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Halloween Weekend!

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It's spooky season weekend and we've got some tricks and treats for you!

Bats! Bats! We Are The Bats!

Bats have overtaken many of the areas for the weekend.  You'll be able to find them in prompts, shops (hanging out, not for sale), and various pages around the site.
These friendly squeakers of the night are happy to aid in your spooky festivities. You can use them to crafte Bat Wings and...

Batty Companions

The new Batty Companions are here to stay!
Craft your collected bats into a large mix of nighttime friends, some of which are more put together than others.


Mysterious Slime?

Gross and goopy, mysterious slime has started showing up around Eniv.
It smells bad. It looks bad. It tastes bad... wait, why would you taste it!?

Seems some Enivi are more curious than others. While we do not condone putting mystery substances in your mouth, it might be worth trying?
Or it could be an absolute disaster. 
The risk is all on you if you manage to find the stuff.


Other October Events

Our other October events will remain active through November 7th to make up for the time lost at the beginning of the month. 
Don't forget to get any last minute prompts in for the Vespiri-themed events and to collect your rewards.

Also! While your Enivi is dressing up for the holiday, don't forget that they can now look like The Temp!

Site Updates Coming!

We've said it in the Discord server, but for anyone not there, we'll be having some site updates in the next week. These are to make the site more stable and enhance our security against bots. There may be a temporary outage, and some event times may be reset. Thanks in advance for your patience. We promise it'll be worth any downtime as this will be readying the site for some bigger features coming in the near future.


Enivi of the Month Entries

A small reminder to get any last minute entries in for Enivi of the Month!

We'll be picking a new EotM for November 1st, so be sure to nominate your Enivi of the Enivi of a friend.


Another big congrats to KRESNICA, our October EotM!

October Charity Raffle

Finally, a somber reminder that our October Charity raffle is coming to an end.
You can find all the details here.

If you can, please be sure to donate to the cause.


With all that said, have a happy and safe Halloween! We'll see you the first week of November for the montly updates!

Gachapon, My Sweet Enivi, Mod Hiring, and Charity Raffle Reminder!

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We've got some nice site updates for you this week!

First off, we've added a few collectible items to the game. Meet, My Sweet Enivi, the nostalgic collectable dolls from your Enivi's childhood.
Every My Sweet Enivi doll has a rarity (common, rare, and legendary). This will effect the way you can find the doll as well as the resell value.
We'll be adding more of these as time goes on, but for now we'll start you all off with six;




For now, these can be found (rarely) as Daily Gifts or via our new Gacha Capsules!

Gachapon Capsules

Our new Gachapon Capsule Shop is open!

For those unfamiliar, Gachapon are those toy machines you see where you get a capsule that contains a collectible toy or item (or rubber balls, haha). 
Our Gachapon capsules contain tons of items, accessories, and traits - even some legendary, Gem-only traits and an Ancient Sprout. What you get is randomized, so the Gachapon can be a bit of a gamble, but you'll always receive a prize.

Be sure to click on the capsule you're planning to buy to see the available prizes and odds before you purchase one.


We're Hiring Volunteer Moderators

We're seeking another volunteer moderator to join our team!

Responsibilities Include;

+ Helping our community members locate information, guides, and activities.
+ Answering questions about Keepers of Eniv, our activities, prompts, and events.
+ Defusing tense situations.
+ Reporting abusive behavior and rule breaks to the admin staff.
+ Being a good H.O.S.T. to our community (Helping Others and Saying Thanks).

What we're looking for;
+ Fun, upbeat people who have a passion for ARPGs and SIM games.
+ Individuals who are understanding, patient, and upholding our core values.
+ The ability to guide someone to resources without being condescending or getting openly frustrated.
+ Strong written communication skills are a must.
+ People who are not afraid to ask questions of other staff members when they’re unsure themselves.

There is a mandatory training session that lasts about an hour and a half, which is done over VC in our Discord server.

We're only looking for one or two people as of now, and will bring on more as the game grows. Applications can be sent to with the title "Volunteer Moderator".


Discord ID:
Are you currently in the Keepers of Eniv server?
Were you in World of Eniv?
Are you at least 18 years old?
What is your current availability and do you expect this to change in the next 3 months?
Do you have any past moderation experience?
If yes, please elaborate.
What was a difficult social situation you found yourself in, and how did you resolve it?
Sometimes explaining technical problems is necessary to help others. For this part of the application, please explain in clear steps how to unlock a smartphone:

Charity Raffle Reminder

Our Monthly Charity Raffle started this month. 
We're giving away Custom Item/Trait Vouchers for donations!

Click here for more info!


Finally, a question for you all;

What's your favorite Enivi clan and why?

A Community Member In Need - First Charity Raffle And More!

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Hey everyone!

We're doing our first-ever Charity Raffle!

This particualr event runs close to home. One of our wonderful artists, Marina, lost their mother recently in a hit-and-run.

Keepers of Eniv has always been community focused and charity driven (even back when we were World of Eniv) and we're hoping our community will be able to help out even a little.

