Lunaesi (Enivi Subtype)

Despite their diminutive size compared to the Ortusi and Vespiri, the Lunaesi boast the fluffiest fur of all the Enivi herds.

Their deity, Lunae, values the pursuit of knowledge, and the Lunaesi equate their spiritual side to their wisdom. Like other Enivi herds, the Lunaesi possess innate magic, but instead have mastered and rely primarily on the art of alchemy. Their alchemical skills are unmatched, and they are renowned for their vast libraries and universities, where they share their knowledge with those they deem worthy of Lunae's gifts. The Lunaesi are credited for charting the stars, mapping the cosmos, and keeping the written history of Eniv and its lore.

At the center of the Lunaesi's capital city lies a giant telescope within their temple, a landmark that both symbolizes their pursuit of knowledge and aids in their exploration of the universe.

Lunaesi have access to a wealth of knowledge and alchemical expertise. Your character's natural intelligence and problem-solving skills will prove invaluable whether they're exploring ancient ruins or unlocking the secrets of the cosmos.

In a world where knowledge is power, the Lunaesi are the ultimate scholars. Join their quest for enlightenment and uncover the mysteries of Eniv with this fascinating and compelling herd.

Required Trait: Lunaesi MYOs must have a mane.

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