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New Enivi, New Items, New Traits, Summer Fishing - A Huge Update!

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It's time for some summer beach fun! 

We've got a lot of updates for you, so let's get started!

New Sales Enivi and Sales Enivi Changes

Four new Enivi have been added to the market!

As like before, these Enivi have custom, hand-painted markings and some of the summer Event markings as well.
So, what's changed?
The Enivi now come with small snips of backstory for you to build on if you'd like. 
Using these backstories is entirely optional, just like their names and pronouns, you can change these however you'd like.

The prices start at a small $25 and raise from there depending on markings and Enivi rarity (there's even a Druaesi this month! ). Be sure to check them out here:

The Druaesi is an auction Enivi, but the other three are first-come-first-served so be sure to check them out today!

Speaking of special Enivi...

The Trevor Project

Thank you to everyone who donated to The Trevor Project last month!

We managed to raise $150 for the charity and we're so thankful to our community for it.

The winner of the raffle for the Pride Month Enivi was Medd-Lee - congratulations on your new, very rainbowy, Enivi!

Have a suggestion for a charity? Post a comment here.


Summer Accessories

We've got an array of new summer accessories for you to make your beach day special!
While you're putting on your Sunscreen, don't forget your new Innertube and Fruity Drink while you build your Sand Castle under your Picnic Lights.

Your Enivi can also go swimming with the In the Sea Background and High Tide Foreground set.

<a href=" Drink" class="display-item">Fruity Drink</a><a href="" class="display-item">Innertube</a><a href=" Castle" class="display-item">Sand Castle</a>

<a href=" Lights" class="display-item">Picnic Lights</a><a href=" the Sea Background" class="display-item">In the Sea Background</a><a href=" Tide Foreground" class="display-item">High Tide Foreground</a>

Summer Fishing Changes

Summer fish have started to appear in Still Mirror Lake, and they'll only be here until autumn, so be sure to catch them while you can.

Sightings of catfish, seahorses, and even great white sharks have been reported by Enivi, so grab your lures and head to the lake.

You'll be able to use these new fish in alchemy and crafting to create a few new traits and a companion variation;

<a href=" Kalli" class="display-item">Catfish Kalli</a><a href=" Fin" class="display-item">Shark Fin</a><a href=" Tail" class="display-item">Oceanic Tail</a>

<a href=" Feathering" class="display-item">Oceanic Feathering</a><a href=" Back Scales" class="display-item">Oceanic Back Scales</a><a href=" Face Scales" class="display-item">Oceanic Face Scales</a>

Like the fish, these are only here for a limited time.

Happy fishing!

New Traits in Sophie's Shoppe

Finally, we have some new traits in Sophie's Shoppe, Short Feathering and Fleabitten.

These are smaller traits, but ones we felt you would all enjoy.

<a href=" Feathering" class="display-item">Short Feathering</a><a href="" class="display-item">Fleabitten</a>

A few Site Updates

  • We're still working on the leveling bug, but don't worry, we're hoping to have it sorted out soon and will have a mini-event to celebrate when we do!
  • We've been getting a lot of questions about bug uses, don't worry, more things will spring up through the summer that are sure to get you buzzin' with excitement.
  • We've clarified a few things in our Star Shard Guide, and changed the way characters are counted in literary and visual art to be more fair to (and increase the Star Shard output to) literary artists. (Don't worry, visual artists haven't lost anything, but we've increased what you get per character in literary art submissions)

Community Question

We're giving away one random item from this news post to everyone who answers;

Which herd is your favorite and why?

Weekend Fun Update

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Just a small update today for everyone!

A new scavanger hunt has started!

"OH NO!" A beautiful Enivi cries out for help. "I've lost my precious shoe at the ball and now it's nowhere to be found. Will you help me find it? The last time I remember seeing it I was looking at how to dye my dress."

You can start to help her look on the Event Page.

Charity Raffle

Here's a reminder that we're still doing our Charity Drive for The Trevor Project.
Some of the items related to it won't be made available again until next year, so be sure to donate before the month is up!

