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Picture Sudoku!

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Ready to flex your logic muscles?
We now have a monthly picture sudoku puzzle for you to solve!

Every month, we'll release a new puzzle on the Monthly Puzzle page (linked under Games in the navigation bar).
When you believe you have the right answer, you can submit your completed sheet to the Monthly Sudoku Prompt (linked for your convenience on the page), and at the end of each month we'll reward prizes to everyone who solved the puzzle correctly.
If you got some of the answers wrong, we'll send the puzzle back to you and give you a second chance and a one-week extention. 

Prizes each month will range depending on the theme of the month and the difficulty of the puzzle. 

Check out our first puzzle for August and our guide on how to play here!

What's all the Buzz About?

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At long last!
Thunderbee Keeping has finally arrived!

Have you always dreamed of tending to your own Thunderbee hive? Helping those sweet little workers thrive and sharing the delicious honey they create?
Now, you'll finally have the opportunity!

Beekeeping is a new tab found under Gardening (listed under Games in the navigation menu). While you'll start on your main Farm, you'll see the tab for Beekeeping beside it;

To start your own hive, you'll need to create a Thunderbee House in Crafting.

There are currently four different Thunderbee Houses;
Bee Basket, Basic Bee House, Bee-Themed Bee House, and Rustic Bee House.
Each of these require different crafting ingredients, but give the same amount of honey - one Raw Honeycomb per day of care.

<a href=<a href=<a href=<a href=

You can keep up to two Thunderbee Houses at a time and the Thunderbees don't die if you forget to care for them, but they will stop sharing their honey.

Raw Honey Comb can be collected and refined through Crafting to become Jars of Raw Honey, which can currently be used to make better, honey-dipped bait.
While the idea of a Honey-Dipped Nightcrawler might make your Enivi's stomach turn, the fish seem to really love it!

<a href=81-image.png

If you've made it this far in the news post, you deserve a special treat to get you started!

Basic Bee House

Festival of the Sun

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The Festival of the Sun has begun!

Take part in Ortusi prompts and games, earn and find Ancient Ortusi Shoes, and use them in the Event Shop to get unique items. 
You can find a full list of both old and new festival prompts linked on the Current Event page, and under Festival of the Sun under prompts.

Like our other events, we no longer have the requirement that your Enivi travel to the event before taking part in it, so feel free to hop right in!

Fiery SoulOrtusi HelmetOrtusi Fauld


Summer Bug Hunt

The Summer Bug Hunt has also begun!

This year, the Bug Hunt will take place until September 30th, and will be available through Exploring.
Send your Enivi into the open fields to catch amazing insects!
You'll also be able to purchase additional nets through Sophie's Shoppe.

Happy Hunting!

Bug Net

Pride Month Charity Update and Fishing Update!

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First, a big thank you to our staff for running this month's Pride event while Greyson and I take care of some personal matters outside of the game.
Thank you so much for all your help!

This month's charity drive is going to The Trevor Project!
We have not one, but two beautiful Pride-themed Enivi up for raffle to help raise funds;
569_563tMd8qkf.png 570_3RS1pEcxF2.png


For more information on how to get your hands on one of these beautiful Enivi while also helping a wonderful cause, be sure to check out this news post!

As a reminder, we'll also be handing out the Rainbow Chest to all Pride Month donors!

<a href=" Chest" class="display-item">Pride Chest</a>


Fishing Update

Fishing just got a whole lot more exciting!
Fishing has undergone a huge update, so we'd like to take a few moments to explain the changes;

Fishing levels now determine what kind of fish you can catch. The higher your level, the bigger, rarer, and more expensive fish you can catch.
Some extremely rare "boss fish" can be found as well. For these fish, you'll need to use special bait and meet a required level.
For example, you'll need a bait that is at least "4" in strength and be at least fishing level 30 to have a chance at reeling in the new Sailfish.
"But there is no level four bait!" I hear your Enivi shout behind you. Good call! 

