horse. This marking features a dorsal stripe, a faded marking up the snout, leg stripes, and stockings that fade up into the stripes.

Dun markings can be any solid color, but may not extend past the example shown.


Flecks (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

Flecked markings are areas of darker or lighter hairs added through the coat. These could be considered guard hairs.


Piebald (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

Piebald are white or off-white markings that cover large areas of the body.

There are no restrictions on what area of the body this can be applied to.


Brindle (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

The Brindle marking adds broken streaks through the fur of your Enivi.

Brindle can be any solid color you'd like.

There is no restriction on coverage for this marking.


Hooded (Uncommon)

Category: Markings

The Hooded marking makes the head of your Enivi a different color.

The marking can be any solid color, but may not be larger than the shown example.

Silver Base

Silver Base (Uncommon)

Category: Bases

This base makes your Enivi look like they've been dipped in silver!

This coat has a metallic shine.

Spiral Horns

Spiral Horns (Uncommon)

Category: Horns

Long, spiraling horns for your Enivi.

These are most common among the Vespiri.

Bare Branchlers

Bare Branchlers (Uncommon)

Category: Horns

These leafless limb antlers still have a strong connection to nature.

Omen Horns

Omen Horns (Uncommon)

Category: Horns

Long, front-spiraling horns for your Enivi.

These horns can be color-shifted as long as they look like a natural horn material.

Bridge Horn

Bridge Horn (Uncommon)

Category: Horns
Species: Enivi

A horn that sits upon the bridge of an Enivi's nose.

Button Mushroom Horns

Button Mushroom Horns (Uncommon)

Category: Horns
Species: Enivi (Druaesi subtype)

Little button mushrooms that are in place of the buttons many antlered Enivi have once their racks fall off for the season serve as an organic replacement for the Druaesi who want the same kind of look. 

Summertime Branchlers

Summertime Branchlers (Uncommon)

Category: Horns

Green, flourishing branch antlers for your Enivi.

Reindeer Tail

Reindeer Tail (Uncommon)

Category: Tails
Species: Enivi

A reindeer tail for your Enivi!

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