Bingo Reminder!

Don't forget that Monday night is Bingo night!
Join us on the Discord Server for a night of number calling and prize giving haha.

SIte Updates

It's summer, so along with our bug hunt we're also hunting (and squashing) in-game bugs.
We're aware of the issue with leveling Enivi, and are working on getting that resolved as soon as we can! Don't worry, your XP is still being recorded, so you'll be able to level up again soon.

We've updated the World Lore page to be more clear.

Otherwise, we're prepping for some fun things next month as the Festival of the Sun winds down and we move into our general summer fun and 

Site Staff Weekend Break

Our site staff works incredibly hard and we appreciate them very much!
We all need a break from time to time, so we'll be taking an extended weekend on July 2nd and 3rd (we'll be processing until 12pm PST), and will be holding all processing on July 4th for the holiday in America so people can spend time with their families as needed.
If you have an emergency, feel free to tag admin in the Discord server, but all non-emergency matters will be put on hold until after our break.

Thanks very much for your understanding!


We'll see you all Monday!


UPDATE: It looks like someone lost a bunch of Ancient Ortusi Shoes. Can you help collect them? Find the details to get you started on the Event Page!

Our Battle Prompts have finally arrived! Fight against NPCs or other Enivi for treasure and glory!

How Battling Works

Battling is fairly easy. Select your opponent and create your prompt. It can be an image, writing, song - anything you'd like that fits the theme.
From here, submit the prompt as you normally would. The prompt is then reviewed by staff and a roller that uses your character's stats, any attached items and gear, and a small random chance much like racing, is rolled to see who won.

Participants will always receive the listed rewards, but the winners could stand to gain up to double the prizes. 
The rewards can range from small weaponry to some Legendary traits and 100 additional Star Shards!

Your Enivi can also become visibly injured or get scars during battle. There's more on that below.

The prompts can be found under "Explore Eniv".


At last, the long awaited Scars update.
There are now 24 different kinds of scars and visible injuries your Enivi can walk away from a battle with. These range from bloody nose scratches to light, healing scars along the side.
We do need to note a few things regarding these injuries and scars;

  1. Kids cannot have injuries or scars. They also cannot battle. This includes "Forever Kids" created with Babies' Breath.
  2. We understand that not everyone likes the idea of scars or injuries on their Enivi. These are optional. You are not in any way required to use them if your Enivi gets "injured" in battle.
  3. Injuries are purely cosmetic at this time.
  4. We give our players a lot of artistic freedom with their item uses and you may recolor these items and change the  positioning of them (in other words, your Druaesi may have green blood if you'd like!). You may not, however, use these assets to mimic self-harm situations. 
    If you or someone you know is in need of help, please contact a help hotline or text 741741 in the United States to be connected to the Crisis Text Line. You are important. You matter.
  5. There's only one item for each of the types of scars/injuries, but there are 3 versions of each; Fresh Wounds, Fresh Scars, and Healing Scars. You can use whichever version you'd like, and may change them out once applied. So, if you wanted to start with a fresh injury and keep that for a while before have the scar heal and fade, that's 100% fine and you won't need another applicator unless you're changing the color (changing blood from red to green) or the positioning in a noticeable way.
  6. These assets can be found under Accessories in the Art Packs.
<a href=<a href=<a href=

New Flora and Fauna

To go with the battle system with have some battle NPCs.
You can find more information about them in the World Lore under Flora and Fauna.


Ever wonder where that Mysterious Slime comes from? You may not want the answer...

Exploring the Dark Forest

While you're exploring Eniv you may have noticed a new game has been added.
Exploring is a new daily that can be completed up to 5 times a day (for all accounts, not just Premium). Your Enivi is sent into an area where they explore and forage for an hour. When they return, they'll bring back what they've found.

Right now, the Dark Forest is the only location we have available, but more will be coming very soon and the page for the game will be updated to look nicer as well.

Festival of the Sun

The Festival of The Sun is still in full swing! 
Don't forget to participate in the event prompts to earn Ancient Ortusi Shoes for the Holiday shop.
Keep an eye out for them to appear on random pages of the site over the weekend as well!