We're offering 3 CUSTOM ITEM VOUCHERS as rewards for the raffle!

You can find all the information here!


Other OCtober Updates

We've added a few new spooky items to our shop and advent calendar for this month!



As a small sub-note;

You may notice the navigation bar being updated this week. We're working on making it more user-friendly!

The Guiding Light Celebration

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Welcome to the Guiding Light Celebration!

A Vespiri event held every October to help wandering souls find their way, and to pay respect to those who have passed.

Due to their connection to the dead, Vespiri are often considered an omnious and creepy clan. Seeing a Vespiri in town could mean the death of a loved one, as they are the clan that ushers the souls of the dead back to that Enivi's chosen deity. For this month, they open their temple doors to all Enivi in the hopes that they'll come together for this spectacular event.

You can find the start of the event here.

Also, be sure to check out seasonal prompts for more ways to participate!


What's with all the bats?

Seems like the spooky vibes are all over right now! Bats are swooping here and there, but they don't mean you any harm - they're here to help.
Along with eating pesky insects, these beauties are here to help you in crafting. If you can get enough of them together, you'll be able to earn some wings of your own.

Be quick though, these little friends are only here for October.


What Else Is Coming This Month?

We're splitting up the event this month to see how it runs.  Later this month we'll be hosting another Open Registration session as well as having more Vespiri and spooky-themed events and items. 

Tomorrow, we'll be announcing our first ever Charity Drive. This one hits close to home so thank you in advance to everyone who can lend a hand.

Open Weekend Starts Today

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It's Open Weekend!

This Friday (today) through Sunday we'll be open for new players. The site is temporarily open to anyone, even without a registration code. 

We're very excited to be able to finally open to the public, even if just for a few days. 

To our newest members, be sure to join our Discord Server where you can get quick help if you need to, or post on our Forums if you have any questions. We're all here for you!

The Adoption Center will be restocking shortly, and while we're not in the habit of prohibiting players from getting Enivi from that area, please do be respectful of the new players and give them a chance to get them as well.  We'll be adding Enivi there in waves to try to keep them available. If you have an Enivi you'd like to add to the Adoption Center, please do!

To make things even more special, keep an eye out for the new Out of the Box Prompt headed your way later today. This special Out of the Box will last all month.

The prize?

Well, let's just say it's going to be legendary.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Autumn Colors Fall Event

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It's September and you know what that means, Autumn Events!

Autumn is a season filled with color and mystery. From harvest festivals and pumpkin crafts to spooky stories and dark arts, we've got quite a season ahead of us.

To get things started this September, we've made a few updates. Here are our current events and seasonal items;

New Items

From hairstyles to falling leaves, we've added a lot of new accessories, hairstyles, and backgrounds.
Some of these are purchasable in Sophie's Shoppe while others can be earned through prompts and activities. 
The autumn-themed items will be here through November, while the other general items will be here to stay.

You can view our newest items here.



Seasonal Prompts

We've added a few Seasonal Prompts for you all to have fun with, and more will appear through the next few months.

Be sure to check out Fall Favorites and Cozy Afternoons

We'll also be adding a very special prompt for this month, so keep an eye out for that very soon.


Enivi of the Month Nominations

We're officially open for Enivi of the Month Nominations!

Our Enivi of the Month is an Enivi who has been worked on, be that through customization, prompts, or artwork. This Enivi should be one of their owner's favorites, doted upon and loved. 

You can find more information, as well as nominate your Enivi or a friend's Enivi here or by going to World > Enivi of the Month in the navigation menu.


What's Coming Up?

We're always working on updating the site. This month we're focusing on a few things;

  • We're redoing our front page to make it more informative for new members.
  • We're updating our community page. This will be the page you first visit when you log in. It'll show recent events and suggested prompts and activities.
  • We're still working hard on our Breeding and Customization system, and on uploading .png versions of all our Art Pack Assets.
  • We'll have our very first Enivi Sale this month. Be sure to keep an eye out for them in the next few days!
  • We'll be updating our lore and NPC character information. 

Autumn Colors Fall, Player Invites, and More!

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Happy September, everyone!

We've got a lot of updates so buckle up!

Player Invites and OPen weekends

September is the first month we'll be opening to the general public. We're starting things off slowly and opening in waves to make sure we're prepared for the new players. 

Starting September 1st we're giving all our existing players the option to invite two friends each. 
Want to invite a friend? Just message a moderator or admin and we'll generate an invite code, which you can then share with the person you want to invite. 

Here's a quick FAQ, but do let us know if you have any other questions;

Q. Who can get an invite code?
A. Any player who is a Backer, or who has joined as of August 31st, 2021.

Q. Will new players be able to buy a registration code?
A. At this point we're not considering selling registration codes.
Q. Will there still be an open registration weekend?
A. Yes! We're holding off the open registration weekend for a few reasons. The first is to ensure the site and staff can handle the new players as they join. We also want to make sure we have enough Adoption Center Enivi without flooding the site with random, unclaimed Enivi.
Q. I have more than two friends who want to join. How can I get an extra code?
A. Sorry, but it's only two per person. We're looking forward to seeing your other friends during our open registration weekends!
Q. Oops! I misplaced my invite code!
A. No worries! We keep a careful log of all our registration codes. Just message a mod or admin and we'll be able to get your code to you again.
Q. Can I buy/sell/auction/raffle/trade my code?
A. No, these codes are strictly for inviting friends into the game. They cannot be bought, sold, traded, raffled, or auctioned.