You can now buy up to level 3 bait from Sophie's Shoppe. Higher level baits can be crafted, but you'll need to find the recipe hidden somewhere on the site. Sometimes these will be attached to items. We'd recommend keeping an eye out for bottles with strange bait components in them. 
With the upcoming release of beekeeping, honey will also be able to be used to make more efficient bait.
For the truly adventurous Enivi, you'll want to keep an eye out for treasure map pieces if you ever want to reel in the Kraken.

<a href=" of Cheese" class="display-item">Morsel of Cheese</a><a href=" Bait" class="display-item">Nightcrawler Bait</a><a href=" Lure" class="display-item">Fancy Lure</a>

Different fish have different requirements to be caught. 
Rather than being seasonal, fish require a specific bait strength and player fishing skill level (individual Enivi don't have their own fishing levels, it's all in your hands).
We also added a few new fish to the game;
Our Dumbo Octopus, Nautilus, and Sailfish!

<a href=" Octopus" class="display-item">Dumbo Octopus</a><a href="" class="display-item">Nautilus</a><a href="" class="display-item">Sailfish</a>

All fish can be sold from your inventory or turned into companions via crafting, but extra large fish like Sailfish, Dream Kitefish, Royal Kitefish, Mola Molas, and Great White Sharks can all be crafted into Big Bulk Bait.
Hey, it's your fish.

We've added two new achievements to the fishing game as well;
Shark Bait for catching a Great White Shark and It Keeps Getting Cheddar for players who catch cheese!


We hope you all enjoy the update and have a safe and fun Pride Month!

<a href=" Pride Flag" class="display-item">Rainbow Pride Flag</a>


Happy Pride!

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Hello Hello, and Happy Pride!

As is a bit of tradtion, Keepers of Enivi is hosting a bit of a donation drive for the month of June (and a week into July)! We have two lovely Enivi for the month designed by Staff. You can put forth your donations to either Enivi.  This drive starts today, June 9th, and will run until July 9th.

Donations should be gifted toThe Trevor Project. For every five dollars you donate, you will recieve a raffle ticket towards one of our raffle Enivi, as well as a Pride Chest.

To be entered into the raffle, please message Modmail on Discord with an image of your receipt, and indicate which Enivi you'd want to enter the raffle for.

If you choose not to use Discord, you can submit an image of your receipt using the Community Care prompt. This won't be submitted to the Gallery. Instead, you'll recieve the Pride Chest, and a raffle ticket to whichever Enivi you choose.

In both cases, please make sure a date is visible.

We hope your summer is going well, and we wish you many kind days ahead, and leave you with our two stars for this month!

Rainbow Cloud
an enivi with a blue base and rainbow markings on it's back and tail




Beautiful Existence

A pastel blue, pink, and white Enivi based off the trans flag

Quick Site Update

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Hey everyone!

Sorry we've been a little quiet here.

For those of you not in the Discord server, I've been going through some personal things and taking a little time off to handle the emotional aspects of some recent upsetting news.
I'm getting back into work and working on the site, and we have some exciting new updates on the way.

Speaking of which - you may notice that Fishing is currently down.

Don't worry! We're getting a nice fishing update and the game will be back shortly with some fresh new updates!

If you'd like more to-the-moment updates, check out or Discord server.

We'll have some more updates and the ability to fish back for you very soon. We're excited to show you the new version of the game.

Dream Enivi Winner + ROUND 2! (New Ways To Enter!)

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Sorry for the delay, we've been looking into a few things and Tony has been under the weather, but we're happy to give this newest update!

Dream Enivi Winner

The winner of ROUND ONE of the Dream Enivi Give-A-Way is...



We're excited to see this Enivi become a reality and we'll be reaching out to you shortly to get them fully created.


Don't worry if you entered and didn't get chosen, we've got a great ROUND TWO;

Dream Enivi Give-A-Way Round Two

We're doing a second round for the Dream Enivi Give-A-Way!

This time, to enter, all you'll need to do is refer a friend and fill out a short form to let us know it was you who referred them and submit an image of your Enivi.
Each referral is worth one ticket.

This is open site-wide, so staff members are welcome to join as well (excluding Greyson and Tony, sorry ). 

All the details can be found here!


We'll be back on Monday with another announcement regarding the Druaesi event (which will be extended until the second week of May to give everyone some extra time and to give the Druaesi the attention they deserve).