<a href=

Site Holiday Vacations

We love our community and we love our staff members!
To ensure the mental health of our staff we're going to be officially "closing" on some holidays.
Don't worry, the site will still be playable, but what this means is that we won't be processing anything until the following day. In other words, character updates, prompt submissions, gallery submissions and non-emergency reports will all be put on hold while the site is on "vacation".

Here's a list of days we'll be taking off;

  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day
  • 4th of July
  • Thanksgiving Eve (1/2 Day - we stop all processing at 12PM EST)
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve (1/2 Day - we stop all processing at 12PM EST)
  • Christmas Day

Thanks very much for your understanding and support!

Bugs Update

  • The issue with Enivi not leveling up correctly was resolved (yay!)
  • The issue with staff being unable to correctly approve prompts has been resolved.
  • With the new iPhone update there has been an issue with uploading via mobile for iPhone users. We've consulted 3 coders and, unfortunately, it sounds like this is out of our hands for now. We'd recommend using a different device to upload images to the Gallery if you encounter any issues.

Weekend Events, BC Winners, New Enivi and More!

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We've got some weekend fun for you all and a few site updates;

The Ortusi Shoe Scavenger Hunts have begun


You can find the first clue on the updated Event Page here!
Use your wits and team work to find all the Ancient Ortusi Shoes. 
If we can find enough over the weekend it could prompt the Ortusi to open up the next stage of their celebration!

You can also earn Ancient Ortusi Shoes by completing event prompts.

Happy hunting!

Pride Month Enivi

Our Pride Month Enivi and Pride Chests are still available!

Help out a good cause and get some great stuff.
You can find all the information for our Pride Month Charity Drive here.



Beauty Contest Winner

Congratulations to our Beauty Contest First Place Winner from last week;

GEN-106: Tentai

This week's contest is just getting started, so don't forget to enter your Enivi.


Peacock Appaloosa Enivi For Sale

We've got two beautiful Peacock Appaloosa Enivi for sale.
These two have custom, hand-painted peacock appaloosa markings - something you won't find often.
Both Enivi are flat-sale, so grab them while you can!



Thanks everyone for your continued support. We'll see you again Monday with another update.

Have a great weekend!

Summer's Start HUGE Site Update!

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With the change of the season comes another huge update! We'll cover our quarterly Charity Raffle, Pride Month celebrations, Bug Hunting and the Festival of the Sun!

Let's get started!

Charity Raffle

Firstly, we've got our special Pride Month Charity Raffle up and running!
Make a donation to The Trevor Project in the amount of $5 USD or more to earn not only a raffle ticket toward the beautiful Enivi below, but also a Pride Chest!

The Pride Chest contains;

  • 1 Rainbow Base
  • 1 Pearlescent Base
  • 1 Pride Month My Sweet Enivi
  • 1 Rainbow Juice
  • 1 Rainbow Berries
  • 1 Rainbow Pearl Necklace
  • 1 Pack of Rainbow Seeds
  • 1 Color Change Potion
  • 1 Rainbow Background

As for the Enivi being raffled, we've got a very special Pride-themed friend!


We're trying to raise at least $300 USD toward this charity, so tell your friends ;)

You can find more info about the raffle on our Charity Page.

The Festival of the Sun


The Festival of the Sun is here!

The Ortusi have invited all of Eniv to come celebrate with them. 

Learn more about the Ortusi while you collect Ancient Ortusi Shoes to unlock the battle features in the event and earn some amazing new traits and accessories like the Fiery Soul, Burning Phoenix Wings, and Ortusi Armor Set from the Seasonal Shop.

<a href=" Eyes" class="display-item">Fiery Eyes</a><a href=" Soul" class="display-item">Fiery Soul</a> <a href=" Nostrils" class="display-item">Fiery Nostrils</a>

For more info on the event and to keep track of how we're doing with gathering Ortusi Shoes, check out our Event Page!

