Ortusi (Enivi Subtype)

Known for their strength of agriculture, arms, and spirit, the Ortusi are a hardy herd whose empire once spread across the entirty of the herdlands before the current era of peace.

The Ortusi hold physical strength and community in the highest regard, and believe that caring for everyone in their society is essential for the well-being of all. Their herd is close-knit, with the entire community considered to be one large family.

With a strong focus on agriculture, the Ortusi work hard to provide food for not only their own people, but for all the herds of Eniv during the winters. In addition to farming, they're renowned for their skills in song, pottery, weaving, and exporting spices used to create marvelous foods.

But it is their warriors who truly stand out, with their military force being one of the strongest in the land. The Ortusi are always ready to defend other herds against outside threats and to lend aid to those in need. As the largest, most physically powerful of the herds, the Ortusi are unmatched in hoof-to-hoof combat.

As an Ortusi, your character will have the opportunity to take on various roles within this unique society. They could be a brave warrior, upholding the values of the Ortusi and defending your herd from danger. Or they might choose to be an artisan, crafting beautiful works of pottery or weaving intricate textiles. Alternatively, they could be a farmer, working the land to provide food for their community. Whichever path they choose, they'll navigate the complex social dynamics of Ortusi society, balancing their duty to their community with their own personal goals and desires. 

Required Trait: Ortusi MYOs require scales on their face.

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