We can't wait to see more of your Dream Enivi!

Acorn Trails Spotted!

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Moini Banner

It seems like Moinir has officially started their tricks! 

A trail of acorns and rabbit prints has been located here.
Will you be the first Enivi to catch the forest spirit?

Good luck and happy acorn hunting!


The Sylvan Hunt Returns and Spring Updates!

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The snow melts, leaves unfurl, and spring has finally begun to set in around Eniv.
As the lush green returns to the trees the fields are dotted with an array of beautiful flowers and mystical creatures - and the Druaesi are ready to celebrate!

Despite the "strange occurrences" at the Festival of Lights this year, the Druaesi are still willing to open their doors to the other herds to show their support. Living in the Dark Forest, they've had their share of run-ins with evil magic before, and now is a time to come together, not pull apart.

They've invited all the herds to return to them again to celebrate the coming of spring and Druae's gifts to the world. 

Will you join them?

Changes to the Event this Year

First off, let's break character for a moment to discuss a few changes we've made!

Enivi will no longer need to "travel" to the event in order to participate. When we made this rule it was intended to be a fun bit of lore, but instead it seemed more like a road block for people who just wanted to get into the festivities. Instead, your Enivi will be able to simply show up and have some fun!

New Traits

We've introduced a few new traits for your Enivi;

English IvyCherry Blossom AntlersCalla Lily TailFir Mane

English Ivy, Cherry Blossom Antlers, Calla Lily Tail, and Fir Mane. 

English Ivy, Calla Lily Tail, and Fir Mane can be earned through the event and prompts while the Cherry Blossom Antlers are for the Beauty Contest winners all through spring, so don't forget to enter the Beauty Contest!

Searching for Moinir

Many of the Druaesi are excitedly already searching for the magical rabbit spirit, Moinir!
It's said that if you follow Moinir's trail of acorns and catch them, they'll grant you a single wish.

Keep an eye out for acorns appearing around Eniv, as well as rabbit trails. If you collect enough acorns you may be able to tempt some of Moinir's followers to join you as well, and it seems like word has spread from the forest to the meadow, and a new Moini has appeared:


The Meadow Moini will take a lot of convincing to come with you, but if you gather enough acorns you may be able to befriend them.

Shop Updates

Shops have rolled over into their spring stock. This includes the event shop where you'll be able to use acors to claim yourself a Moini, Meadow Moini, Forest Fey, Cotton Tail, or Forest Fey My Sweet Enivi!

Cotton TailForest Friend MSEForest Fey


We've also updated the prompts for the event! As mentioned above, you no longer need to travel to the event before participating.
A few spring and Druaesi-related prompts are currently available with more to come in the week as the event progresses.

Also, keep an eye out for the Druaesi Ancient Sprout give-a-way we do with this event (ready your craft supplies!)

<a href=

On another note...

The Dream Enivi Give-A-Way

The Dream Enivi Give-A-Way is still ongoing!
Check out all the information here for how to enter and get your Dream Enivi:


Happy spring, everyone!

Character Creator, Dream Enivi Give-A-Way, and Ortusi Rebase!

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It’s finally the big day! 

We have not one, not two, but three big announcements for you all!

Let’s get started with…

The Character Creator

We’ve done it! We’ve finally launched the character creator!

You can find the link under “Resources” in the main navigation bar.
The character creator is a two-three part system;

First, you can learn about and choose your Enivi’s herd. Feel free to take a moment to look through the herd mini-bios and peek at the sample Enivi before making your choice. 

Once you’ve decided what kind of character you want to make, you can start adding traits, markings, and accessories. Feel free to have fun and customize your Enivi!

When you’re happy with how your Enivi looks, you can submit your character for approval directly through their MYO.
But oh no! What if you forgot to get your MYO first? Don’t worry, you can also export the image as a .png and save it to submit the character later. You can also save a .png to paint out clipping issues or paint in custom markings.

Blue%20Modern%20Benefits%20of%20Running%20Youtube%20Thumbnail.pngCheck out this short video announcing our character creator!