The Bug Hunt

The Summer Bug Hunt is underway as well (starting June 1st at 12:00AM PST)!

This is an event that will run from June through August. Collect bugs to earn special rewards and to use them in alchemy/crafting to get a variety of new wings.
You can catch bugs by visiting our Bug Hunt daily, by doing special bug hunt prompts, finding them hidden on pages, and by purchasing Bug Nets.

Don't worry, all our buggy friends are very friendly and docile, and are happy to lend their natural magic to helping your Enivi get their new wings

<a href=" Butterfly" class="display-item">Monarch Butterfly</a><a href="" class="display-item">Firefly</a><a href=" Darner Dragonfly" class="display-item">Green Darner Dragonfly</a><a href=" Butterfly" class="display-item">Copper Butterfly</a><a href=" Butterfly" class="display-item">Emperor Butterfly</a>


If you're lucky, you'll also find some Hawk Feathers to combine into Hunter's Wings while you're looking for insects or fishing.
You can find the Summer Bug Hunt listed under Games in the navigation menu.

Beauty Contest Update

We've updated our beauty contest to give away a new item!

"Okay. It kind of goes with my moss..."

Winners of the Beauty Contest will now get this lovely seasonal wreath! Be sure to enter, because the wreath is only available until fall, when it'll be switched out for a more autumny version.

New Traits

Finally, we have some new traits for you all!
First off, we've got our Pride Month Rainbow Base available. This will restock randomly in Sophie's Shoppe and is also available through our Charity Raffle.
With the Summer Bug Hunt under way we've got some nice Dragonfly and Monarch Wings.
Sun Raiser Horns are a new, curved horn set available now.
We've also added Short Hair as an option for your Enivi's hairstyles, and two new markings. The first is "Socks", which is a shorter version of Stockings to give you a little more customization.
Finally... after a long wait...

Peacock Appaloosa!
Peacock Appaloosa

Peacock Appaloosa is a Legendary tier marking that will be available through events and purchases. 
We have had a few concerns while creating it because the spots combined with high contrasting colors can trigger some phobias and medical issues, so we were very careful with this design.
Peacock Appaloosa is one of the few markings we have that staff will be very wary with, but don't worry, we're more than happy to work with our players to make sure you can have your beautiful Enivi while still ensuring it won't cause a real-life issue for anyone else.

Phew! That was a lot to go over!

Community Question

Answer this week's community question to earn a random item from this news post!

What is your Enivi's favorite summer activity?

Star Shards Scoring Update!

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Based on your feedback, we've gone through and updated the way we score your submissions for Star Shards!

Going forward, sketches are now eligable for bonuses.
We've also added additional scoring options like "Minis" and "3D Shading".
We've also added a handful of background options, and the ability to add scoring for more than one character in a single image (though you can still only have one focus character for rewards and XP). 

This is something we've put a lot of thought and work into, and we're happy to finally bring you this update.
Admittedly, it's been something that's needed to be done.

You can view the updated Star Shards page under "Resources" in our main menu. 

We hope you all enjoy this update, and we'll have another one for you after the weekend.

Thanks again for all your support!

Prompt Update + Enivi Reminders

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First off, we've added 20 new prompts for you to enjoy!

Some of these prompts are very simple, like the Draw your Enivi prompt.
Others require a bit more time, like the Pasta-Tively Amazing Prompt.

For simple prompts, we wanted to add reoccuring, fun prompts that can be applied to a variety of situations, styles, and mediums. 
These include prompts like Draw an Ortusi, Favorite Memory, Write about your Enivi, and Family Portrait. These are meant to give you an opportunity to build your Enivi's character while earning some additional rewards and experience points.

We've also changed the way Out of the Box works.


Now that we've added Flash Prompts, Out of the Box (OotB) prompts have been revised.
Going forward, OotB has it's own category on the Prompts and Quests page. These prompts are meant to push players out of their comfort zones with challenging, silly, or unexpected ideas.
Creating a pasta portrait, cooking a meal, writing a haiku, and coloring a coloring page are just a few examples. 

