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Hidden Cove Update

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We've got some nice updates on this Friday the 13th!

In our effort to keep the game fair and from being pay-to-win, we've admittedly neglected the Hidden Cove quite a bit. 
We're going to start adding in some additional traits and accessories for you to spend your Gems on.

To start off the Hidden Cove update, we've added the Regent's Halo Crown, Starstone Horns, Seraph Ears, and Forest Crown Antlers.

Each of these are one-time use! Please keep in mind that the Forest Crown Antlers come with a variety of different, pre-made options. You're welcome to use any of those, decorated or not, on your Enivi when you purchase that trait. If you'd like to change them later, a color-changing potion or dye is all you'll need. You won't need to buy the trait twice when an Enivi already has it.

We'll be adding more in the future, but thought these would be nice additions for the time being.

<a href="'s Halo Crown" class="display-item">Regent's Halo Crown</a><a href=" Horns" class="display-item">Starstone Horns</a><a href=" Ears" class="display-item">Seraph Ears</a><a href=" Crown Antlers" class="display-item">Forest Crown Antlers</a>

On this unluckiest of days, we'd like to take a minute to off you a chance at some good fortune. Answer the question below to get a nice surprise;

What kind of traits or accessories (vague or specific, free or Hidden Cove) would you like to see in the future?

Starlight Celebration!

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The Starlight Celebration has begun!

Sorry for the delay! There was an issue with the delivery service for the giant, Lunae ice scupltures.
Due to he delay, we'll be hosting this festival until February 9th, 2023!


The Event Prompts have been updated and are ready for your Enivi to participate! 
We've got some beautiful new accessories for your Enivi to collect this year, and we're looking forward to seeing your take on the festival.

As always, you'll begin by arriving at the festival, and with that completed you'll be able to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of the celebration. 
If you feel at all lost, be sure to check out the Event page, which we'll be updating as the event unfolds. 

<a href=" Necklace" class="display-item">Star Necklace</a><a href=" Lights" class="display-item">Fairy Lights</a><a href=" Piercing" class="display-item">Star Piercing</a>

Keep an eye out for more updates as the even progresses! 


Winter Wonderland! Snowballs, gifts, and much more!

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The winter holiday season has begun and we have a lot of updates for you!

Gifts and Gift Wrapping

You can now gift-wrap gifts you'd like to send to your friends!
Sophie's Shoppe has been stocked with wrapping paper for a mere 5SS. After you purchase the wrapping paper, you can go to your inventory and click the wrapping paper. 
Select the item you'd like to wrap, and lovingly wrap the item with the wrapping paper. The item will then show as the wrapped box when sent to your friends!

<a href=<a href=<a href=


Secret Santa

Which brings us to our next event, our Secret Santa!
Like last year, you'll be able to send gifts to the Admin account to enter. These will be randomly distributed to everyone who enters along with a special gift from Keepers of Eniv.


  • No crafting or "bulk need" items. This means things like seeds, fish, flowers, feathers, or any other common, low-rarity item which requires a lot of them for use.
  • You may include Enivi or MYOs if you're feeling extra generous. 
  • If you choose to gift wrap your gift, be sure to check the box which displays what items are inside.
  • Send all gifts to the Admin account and we'll handle the rest from there.
  • This hasn't happened in the past, but on the off-chance you don't receive a gift by Dec 26th, let us know! We'll look into what happened and make it right.
  • All gifts must be sent by December 23rd, 2022 at 12:01am. This gives us time to distribute the gifts

Thanks for joining in! We're looking forward to another successful and fun Secret Santa!

<a href=<a href=<a href=


It's Snowing!

It's snowing in Eniv! That means it's time for some fun wintery activities.

Keep an eye out around the site for Snowballs and Candy Canes!
These may be in the form of scavenger hunts, or may be randomly found here and there.
You can also find snowballs through seasonal prompts and exploring the Snowy Peaks. 

Candy Canes can be used to get the Candy Cane base and related accessories and traits from the Holiday Shop.

Snowballs can be used to craft piles of snowballs and Snow Enivi!
The more effort you put into your Snow Enivi, the nicer the outcome will be. 



My Sweet Enivi Collection Update

My Sweet Enivi have released 3 new collectable dolls!
Lyra My Sweet Enivi, Retro Bathing Suit My Sweet Enivi, and Holiday Gown My Sweet Enivi!
Make sure to grab these while you can! The Retro Bathing Suit My Sweet Enivi is incredibly limited.

