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Halloween Party and More!

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The Halloween Party will start tonight at 5:00PM PST in our Discord Server!

We're excited for a night of games, trivia, and spooky prizes!

We'll have a 30 minute "lobby" for people to come in and mingle in voice chat before we start Bingo at 5:30.

The prizes for Bingo will be;
  • First Bingo Claimed
    Choice of;
    Rare MYO, 3 Adoption Tokens, or 1 marking or trait up to Legendary rarity.
  • 2nd Bingo Claimed
    Choice of;
    Uncommon MYO, 2 Adoption Tokens, or 1 marking or trait up to Rare rarity.
  • 3rd Bingo Claimed
    Choice of;
    1 Adoption Token, Common MYO, or 1 marking or trait up to Uncommon rarity.
  • "H" Bingo (covers all of B, O, and the center line to form an H)
    Bogged Base
  • X (2 diagonal lines that form a large "X" over the card)
    Mysterious Slime
  • 4 Corners
    Choice of any Bat companion or bat wings.
  • Cover All (the whole board covered!)
    Your choice of any in-game item excluding Kickstarter items or a Shooting Star.
Pumpkin and Apple Carving Contest

The Pumpkin and apple carving contest will take place directly after Bingo (approximately 6:30 PST by our estimate! )
If you've submitted an apple or pumpkin carving into the Gallery, you're automatically entered, so you don't need to be there for the contest.

3rd Place - a Jack O' Soul
2nd Place - Bat Wings
1st Place - a Moon Soul Chest

Trivial Contest

Finally, we'll be hosting a Keepers of Eniv and Spooky Trivia Contest!
This will come directly after the Pumpkin and Apple Carving Contest results.

Prizes will be determined by how many participants there are.

We can't wait to see you at the party!


Beauty Contest

Congratulations to last week's Beauty Contest Winners!

Don't forget to enter this week's contest!


Prompt Freeze!

We've added a new item to the Hidden Cove!

Need a little extra time on a prompt?
The Prompt Freeze item will allow you to freeze your prompt for up to 2 weeks. 
This means, even if an event has ended, you'll still be given extra time to complete the prompt.

Prompt Freeze


Have a happy and save Spooky Weekend and we're looking forward to seeing you at the party tonight!

Spooky Season - Carving Contest, Site Updates, and More!

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It's the first week of Halloween and we're ready for you!

Carving Contest

First off, the most exciting news is that we're back with another autumn craft to earn yourself a Druaesi MYO!

Carve Your Own Way is a new (featured) prompt that lasts through October. 
Submit a photo of your carved pumpkin or apple to the gallery to get your very own Ancient Sprout.

You'll also receive Star Shard rewards for your gallery submission, so double-win!

We can't wait to see what Keepers of Eniv-themed creations you can make!

<a href=


Halloween Party

On Friday, October 28th we'll be having a virtual Halloween Party in the Discord server!

Be sure to join the server ahead of time and have your account verified so you can claim your goodies through the night.

We'll be picking the best apple or pumpkin submission to get an extra prize, having trivia contests, Halloween Bingo, and much more.

We hope you'll join us starting at 8:00pm EST (5pm PST) on October 28th.

More details will be added for this event later this week!

<a href=



The sound of leathery wings fills the air as hundreds of blackened silhouettes flood the night sky.

The bats have returned!

Keep an eye out for bats around the site. If you'd like to get pinged for when they've been spotted, be sure to join the Discord server and sign up for the Daily Reminders ping.

<a href=


Spooky Gachapons Return

Does more need to be said? Spooky Gachapons have restocked in the Gachapon Machine!

<a href=


Jack O' Soul

Jack O' Souls are now craftable!
Get your own spooky soul by crafting 25 Red Pumpkins.



Small Video Delay

We had a small issue with some of our frames being corrupted in the latest video that's set us back a few days of development while we re-create them.

Don't worry, you'll still have plent of time to complete the event, and we'll get the video back up ASAP!