Some prompts give away special, prompt-only prizes like the lightening Stormy Field of Flowers Background (can you find the prompt?)

We hope you'll all enjoy these updates!

These Enivi Need Homes

Secondly, this is a small reminder that these Enivi are still in search of their new homes;


Update: Nightbloom is Sold!

Be sure to grab yours before they disappear!


Community Question!

Answer the question to be entered into a raffle for Rare Gachapon! (Raffle rolled on Monday).

What other prompts would you like to see added to the game? What kind of rewards would you like to see added to the prompts?

Oh! Lucky Day! Friday the 13th Update

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Edit: We realized there was an error that made the prompt close at the same time it started today (oops!).
This has been fixed, and to make up for it, we've extended the prompt through all day tomorrow!


It's Friday the 13th, so let's spread around a little extra luck!

First, we've got an exciting new item to help you along your way;

<a href=Four Leaf Clover" />

The Four Leaf Clover is a lucky item that allows you to either instantly have success with any PvE event or prompt, or you can reroll a roll and choose which outcome you'd like to keep (for example, if you used Mysterious Slime and went bald, but would like to try for a different outcome).

How do you get a Four Leaf Clover? Easy (today at least)

Enter today's Flash Prompt and show your Enivi reacting to finding out it's Friday the 13th.
Flash Prompts have minimal requirements and are primarily done for fun. 

You can read all the details here!

We're also giving away a random holiday item to everyone who participates and...


Does this Ortusi look familiar? Well, they're back!

Every Flash Prompt entry gains a ticket into the raffle for this Enivi. They'll be given to their new home tomorrow.
You can keep them for yourself or give them to a friend.


Here's wishing everyone a lucky day!

May Updates

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To make up for the Daily Gift yesterday being down, we've put what was meant to go out in Sophie's Shoppe for free!
Be sure to collect yours today! (May 3, 2022)

As the Sylvan Hunt comes to a close Enivi begin to make their way back home.

The Holiday Shop will continue to stock items from the Event for another week.
We may not have caught Moinir this year, but that just means we can try even harder next time!

May will be a lighter month as we finish prepping for June's events. 
June is a sort of double-event month, being both the Ortusi Festival of the Sun and PRIDE Month. We have some big plans and we hope you'll enjoy them.

We'd also like to know what we can do to make the events more enjoyable for you. Please feel free to give us some feedback on what you'd like to see more or less of.

Advent Calendar Update

We're trying something a little new with the advent calendar this month. 

Rather than have the calendar give away a large prize at the end of the month, we'll be giving them away at the end of each week (Sundays).
This is meant to server two purposes;
1) To give you all more gifts through our less active month.
2) To troubleshoot the issue with the advent calendar not always giving out the proper prizes at the end of the month.
If you believe you collected your daily gift every day in April, but didn't receive your larger gift on the last day, please let us know. We're looking into it.

In the meantime, enjoy the extra gifts over the next 4 weeks while we take a peek into what's going on with the calendar!

Gardening Update

There was an issue previously where the fertilizers weren't being removed from players' inventories directly after use, which caused some confusion. 
We believe this has been resolved. If you're still getting this error, please let us know through a bug report.

We'll still have a few updates this month with some new features and items, so keep an eye out!


Our Community Question;

What would you like to see more or less of in our events?

Lore Update!

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Finally! You can learn more about your favorite herds, Enivi, and some history in Eniv.

From dietary preference and aggriculture to social heiracy and their own inter-herd politics, each herd has it's own culture and way of life.
You can find the diretctory of our new lore under in World Lore under Resources in the top nav bar.

Here are a few of the articles done so far (with many more to come!)

Over the next week we'll be adding more lore and reworking the World Activities page. We've also updated the Design Guide to have more information about designing your Druaesi.

More Updates in the Works
  • Additional "Slice of Life" and Character Building prompts for "Story Mode".
  • Reworking the Star Shard rewards for artwork submissions.
  • Additional Lore for existing characters and areas.
  • New front page.

Community Question

If there were one piece of lore in Eniv you'd like to know more about, what would it be?