<a href=<a href=<a href=

New winter Accessories and traits

Of course, it would be winter without some wintery new accessories!
We've added Santa Hats, Holly, and a Velvet Coat to help you celebrate the season!
You'll also be able to find your old favorites like Cozy scarves and drinks in the Unique Boutique as well.

<a href=<a href=<a href=

Beauty Contest update

The Beauty Contest has officially rolled over again!
We're changing things up to winter for the Beauty Contest a little early with the plan to start making site changes on the first Monday of the month instead of waiting for the equinox. 
Starting with this next beauty contest (which has just begun, be sure to enter!) the top 3 will receive Ice Crown Horns, a new exclusive Beauty Contest winter trait!

<a href=

General Site Updates

  • We've had a few small bumps over the past few days with our recent updates. If you notice any stray Ortusi Hooves, please report them as a bug. If you're the first to report it, you'll get 75 Star Shards as a reward!
  • Our Charity Event will be announced on Monday, along with a beautiful Enivi we'll be raffling off for donations. Our charity will once again be Toys for Tots, so get ready to give some kids a happy holiday.
  • The default layout has been changed to our winter holiday theme! Be sure to check it out!
  • We're aware that there were some issues with the Advent Calendar not showing until later today. Don't worry, the calendar has been reset to start today so it won't impact anyone getting their monthly bonus gift.

Keep an eye out for more wintery fun around the site. 

In the meantime, what's your favorite part about the winter season?

Lunaesi Rebaesi!

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We've been quiet for the past month while we've been busy at work setting up the character creator and making touch-ups to the Lunaesi base!


We've redone not just the base, but also the markings and other traits to make sure they're all fitting properly.
We've also recreated the colors of the bases and markings to make them more true to life, and added a lot of additional colors as well. 
The Lunaesi base now comes in the following colors:
+ Black
+ Blood Bay
+ Blue Silver
+ Candy Cane
+ Chestnut
+ Creme
+ Dark Brown
+ Red, Green, and Gold Glitter
+ Golden
+ Golden Bay
+ Green
+ Grey
+ Iridescent
+ Ivory
+ Lovely
+ Maple
+ Marble
+ Navy
+ Palomino
+ Pearlescent
+ Poppy
+ White


We'll be updating the Speciality and Kickstarter bases within the next week, which should about wrap-up this base retouch.
In the near future, we'll be updating the other bases as well. The next on our list is the Ortusi base, so expect to see that soon.

New hooves for the Lunaesi are already available on site.

We are human though, so if you notice anything off with the updated traits and how they fit, be sure to let us know!

A few of our markings have been updated as well. You'll notice that Swirls and Racing Stripe now have the updated form for Lunaesi. In the future, the other bases will have these traits as well. The Stockings trait on the Lunaesi base has also been redone to look nicer, and like the others, will be updated for the other bases as we redo them. 


Q) Can I keep using the old base?
A) Yes! If you're partial to the old base, you're welcome to keep using it. Knowthat going foward all new traits and accessories will be made for the new base, but you're welcome to manually refit them to the old one as long as it stays within our rules.

Q) Do I have to change the base on my Lunaesi right away?
A) No rush, take your time. There's no time limit for when you can change to the new base.

Q) Do I need a special item or anything to update to the new base?
A) Nope, you can get all the files and update any time you'd like to.

Q) Will you still be releasing a Fluffy version of the Lunaesi?
A) We do still plan to, but not until after we've got the other bases updated as well.

Q) Can we still color-shift the bases and markings?
A) Of course! The only real change as far as use with this update is that we've added a bunch of new colors for our friends who don't enjoy creating visual art to have access to. These will all be available in the character creator as well.

Traits Update

Many of our traits and bases have been moved from the OneDrive onto the site. 
If your Enivi is missing a trait they previously had, please submit a bug report on site or in our Discord Server and we'll get that updated for you ASAP.

We hope you all enjoy the updates!
We'll see you tomorrow for some nice Lunaesi event updates!

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays from the Keepers of Eniv team!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy winter holiday, whatever you celebrate.

As a friendly reminder, our staff will be taking today through Monday off, and again on December 31st and January 1st.

A special thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Secret Santa, we hope you all enjoy your gifts.

Don't forget to leave some cookies out for a special red-nosed Enivi tonight!

AI Generated Images and Keepers of Eniv

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We've updated our rules and submission guidelines.

We want to be clear that we do not allow AI generated content to be included in artwork on our site.

