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Let's Go Shopping: Shop Overhaul and Contest!

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Happy Wednesday!

We're happy to finally announce some big changes with our shops.

Sophie's Shoppe Changes

Sophie has been overworked these past few months and is feeling a little run down. 
Being the sole shop owner in Eniv is exhausting, so we've brought in a familiar face to help out!

Sophie's Shoppe will now stock general items and traits. 
Common items and traits are restocked once a week to make sure they're readily available, though she does stock up to rare and some seasonal items.

Unique Boutique

The Unique Boutique is our new shop, and can be found just under Sophie's Shoppe in the navigation menu.
This new shop is hosted by a familiar (yet nameless) face who we'll talk about more later. The shop stocks accessories and background regularly. 
As a reminder, accessories and backgrounds are one-time-use items like trait applicators. 

Shops In General

Our coding for shops got a great overhaul as well!

Shops how automatically restock based on the rarity and season for the items.
Common and Uncommon items restock once a week, and will stock between 1 and 10 of each item.
Rare items restock once a month and stock between 1 and 5 of each item.
Seasonal items restock based on their rarity, but only for the months they're meant to be available.

This should make finding the items you're looking for much easier.

New Item

We've added a new item for you all!
Remove your Enivi's mane, hair, and feathering with a razor! Just be careful while using it!

<a href="" class="display-item">Razor</a>

This item will be stocking in Sophie's Shoppe.

Naming Contest

The owner of the Unique Boutique is still in need of a name. They've been around for a while, but still haven't been given an identity.

The Contest
Suggest a name for our new shop owner!

1st Place: 50 Gems and 1 Uncommon MYO
2nd Place: 25 Gems and 1 Common MYO
3rd Place: 1 Common MYO

How To Enter
Entering is easier than ever.
Obviously, no purchase needed. 
Just post your name suggestions here!
Feel free to suggest as many as you like. 

Unique Boutique
Name Me!

Grey and Tony will talk over the entries and choose the top 3 names, which will then be put to community vote next Friday (the 25th).

We can't wait to see what names you come up with!




Community Town Hall

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Hey Keepers of Eniv family!

As the game grows, we feel it's more and more important to involve our community and to keep you all in the loop with what's to come.

Each quarter we'll be doing a Community Town Hall meeting in our Discord server.
These meetings will go over what we're working on, what's in the plans for the near future (spoiler free), and will have a question and answer segment as well.

Our first Community Town Hall will be on Friday, February 11th at 6PM EST (3PM PST/Site time).

The meeting will take place in our Discord Server
We'll also be uploading highlights to our YouTube Channel.

If you have a question you'd like answered, let us know in the comments here.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Big Updates: Tutorials, Prompts, Crafting, and Racing!

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We're excited to say we have some pretty big updates to announce today, so we'll roll right into it!

Tutorials At Last

We know our community has wanted them, so as we get our site smoothed out we'll also be making tutorials.
These are a mix of written and video tutorials to help our players who learn better either way.
But wait, this isn't just another promise to make them, they're here!

You can find videos on things from getting your account activated to how to use our Art Packs on our YouTube channel here.

Along with regular tutorial updates, we're also planning lore-based video updates on our YouTube channel as well, so be sure to subscribe!

We'll be sure to keep things organized into proper playlists so the information is easy to find.

Prompts Page Redone

The Prompts page has been completely redone!

We understand that the old layout for our prompts was confusing and made things difficult to find. Going forward, the new layout should help you easily understand which prompts are available.
We've also added a feature to make story-lines of prompts easier to understand. Now, if you need to complete one prompt before another, they'll be listed. You also won't be able to submit for the second prompt before completing the first.
Out of the Box is currently being slightly reworked, but will return shortly!

We've debated moving the Drukworth academy away from it's current format and into something  more like this. Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments!



Racing Items, Prompts, and Challengers

Racing has no become available in Eniv!

Well, casual racing between friends.

