Vespiri (Enivi Subtype)

The Vespiri are a unique and enigmatic race of long-legged, agile, deer-like Enivi with long, spiraling horns. They follow the deity Vesper, who cares for Enivi in death. Vespiri culture revolves around caring for the souls of those who have passed away, tending to their spirit until they are ready to move on to the afterlife.

Unfortunately, this association with death has given the Vespiri a bleak and ominous reputation among other herds, who often view them as a bad omen or bringer of misfortune. However, the Vespiri are also present for births, assisting in the arrival of new souls into the world.

Due to their heightened sensitivity to magic and the "veil" between worlds, Vespiri can sometimes seem distant or distracted. This is because their thoughts are pulled in multiple directions as they attend to the needs of both the living and the dead.

As a Vespiri, your character will embody this mysterious and powerful magic. You may be a Soul Tender of those who have passed, helping lost souls find their way to the afterlife. Or perhaps they will assist with Dawnings, the arrival of new souls into the world. They could also be an adventurer, exploring the world and uncovering the mysteries of magic and the veil.

Whatever your Vespiri's role, they'll navigate the complex relationships and cultural dynamics of the Vespiri, balancing your obligations to the living, the dead, and to Vesper.

Required Trait: Vespiri MYOs require long, spiraling horns.

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