Lore Update!

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Finally! You can learn more about your favorite herds, Enivi, and some history in Eniv.

From dietary preference and aggriculture to social heiracy and their own inter-herd politics, each herd has it's own culture and way of life.
You can find the diretctory of our new lore under in World Lore under Resources in the top nav bar.

Here are a few of the articles done so far (with many more to come!)

Over the next week we'll be adding more lore and reworking the World Activities page. We've also updated the Design Guide to have more information about designing your Druaesi.

More Updates in the Works
  • Additional "Slice of Life" and Character Building prompts for "Story Mode".
  • Reworking the Star Shard rewards for artwork submissions.
  • Additional Lore for existing characters and areas.
  • New front page.

Community Question

If there were one piece of lore in Eniv you'd like to know more about, what would it be?



Synesthesia Avatar
Synesthesia Staff Member

I'd love to see how each of the different herds manages to power homes and houses.

2022-04-23 21:07:04

Tony Avatar
Tony Staff Member

Oh! Actually, you can find some info on that here:

2022-04-28 10:00:31

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