Enivi can now race one another or NPCs (Sam for now, with more to come). 
Race results are rolled by staff. They're based off your Enivi's speed and agility stats, a sort of 1d20 roll, and any items you'd like to add in to help you.
Random events can also occur while racing. Anything from spraining an ankle to tripping into a puddle of Mysterious Slime (don't worry, it won't effect your Enivi unless they choose to eat it out of their fur - blech). Ankle sprains will keep your Enivi from being able to race for up to a week, or can be cured with a Waterskin of Mineral Water.

Speaking of mineral water, three new items have been added to the site to help your Enivi train and win their races.
A Waterskin of Mineral Water will add a temporary, one-time temporary boost of 3 stat points for your race. This can be found through fishing and adventuring prompts.
Rainbow Juice is crafted from Rainbow Berries and can give a one-time temporary boost of 5 stat points for your race. 
Fish Oil gives a one-time temporary stat boost of a whopping ten stat points! It can be crafted from fish (the number of fish depends on the rarity of the fish). It's best not to ask for more information than that about how it's made.

You can view the new racing prompts in a mix of Story Mode and Explore Eniv.

<a href=<a href=<a href=

Small Alert!

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This is less of a news update, and more of a small alert. 

We're making some changes to the Prompts pages. You may notice some prompts temporarilly unavailable. 
Don't worry, they'll be back up and even better soon!


Thanks for your patience!


Want to be kept even more up-to-date? Join our Discord Server!

Introducing Premium Accounts (and Give-A-Way!)

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Players have been asking us how they can support the site in ways other than purchasing Gems, and now we have another answer!

Premium Accounts are now available to anyone who would like to support us, and get a few extra perks.
What kind of perks? Let's take a look;


Maximize Your Fishing
Fish Up To 5 Times A Day
Get Premium Themes

Get Access To All Our Premium & Limited Themes

Sneak Peeks

Get an insiders look into what's in the works on our Patreon



You'll also receive 25 Gems for each month your account is Premium!



How Does It Work?

Premium memberships are managed through our Patreon
This is where you'll see our sneak peek updates, take part in Premium polls, and monthly Premium raffles for special items.
Once you donate there your account here will automatically update to Premium.  When you stop supporting us on Patreon, your account will revert back to a free account. 
Our Patreon is set up to issue rewards for 30 day subscriptions, each being billed at the start of the month.

Once your account is labled as Premium on the site, you'll have the 2 additional daily fishing energy, the ability to change your theme to any of our available themes, and 25 Gems added to your inventory. 
As we add more site themes in the future, they'll become unlockable by Premium members.


Premium Give-A-Way

To celebrate Premium we're giving away 1 week of site-only Premium to 5 players.
This includes the 25 Gems, Extra Fishing Energy, and Premium Themes. 
To be clear, we can't include a Patreon membership.

To enter the give-a-way, all you have to do is comment on this news post. Yep, that's it!
We'll be giving away the Premium Site Access later today at random.


As always, if you have any questions, just let us know! 


Edit: Sorry, we forgot to include the link to the Patreon, haha!

Lunae's Festival Continues

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New Prompts!

As the celebrations continue, we've added a bunch of new prompts to complete. 
The celebration of Lunae is a tradition dating back to the beginning of the Lunaesi herd's historical records.

You can find all of the prompts listed under the Lunae's Festival category.

The festivities may only last a few spectacular nights in the lore, but the prompts are available to complete until February 13th! The rewards vary, some giving out items and some giving out tickets, but stay tuned to the next header to find out what the tickets are for.


Raffle tickets!

One of the big rewards for the completion of prompts during Lunae's Festival is raffle tickets! At the end of the festival, these will all be compiled and 1 grand winner will get their very own Wishing Star!

3 participants will be given Enchanted Golden Fringe's, and all remaining participants will be given a set of Shadow's Fall Fringes!
<a href=<a href=<a href=


Feedback survey!

January's Feedback Survey is still active. You can find the survey listed here. It's open until January 31st!

It's anonymous, discreet, and short. We made sure to give opportunity for open-ended answers if you have more feedback, but knowing some of our members expressed that they greatly prefer multiple choice, we focused on that for this survey.



You asked, we heard you. We now have a Facebook page which we'll be planning to update alongside our Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr pages!


Prompt updates!

We're always looking for new ways to make things easier or more concise for our players. With this comes some ideas of how to make prompts easier to navigate. 
Coming soon we're looking at updating the prompt search feature, so that each dropdown category is a collection of prompts, to make them easier to search and easier to find.