Item Sales

Have a surplus of swords? Caught too many fish? Not sure what to do with all those berries?
You can now sell your extra items back to the shopkeepers to make some extra Star Shards. 
Simply click on the item in your Inventory, click the checkbox beside it and select how many you'd like to sell. Then click "Sell Item". This will show you how many Star Shards your item can be sold for before you choose to finalize the sale.

As a heads up, we'll be adding more recipes and every item will have a use, so please keep that in mind when selling excess items.

Calling All Authors!

We now have a Literary Art Gallery.

Flex your writing skills and show off your wordsmithing by submitting your work to the Literary Art Gallery. 
This was always meant to be an option, but it seems we overlooked creating it when the galleries were being set up. We're happy to say that you can now submit your written prompts, stories, poems, and more.

Art Packs Update

You asked for PNGs and we've got your back!
We've added literal hundreds of .pngs into our art packs, and they're ready for use. These images include all new bases, markings, and more. 
With the customization and breeding systems being coded, we've created a few "official" colors for bases and markings. These include (but aren't limited to) Black, White, Ivory, Creme, Blood Bay, Maple, Chestnut, Golden Bay, Dark Brown, Blue Silver, Gilded, and Grey. You'll be able to find these in the art packs immediately.

Please keep in mind that transferring all our assets does take time and we are a small team. We're still working on getting the rest of our assets transferred, but we'll have them available as soon as possible. We'll also be adding more color options as we get these finished, but you're still welcome to color-shift your Enivi as well. 

Finally, we have a few smaller patch notes to make everyone aware of. This was a huge update, so we'll save the more seasonal news for tomorrow. See you then!


Patch Notes
  • "Standard Fangs" have been renamed "Classic Fangs".
  • "Basic Soul" has been renamed "Classic Soul".
  • The wording in our FAQ was updated. We changed "USD" to read "real world currency" and updated the links to Legacy Enivi Registration and Legacy Enivi Transfer.
  • MYOs now automatically create when you use the item from your Inventory. We'll be updating our guide on this shortly.
  • The School of Killifish now requires 10 Killifish to craft.
  • The Color-Changing Potion now requires 10 Rainbow Berries to craft.
  • Shiny Scales now require 10 Rainbow Berries to craft.
  • The Gilded base has been changed from Uncommon to Rare.
  • There is now a 5 Star Shard fee to enter the Beauty Contest.
  • The Collar accessory has undergone an art update and is available in 5 premade colors.
  • All MYO and Legacy Transfers now come with the Morning in the Meadow background.

Player Code Give-A-Way

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We're hosting a Player Code Give-A-Way!

On August 23rd we'll be randomly drawing 3 people from our social media accounts to give a player code to. This will grant entrance to the game about a week before we start to open for new players. 

To join, check out these posts on social media;

To enter, all you need to do is follow us on our social media platform(s), like the post, and tag a friend! 

If you already have an account you can still enter and give the code away to a friend (sales and trades of the player code are prohibited).

We're looking forward to seeing more of you in-game soon!


Other Updates of Note
  • Fishing has been made a free activity. You can get lures (like CHEESE! ) through Sophie's Shoppe for free. In the future, we'll be adding more to our fishing game.
  • With summer drawing to a close, we've started getting ready for our official opening. We'll be releasing more info on that in the coming week.
  • Our customization and breeding development is officially in progress!

Have a great week, everyone!

Weekly Beauty Contest

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It's Friday!

That means that the Beauty Contest has ended, and another has begun! 

Don't forget to enter your Enivi and to vote for other players to keep the game rolling. 

This week's prizes are...

25 Star Shards and Tusks!



Congratulations to last week's winners!

1st Place



2nd Place



3rd Place



Have a great weekend, everyone!

Beach Party Update!

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It's hot. It's humid. Let's hit the beach!

The Beach Party Update includes a few accessories to make your beach day perfect. From a Classic Beach Ball and Blue Striped Towel to the lovely Summer's End Bouquet, you're bound to find something to enhance your Enivi!

You'll be able to find these new items (and the pre-existing beach-themed items) in Sophie's Shoppe!



Other Site Updates:

  • We've updated the navigation bar to be more user-friendly.
  • We've fixed the bug in the Beauty Contest that kept some players from being able to enter or vote.
  • We've fixed the bug that kept the Fishing game from refreshing.
  • Lures are now free to purchase at Sophie's Shoppe.
  • For the part of the community that's been asking, we've been having meetings about opening up different funding avenues for the site going forward. You'll likely see some of those appear soon, but we're dedicated to ensuring the game doesn't end up pay-to-play or pay-to-win. 

Question of the Day

What other themed items and accessories would you like to see in the game?