Druaesi (Enivi Subtype)

The Druaesi are the smallest and most bewildering of the Enivi herds. They make their home in the Dark Forest, a place full of danger and mystery, where they have managed to thrive despite the perilous surroundings.

Unlike the other Enivi, the bodies of the Druaesi are comprised entirely of plants, rocks, and magic. They have the unique ability to keep their soul within their bodies at times, creating tiny nests to house them within their chest, neck, or abdomen.

The Druaesi lead secretive lives, but they have begun to interact more with the other herds, sharing their springtime festival with the other Enivi and opening their borders for others to travel through and occasionally visit.

They possess a deep physical and spiritual connection to nature and to their deity, Druae, who created and spread the plants and trees throughout the world.

As a Druaesi, your Enivi will have the opportunity to delve into the mysteries of the Dark Forest, exploring its secrets and facing the dangers that lurk within. You could be a scout, venturing into uncharted territory to gather information for your herd. Alternatively, you may be a protector, guarding your herd against the many threats that the Dark Forest presents. You could also venture outside the Dark Forest to meet with the other herds and learn about the other lands in Eniv.

Whatever your role, you will discover the unique powers and abilities that come with being a Druaesi, learning to navigate the delicate balance between secrecy and interaction with the other Enivi herds.

Note: Druaesi require an Ancient Sprout to create. They cannot be made through our regular Common, Uncommon, or Rare character slots. 

Required Trait: Druaesi MYOs must be entirely comprised out of plant or rock-based materials (Favors of Druae), with the exception of scales and hooves.

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