The Wishing Fields

Our annual forum game, The Wishing Fields, is still open for your Enivi's wishes!

Check it out for more info!


Item and trait previews!

Wrapping this up with some additional previews!
<a href=

Wisp-like Souls are now added! They're a facelifted take on the Classic Souls that we give to everyone for free by default. They can be purchased from Sophie's Shoppe for free, 2-each, for every member. This will allow you to grab a few of the Wisp-like Souls and then add it to an update for your Enivi designs.

We've also added a handful of new traits and backgrounds to the game! Some of these will be gained by completing prompts from Lunae's Festival, and others will be gained by checking for your daily gift or can be bought in the shops.

<a href=<a href=<a href=

<a href=<a href=<a href=

Looking Forward: Quarter 1 Expectations 2022!

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January 11, 2022 Update!
Sorry for the extra ping, DemonHearts made the excellent suggestion of adding wishlists as a site features.
Wishlists can be found in the veritical menu on user profiles. To edit your own wishlist, go to Wishlists under My Activity.

Thanks very much to DemonHearts for super rad suggestion!


Hey everyone!

This update is going to be a little different from our usual news posts. We'd like to take a few minutes to talk about the future!

At Keepers of Eniv, we try very hard to keep our community involved and to be transparent with our goals, so each quarter (January, April, July, and October) we'll give an update about what our goals are for the next three months, and how we feel we handled the goals in the previous quarter. It's a little "businessy", but we like to keep our community in the loop. 

Just want the current updates? There's a spot toward the bottom labeld Game Updates that you can skip to!

Our Q1 2022 Goals


Quarter 1 (Q1) consists of January, February, and March. 
During that time we've got a lot of big goals;

  • Lore Updates
    We'd like to take time to flesh out the world of Eniv a bit more. We're going to give more backstory to the current world state, traditions, NPCs, and give more story to the game. Players from World of Eniv will recognize a few of those places and characters, as well as some new additions to our canon. This is currently in development.
  • Trait Recolors
    As many of our players know, we've been working to provide more and more pre-created assets for use in profile images of Enivi. We'll be taking some time to make sure all our traits are recolored and usable for all our players. This is also in preparation for the upcoming Character Creator (more on this later).
  • Tutorial Updates
    We're working on tutorial updates for both players and staff. You may have already noticed that we've updated the Design Guide and What is an Enivi? (Currently under World Activities, but things like this will be moved to the Encyclopedia in the future). We don't expect all our guides to be completed in Q1, but we are making a large attempt at what we felt are the most important guides. Some of these include the Design Guide, Account Creation and Activation, How to use Art Packs, How to Submit to the Gallery, and How to Submit a Prompt. 
    Currently the Design Guide update is completed and the Account Creation and Activation guide is in progress.
  • Custom Content Gateways Opening
    We'd like to finally open for the long-awaited Custom Content! 
    Custom content has been something we've had players ask about quite a bit, but we didn't just want to open at the start of the game. We took some time to really listen to our community and try to find out what you all wanted, needed, and how you felt about the idea. We're starting out smaller with custom content with semi-custom content available through Wishing Stars (keep an eye out for those through the January event). Afterward, we'll re-evaluate our processes and rules to make sure things are running as cleanly as they can before we open for custom content commissions. 
    Thank you to everyone who has waited for this, and for your interest!
  • Temple Questlines
    Temple Quests are a series of prompts and activities for players to complete that can earn their Enivi a place among the temple keepers of Eniv. This will grant a series of special rewards and benefits for the Enivi involved. This will also serve as another reason for your Enivi to want to be "Double-Blessed", as only Enivi under the guidance of a specific Deity will be allowed to complete the quests for that temple.
    These are currently in development.
  • Shop Revisions
    We recognize that Sophie's Shoppe may have been enough in days passed, but with the amount of items, traits, and accessories currently in game (we have over 2,000 variations! ) it's not viable to keep them all in rotation in one place. In an attempt to make items intended to be common available more, we'll be opening up additional shops and moving what's available to their designated shop. 
    This should make it easier to find the traits you need, while also giving poor Sophie some much-needed rest.
    This is currently in development, and you should keep an eye out for an upcoming contest regarding the shop keepers.
  • The Character Creator
    Long awaited, our character creator is something we've talked about a few times. 
    While we were working on a simple script at the beginning, we've reworked it to include more detail and to be much more user-friendly in functionality. While we can't share all the details just yet, we're very sure the outcome will be worth the longer wait, and that you'll all enjoy the upcoming changes.
    To reiterate, no one will be forced to use the character creator when it's finished. It's just another option for our writers, musicians, and honestly anyone who enjoys using their Enivi more than designing and creating them by hand or with the art packs. 
    The planning for this is entirely finished, along with the planning for the accompanying systems. Coding will begin again later this month.