Rule and Site Updates

Finally, we have some less fun things, a few site and rule updates.

Rule Updates;

  • We've updated our Discord rules to explain when it's appropriate to ping, at, or directly message a staff member on our Discord server. Please use ModMail when you can, we've seen an odd uptick in the amount of direct messages our staff members are getting since we added ModMail.
    Please remember that our moderators are volunteers who gift us the their time to help. They deserve personal time and space as much as anyone else.
  • We've added a "Subject Change" sticker and emoji set to the Discord Server! 
    Community members are welcome to use the Subject Change sticker and emoji to indicate they're uncomfortable with a topic. If a community member posts one of the two, please be respectful.
    If a Moderator, Lead Moderator, Admin, or Founder posts the Subject Change sticker or Emoji, a change of subject is required.
    Use of this specific sticker and emoji set as a joke is not allowed, as it would take away it's original intent, which is to help people indicate when a situation is making them uncomfortable when they're unable to verbalize it.
    Thank you!

Site Updates;

  • We've adjusted the sell prices of a lot of our items to help balance our economy. 
  • We've added a clarification to the Woodland and Still Mirror bases. These bases can only be obtained through Exploring the Dark Forest and Fishing, no through MYOs or potions.
  • We're continuing to make changes regarding Traits and how they're listed in preparation for the Character Creator.
  • We've updated how our prompts are listed to make them easier to find and categorize. 
  • Not an update, but a clarification - Bats will continue to be their own items for crafting and not a site-currency.

Feeling Bogged Down?

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A mid-week update? Strange...

Oops! We forgot something very important in our last update - the Bogged Base.

You can now get the Bogged Base when you complete the Fight or Flight prompt. This is one of a few reward you'll be given for completing the prompt.
The Bogged base will only be available for events related to The Necromancer, so once this event is over the base will be semi-retired until he makes an appearance again, so get it while you can!

As a note, the base has been retroactively rewarded to everyone who has completed the prompt already. 

Bogged Base


Happy Halloween, everyone!

Fight or Flight? Guiding Lights Part 4

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Welcome back to the Guiding Lights Festival!
Unfortunately, it seems like things have taken a turn for the worse. 

We'd recommend taking a look at our latest installment here:


Click to watch the video!

This has also unlocked the next prompt in the series, Fight or Flight!

Face-to-face with a horde of undead, what will you do? What choices will you make?
What will your reward be?

Different choices will unlock different rewards (and consequences), so be prepared.

<a href=" Bite" class="display-item">Zombie Bite</a><a href=" Spatter" class="display-item">Blood Spatter</a>


NOTE: The Necromancer's Curse and Zombie Bite are _only_ available to the Enivi who completed the prompt. These cannot be traded, bought, or obtained in any other way.
The Blood Spatter item is a general reward for participating in the event.

Carving Your Own Way

A reminder that the Carving Your Own Way prompt is happening until the end of the month!
Participating will earn you your very own Ancient Sprout.

<a href=" Sprout" class="display-item">Ancient Sprout</a>

Site Updates

Finally, we have some exciting site updates!
Say goodbye to our OneDrive, because we're making it easier than ever to find the traits you're looking for.

Moving forward, you'll be able to click on the trait on-site and download the png files for customization directly from the trait page itself.
Simply click the "Download PNGs" drop down to see which variations are available.

Accessories, likewise, will be able to be downloaded from their item page in the Encyclopedia, and companions will be downloadable from their Pet entries.

Keep in mind that we have hundreds of files to move over. If you can't find something on-site at the moment, check the OneDrive. It may have not been moved yet.
Once we've migrated all our files from OneDrive to the site, we'll be discontinuing OneDrive support.

Have a safe and spooky weekend, everyone!

Explore New Areas, Beauty Contest Winners, More New Bases!

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Happy Friday, everyone!

We'd like to start off this weekend news post by congratulating our Beauty Contest Winners!


Don't forget to enter this week's Beauty Contest and to vote on other entries!