Being forward with everyone, we understand that this could be confusing because we very openly used AI artwork as textures and paint-overs in our recent event videos, and previously stated that it could be used as photobashing. This was before the full understanding of how these images were created was public, and many of the images were created using our own artwork combined with textures and photobashing. 

Now, knowing that the AI generated images are created from stolen artwork (including offical Keepers of Eniv artwork), we can't in good faith allow them to be part of a game that is entirely built on artistic expression and the hard work of our artist community.

To be clear, we are also not allowing AI generated writing, music, or any other AI generated content.

On an unrelated note, we'll be posting our new Charity Adoptable Enivi tomorrow. All procedes will go to Toys for Tots, so keep an eye out for that update!

We'll continue to support our wonderful, creative community to the best of our ability, and we're so appreciative for your understanding and support.

Black Friday Weekend Sales

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It's Black Friday and we ahve site sales going all weekend!

Enivi Sales

We have some beautiful Enivi on sale for as low as $25 for a rare Enivi this weekend!

Be sure to check them out here!

These Enivi will only be on sale until Monday, so claim them while you can!

514_6WmBpQvXFQ.png 515_WRqLj3CKzb.png

513_wwKKqpORaR.png 502_i6Pmm5ADL6.png

50% off Gems Sale!

Gems are 50% off today during our Black Friday Sale Weekend!

Grab your Gems today!

Starting tomorrow (Saturday, November 26th), Gems will be on sale for 25% off through Sunday!


Have a fun and safe weekend, everyone!

BOGO MYOs Last Chance + Small Site Update

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This is a friendly reminder that today is the last day of our Weekend BOGO MYO Sale!

When you buy one MYO of any rarity, you can contact staff within 48 hours to get your second MYO of the same value for free!
The sale ends tonight at midnight PST, so be sure to stock up now! (Limit 4 total).

Rarity Indicators

We've also added a small quality of life update to the site.
As we add in the traits, you'll be able to see the rarity of each trait beside the downloadable file. 
A small star will appear beside items and traits with rarities. If you hover over the star, a tool tip will appear to tell you the rarity.

Have a quality of life suggestion? Let us know in Feedback and Suggestions or on the Discord Server!

Have a great week, everyone!

BOGO MYOs, Discount Enivi, Community Meetings and More!

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Hey everyone!

The weather is getting cooler, we have events, site updates, and some very special sales through the month!

Community Meeting

On Thursday the 10th, at 5:30pm PST we'll be having a community meeting on our Discord server.
Don't worry, this meeting is meant to be fun!

We'll be talking about our plans for 2023 and what you can expect as far as new features and events.
There will also be a Q and A portion you can submit your questions to early here.

Your input is valuable, so we'll also have a portion of time where we'll ask for your feedback about specific planned items, events, and features coming in the next year.

We hope we'll see you there!

Moderator Openings

Are you looking for new ways to help out in the Keepers of Eniv community?
Want to guide community members to resources, help with events, and get a little thank you gift each month?

Consider applying to be a moderator here!

Flash Sales

Through the month we'll be having Enivi Flash Sales!
These are quick sales for hugely discounted Enivi. After the date of the sale, if the Enivi hasn't been sold they'll raise to their standard price of $50+ USD.
Now is your chance to get some amazing Legendary and seasonal-exclusive markings at a huge discount.

Our first two Enivi are;

Holiday Glow


Crystal Ice


Both Enivi have legendary markings and/or traits and will be on sale until Saturday the 12th at 12:00am PST.


We're having our first MYO BOGO weekend this Saturday and Sunday!
Buy an MYO of any rarity and receive an MYO of equal or less rarity for free (limit 2 purchased and 2 free).

We can't wait to see what you create!

<a href=" Make-Your-Own" class="display-item">Rare Make-Your-Own</a>

Mola Mola Madness

We wanted to take a moment to thank  Synesthesia for sponsoring the new Mola Mola companion!
You can get your own giant Mola Mola by combining Mini Mola Molas, or very rarely through fishing.

<a href=" Mola" class="display-item">Mola Mola</a>


Have a great week! We're looking forward to seeing you on Thursday for the Community Meeting!


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Happy Halloween, everyone!

And what would Halloween be without another Guiding Lights Festival update?

Part 5 of The Guiding Lights Festival has been released!


Click the image above to watch the video!

The epilogue (part 6) will be released next week, which will tie together a few loose ends, but don't think this is the last we'll see of The Necromancer.

As an added treat, Sophie's Shoppe is now stocking the Webbed Marking!

<a href="" class="display-item">Webbed</a>

Have a safe, happy, and spooky Halloween!