We'll also be making some smaller updates along the way and, of course, hosting events and adding new accessories, traits, and markings. These are just the bigger focus points we feel will take the most time.

We Want Your Feedback!

To keep the game growing and moving in the right direction, we always want the feedback of our community. 

Of course, some people have trouble speaking in public - even online. We wanted to make sure everyone has the opportunity for their thoughts to be heard, so we created a short survey we're asking our community to fill out. 

All answers are anonymous by default, but there's a spot for you to leave contact information if you'd like us to reach out to you. That spot is entirely optional. 


Thanks for helping us improve the game!

Game Updates

  • We have a 2022 Survey (just above!) that we're asking our community to participate in. We'd really appreciate your input on the direction of the game.
  • The Design Guide was recently updated. Make sure to check it out! (We'll be making another for Druaesi soon)
  • What Are Enivi? has been updated as well. We're still working on adding additional information, but so far we've clarified some points about Kids and updated our height chart for a more appealing look.
  • The Wisp-Like Soul has been added to Sophie's Shoppe! You can get one for free for a limited time. Going forward, these will be common souls that can be used during MYO creation.

  • Badger Mask, Old Farmer's Mane, Shoulder Fringe, and many other items have been officially added to the game.
  • Two new items have been added for marking removal in the game. The Mud Mask and Deep Cleansing Mud Bath. You'll be able to find these in Sophie's Shoppe soon.
  • Semi-Custom Content is now available on The Forums. You'll need to find a Wishing Star (which are very, very rare) to place a request for a semi-custom accessory, marking, trait, or companion. We'd suggest doing some star gazing.
  • Speaking of star gazing ,the Wishing Fields are still open! Be sure to check them out and have your Enivi make a wish!
<a href=


Thanks to everyone for your support! We're looking forward to a very productive 2022!

The Festival of Eyes Has Begun!

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UPDATE: We realized the way to submit the prompt for The Clock Strikes 9 Part 2 was unclear, and have updated it on the top of the prompt.
To submit this prompt, submit the image to the Prompt Gallery.  The image won't be accepted until after the event, but the rewards will be given if the puzzle was completed correctly.

January isn't just the start of a new year, it's also the Lunaesi Festival of Eyes.

Every year Lunaesi throw a grand festival to pay homage to Lunae, and to thank her for her ever-watchful eyes. 

Want to know more about Lunae? Check out the Lunaesi lore here!

The Festival begins with a large parade that leads to the Temple Observatory at the center of their main city.

You can find out more about the opening ceremonies here! Look for The Clock Strikes 9 parts 1 and 2.

What to expect this month




We've got a wide array of new items and a few more magical blessings for you all. Can you appease Lunae?

<a href=<a href=<a href=


The Wishing Fields

As the aurora dances above Eniv, Lunaesi (and many other Enivi) know it's time to make wishes.

Our annual forum game, The Wishing Fields, is now open for your Enivi's wishes!

Check it out for more info!

Enivi of the Month

Our Enivi of the Month for January (and the first EotM of 2022) is Fox owned by DemonHearts!

Don't forget that creating pieces of this Enivi this month will earn you extra rewards!

GEN-057: Fox

Congratulations Demonhearts!