  1. Q. Am I required to use the character creator now that it’s been launched?
    A. No, not at all. If you’d like to continue to use the site-assets to build your Enivi “free-hand”, go right ahead! You can still custom-fit your ears, pets, and other accessories and traits (within their allowed limits, haha - we don’t want to see any noses on butts out there). You’re also welcome to use a mix of the character creator, site assets, and free-hand if you’d like. For example, using the character creator to make a grey-scale model of the Enivi you want and then custom coloring it on your own.

  2. Q. Why have a character creator at all?
    A. Not everyone enjoys the process of designing characters in the same way. Some people aren’t fond of visual art. They prefer writing or developing their character to designing them piece by piece. The character creator is meant to offer more options to those who find that portion of the game less enjoyable, and would rather just get into playing with their Enivi.

  3. Q. I’ve noticed that some traits on some Enivi have clipping issues. What’s up with that?
    A. We have so many different customization options that there will be some traits that don’t blend perfectly with others. Don’t worry, you’re welcome to touch up those areas in your own art program or to ask for help on our forums or in our Discord server.

  4. Q. Why don’t the Vespiri have as many color options as the other herds?
    A. The Vespiri are still waiting for their base touch-up! They’re next on the list. As soon as that happens they’ll get all the colors the other bases have, and then we’ll focus on making more colors and themes available.

  5. Q. I’ve noticed a bug, what should I do?
    A. Let us know! Please submit a bug report on site or in our Discord server.
    Please note that these are not bugs:
    + All traits/herds not having the same colors available.
    + Clipping issues unless it’s extreme (unless Vespiri, which are about to have their base redone, so please don’t report clipping issues for Vespiri, thanks!)
    + Kids do not have scars, weapons, blood, or armor available. 



On that note, please keep in mind that we’re freshly releasing this feature, so there’s bound to be a few missed bugs and human error (but we’ve been beta testing it for a while so we believe we have most things ironed out, but nothing is ever perfect, haha). Don’t feel bad about asking questions or bringing things to our attention, we’ll get things fixed as soon as we can and we’re happy to hear your thoughts and feedback even if it isn’t something we can implement right away.

Thank you for your support while we got all this ready!


Dream Enivi Give-A-Way

To celebrate the character creator’s launch we’re hosting our first ever Dream Enivi Give-A-Way!

If you had the Enivi of your dreams, what would they look like? What if you could have cross-herd traits? Legendary markings? Blessings? Wings? 

Design your Dream Enivi and enter to have a chance to see it made a reality!

The Dream Enivi Give-A-Way is a scaling raffle where we’ll be giving away up to 5 Dream Enivi and 4 Rare MYOs/Legendary Traits;

  • For 10 entries we’ll give away 1 Dream Enivi to a lucky participant!
  • If we hit 25, we’ll give away 2 Dream Enivi!
  • At 50 entries we’ll give away 3 Dream Enivi and give 2 other lucky runners up Rare MYO tokens!
  • At 100 entries we’ll give away 4 Dream Enivi and give 2 lucky runners up Rare MYO tokens!
  • At 200 entries we’ll give away 5 Dream Enivi and give 2 lucky runners up Rare MYO tokens!
  • If we can get up to 1000 entries we’ll give away 5 Dream Enivi and 4 lucky runners up will get their choice between Rare MYO tokens or the Legendary Trait of their choice (Excluding Kickstarter traits).

For all the details and how to enter, check out this page here!

<a href=" Make-Your-Own" class="display-item">Rare Make-Your-Own</a>

Finally, the last portion of great news for you all;

The Ortusi Rebase

The Ortusi rebase is complete!

All markings, traits, and accessories have been transferred over and are already waiting for you to use.

We’ve taken the time to smooth out some anatomy issues, correct some shading errors, and add some additional detail to the Ortusi base. We hope you enjoy the updates as much as we do!

We’ve also updated the Ortusi hooves to go with the base update.

As with the Lunaesi base update, you’re not required to change your Ortusi’s base, so don’t worry, there’s no punishment or rush to change your characters over, but going forward all new traits will be made to match the new base. 


Phew! We weren’t kidding when we said we’ve been busy as thunderbees in monsoon season! We hope you’ll all enjoy the changes and we can’t wait to see your Dream Enivi!