It's been great seeing so many people enter. If we can keep it up we'll be able to add a special base for first place.

Speaking of new bases...

New Areas to Explore, New Bases to Collect

We have two new areas to explore and two new explore-only bases to collect!

Your herd can now explore the Snowy Peaks and Spirit Bay regions. Each region has a different set of loot that can be collected.
You can also find the very rare Spirit Bay and Icy Wind bases.

Spirit BayIcy Wind

We've also updated the special explore-specific bases to have the "Specialty Bases" trait listing. 
Hopefully, this will help keep things clear as to which bases you can get with the Color Changing Potion and MYOs and which are event or explore-specific.

Looks Like a Batty Night

It's Friday and the bats seem to know it.

Some of our brilliant Lunaesi researchers say to expect an influx of bats tonight.

Keep an eye out for fluttering wings!

New Bases, New Titles, and More!

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Let's start the week off right with some site updates.

Firstly, we have two new rare bases for you to collect, Woodland and Still Mirror!

Woodland can be found through exploring the Dark Forest, while Still Mirror can be found (you guessed it) by fishing.
There's no crafting required for these bases, but they are rare, so we wish everyone luck in finding them.

WoodlandStill Mirror

Beauty Contest Updates

We've fixed the formatting for the Beauty Contest (which now will adjust properly to your screens instead of stretching them out - sorry about that). 

We'd also like to give the option to have a Beauty Contest exclusive skin (like the Woodland and Still Mirror skins above), but to justify the time put into it, we'd like to see more people participating. 

If we can have an average of 8 individuals entering in a 4 week span, we'll create a Beauty Contest exclusvie base to include for first prize!

If there's a specific reason you're not interested in the Beauty Contest, we also want to know that. What can we do to make things more interesting?

Lead Moderator Position

A big congratulations is in order for Synesthesia, who has been promoted to Lead Moderator!

Syn has been a huge help to the community and we're very excited to have her stepping into this slot. 

Thank you to Syn, our whole staff team, and our players for supporting the game!


Happy Autumn!

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It's the first day of autumn in the northern hemiphere, and for Keepers of Eniv!

You'll notice some changes around the site.


Summer fish have seemingly disappeared from the lake, but adorable golden loaches (and some very unfortunate bones) have showed up for autumn!

The new fish can be crafted into new companions as well!

<a href=" Loach" class="display-item">Golden Loach</a><a href=" Loaches Companion" class="display-item">Golden Loaches Companion</a><a href=" Bones" class="display-item">Fish Bones</a><a href=" Fish" class="display-item">Bone Fish</a>



<a href=" Corn" class="display-item">Yellow Corn</a><a href=" Pumpkin" class="display-item">Red Pumpkin</a><a href=" Corn" class="display-item">Blue Corn</a>

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the harvest!

While strawberries, blueberries, and sunflowers are now out of season, you'll find you can grow two varities of corn and pumpkins in their place!

I wonder if there'll be other uses for pumpkins as the season goes on...

Seeds for the new produce can be found in Sophie's Shoppe.


Prompts Update

We've updated the way prompts are catagorized!

You'll now be able to search for prompts by their type (Out of the Box, Story Mode, Explore, etc...) or event (The Guiding Light Festival).
Only prompts which are currently available will show in the search, which should cut back on the amount of clutter you'll see while searching.

Known Bugs

We've been making some updates on the site, and sometimes that brings bugs along with it (just in time for spooky season, haha). 
Rest assured, we're working on ironing out the bugs and wanted to give a huge thank you to our community both for your patience, and for reporting the bugs when you find them.

You're all awesome and we appreciate you so much!

The Guiding Lights Festival

We wanted to make the announcement that The Guiding Lights Festival event is, as some of you guessed, an elongated event this year!

The event will run through October, so you still have a lot of time to get those event prompts done.

The next video will come out on October 4th, along with a handful of new rewards and prompts that are more Halloween-related. 
As with the last video, we'll have a warning for any potentially upsetting content (cartoon violence, mild cartoon gore due to zombies, and general spooky themes).