Site Updates

  • The new Lunaesi theme has been added to the site and is available for use all this month.
  • The Design Guide has been updated to better explain how to create your first MYO. We'll be updating and adding more guides soon.
  • A 2022 Roadmap will be made available for everyone soon!
  • We'll be sending out a survey with the next update - keep an eye out! We want to hear your thoughts and opinions.
  • We're expanding our social media presence and will be linking all of them in the next update.
  • We'll be breaking down Sophie's Shoppe into a few different shops soon. Keep an eye out for some upcoming small contests revolving around this in our next update.

Entering November!

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Cozy holiday update

As we wrap up the final week of our October event and gather the bats back into their caves, we've begun noticing a chill in the air.
The time has come for cozy and comforting things! So grab your hot drinks and warm clothes, because we're prepping for winter soon.

Here's some of our newest items from the Cozy Collection. These should all be available and onsite today for collecting. :D


We have a special Outside the Box!

In enthusiasm of the autumn sports season, we have an Outside the Box prompt with particularly special prizes this week!

It lasts until the 22nd, and can be found here.

Alongside the Rare Gachapon, you can also get a ticket to be entered into a raffle for a new item.


Enivi of the month!

For November our new Enivi of the Month is...

Congratulations to Tiernan and Sycamorre

A small reminder to get your entries in for December's Enivi of the Month!

We'll be picking a new EotM for December 1st, so be sure to nominate your Enivi or the Enivi of a friend. 

The qualifiers are pretty simple, just be an actively used and loved Enivi!


Upcoming charity event

Don't forget to suggest your favorite charity organizations here!

We'll be beginning our next charity event in December.


October event ends

The 8th (UTC) will be the final day for any prompts and research related to the October Event. Be sure to get your stuff in, or toss us a heads up in the Community Discord or on the Forums if you need more time due to crazy October circumstances.


The road ahead.

This has been an exciting journey so far, but we still have so far we'd love to go and to bring you all with us. 

To this end Tony and I are working hard on a year out roadmap, so we can give everyone a heads up about what we're doing and comitting to for the year 2022.

We thank you all for coming on this crazy adventure with us, and we can't wait to share what's in store.

Site Themes, Earning Adoption Tokens, and More!

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We've got a pretty big update for everyone today as we add and refine a few features in the game! 

Let's get started with...

Site Themes!

It's the winter season, so our site has been updated to a more festive look!
The Winter Festival Theme will be available to use through January, and will then be retired for the season. 
Don't worry, it'll be back in December 2022, and will be available to Premium Members all year long (more info on Premium coming soon as well! )

Our normal theme (called Keepers of Eniv) and dark mode (Night in Eniv) will be available to all our members all year. 

To change your theme, just go to your settings and scroll down to Themes.

KeepersofEniv.png Nights%20in%20Eniv.png WinterHoliday.png

We're aware of some formatting issues with some of the themes. These should be resolved shortly.

We'll also be adding more themes as time goes on, so keep an eye out for them in future updates.

Earning Adoption Tokens

The Adoption Center has been updated with information on how to earn Adoption Tokens!

You can now earn tokens by creating artwork of Enivi in the Adoption Center and submitting it to the Adoption Center Enivi Gallery folder. 
Each piece of work earns you one token, so they should be easy enough to collect without anyone clearing out the Adoption Center.

The rules, as well as some additional info, are located in the Gallery folder here.

Lure Reset

After alot of discussion, we've decided to reset the lures on the site. 

Lures have been free in Sophie's Shoppe while the fishing game was fixed. Now that the game has been up and running properly for about a month, we're ready to finally have it running as expected in all ways. 

We'll be removing Cheese and Fancy Lures from players' inventories. You'll be able to purchase more at Sophie's Shoppe.

Happy Fishing!


Don't forget the in-game Holiday Gift Exchange is still going on!
If you'd like to be part of it, check out our forum post here!

Available Enivi

Another small reminder that these Enivi are still available;

Toys for Tots Charity Enivi


The Toys for Tots charity raffle Enivi is still ongoing. Please give back to children in need and earn yourself a chance at this beautiful Enivi. 
Find more info on how to donate and enter here.

Create to Adopt Enivi


Earn a raffle ticket for this Enivi by creating artwork of it!
You can find more info on this here.

Legendary Enivi Auction


Finally, this Enivi is up for auction.

You can find more info on the auction here.