Kid (Enivi Subtype)

Note: Kids can only be obtained through breeding, or you can change your Enivi into a kid using Baby's Breath from the Hidden Cove.
Kids are the youthful Enivi of any herd.
When first born, they have no herd-specific features. However, after being taken to a temple and blessed by their deity, these features begin to emerge. Kids can be born to parents from any of the different herds, as they are created through magical means and not biologically.
Kids from every herd tend to have legs that are too long for their bodies, ears that are too big, and large, adorable eyes that make them lovable to everyone around them.
As a kid, your Enivi will explore the world through the innocent eyes of these young herdmates. You could be a curious adventurer, always seeking out new experiences and discoveries. Alternatively, you could be a protector, watching over the other kids and keeping them safe from harm.
You could also be a mediator, helping to resolve conflicts between the other kids and fostering understanding and friendship. Whatever your role, you will discover unique abilities and powers that come with age as you learn about the world and grow in strength and knowledge.
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