Keep an eye out for more souls drifting around through October as well.


Now for the important question...

What's your favorite autumn treat? let us know in the comments!

The Guiding Lights Festival Part 3

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The Guiding Lights Festival continues this week!

This week's video has some mild content warnings (but content warnings all the same) for cartoon violence, cartoon gore, body fluids (drool, bog water coming out of mouth), multiple eyes, and overall spooky themes.


If you'd like to skip this video but continue on with the quest, you can see the video description without playing the video itself (this summarizes the events for you without the imagery).

While Lyra and Sammy have their hooves full, your Enivi can't help but notice something strange is happening as well.

Check out our new Troubled Souls prompt to continue the story!

With all the souls staying so close to the Soul Gem, none of them have wandered off this week, so there are no souls to guide back.


What do you think of the event so far? Is this something you'd like to see more of with the other herds in the future?
We appreciate your feedback!

Beauty Contest Winners, Treasure Scales, Character Creator Update!

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Happy Friday!

It's time for another Beauty Contest to get started. Here are the winners from last week;


Congratulations to our winners!

Don't forget to enter this week and vote for other wonderful Enivi!

On a related note, if we can reach a minimum of 10 individual players entering consistently for the next 4 weeks, we'll start to add additional rewards to the contest!

Treasure Scales

Does your Enivi like to be adorned with golden scales? Then we have just the trait for them!

<a href=" Scales" class="display-item">Treasure Scales</a>

Treasure Scales are a rare new trait that can be found in Sophie's Shoppe! Keep an eye out for them to restock there. 

Character Creator Update

We have a huge update on the character creator!

The staff end of the code has been added to the site and we're starting to re-arrange traits and markings to fit the new system.
If you notice your Enivi suddenly missing a trait, don't panic. Let us know about it on the forums or Discord server and we'll get it fixed up right away.
We don't expect this to be a wide-spread issue, but it's something to keep an eye on as we rearrange the way our traits and markings are held in the system.

Premium members can expect an early-access screenshot of what the character creator will look like this coming week on Patreon!

While it will take time to get our literal hundreds of files migrated over into the new system, know we're working diligently to get this done, and our wonderful coder is hard at work squashing bugs and making updates.

For those who haven't heard about this before, the character creator will allow members to create new characters and update existing ones on-site instead of in an art program.
Don't worry, artists! You'll still be able to use our assets to create your own customized Enivi as usual.

This is intended to make the game more fun for those of you who are less familiar with art programs, or who are more interested in aspects of the game that aren't visual-arts related (role-playing, writing, music creation, or even just collecting). 

This will also allow you to update backgrounds and foregrounds with the click of a button, making customization much easier.

We're so excited for you to see the finished product, which we promise will be well worth the wait!


Thanks again for your continued support! We really appreciate you all!

Guiding Lights Festival Part 2

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Things start to seem a little off as the festival continues.

Two Temple Tenders, Lyra and Sammy, are starting to notice that something is amiss. 
While the souls normally wander quite a bit during the festival, they don't seem to be going very far from the Soul Gem this year.

Check out the recent video update here;


Click the image to see the video.

Also make sure to check out the Event Page to start helping them bring back the souls who have wandered a bit.

If you're enjoying these kinds of video updates from us, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to let us know you'd like to see more.

Lore Updates

We've added a few new pages to our Lore!

  • Grand Speaker Wymund
    Learn more about Grand Speaker Wymund and how he got his title.
  • The Soul Gem
    The Soul Gem is an important Vespiri artifact. Learn more about how they utilize this beautiful crystal.
  • Soul Shards
    Soul Shards are used by Temple Tenders who are still learning to use their magic. Check out more info about how and why.

Want to discuss the event more? Check out or Discord Server and talk to the rest of the community in real time!

We'll have an additional update for you this week for general site updates on Friday, including some new items and an update on the character creator.

Thanks for your continued support!