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Explore New Areas, Beauty Contest Winners, More New Bases!

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Happy Friday, everyone!

We'd like to start off this weekend news post by congratulating our Beauty Contest Winners!


Don't forget to enter this week's Beauty Contest and to vote on other entries!

It's been great seeing so many people enter. If we can keep it up we'll be able to add a special base for first place.

Speaking of new bases...

New Areas to Explore, New Bases to Collect

We have two new areas to explore and two new explore-only bases to collect!

Your herd can now explore the Snowy Peaks and Spirit Bay regions. Each region has a different set of loot that can be collected.
You can also find the very rare Spirit Bay and Icy Wind bases.

Spirit BayIcy Wind

We've also updated the special explore-specific bases to have the "Specialty Bases" trait listing. 
Hopefully, this will help keep things clear as to which bases you can get with the Color Changing Potion and MYOs and which are event or explore-specific.

Looks Like a Batty Night

It's Friday and the bats seem to know it.

Some of our brilliant Lunaesi researchers say to expect an influx of bats tonight.

Keep an eye out for fluttering wings!

New Bases, New Titles, and More!

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Let's start the week off right with some site updates.

Firstly, we have two new rare bases for you to collect, Woodland and Still Mirror!

Woodland can be found through exploring the Dark Forest, while Still Mirror can be found (you guessed it) by fishing.
There's no crafting required for these bases, but they are rare, so we wish everyone luck in finding them.

WoodlandStill Mirror

Beauty Contest Updates

We've fixed the formatting for the Beauty Contest (which now will adjust properly to your screens instead of stretching them out - sorry about that). 

We'd also like to give the option to have a Beauty Contest exclusive skin (like the Woodland and Still Mirror skins above), but to justify the time put into it, we'd like to see more people participating. 

If we can have an average of 8 individuals entering in a 4 week span, we'll create a Beauty Contest exclusvie base to include for first prize!

If there's a specific reason you're not interested in the Beauty Contest, we also want to know that. What can we do to make things more interesting?

Lead Moderator Position

A big congratulations is in order for Synesthesia, who has been promoted to Lead Moderator!

Syn has been a huge help to the community and we're very excited to have her stepping into this slot. 

Thank you to Syn, our whole staff team, and our players for supporting the game!


Happy Autumn!

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It's the first day of autumn in the northern hemiphere, and for Keepers of Eniv!

You'll notice some changes around the site.


Summer fish have seemingly disappeared from the lake, but adorable golden loaches (and some very unfortunate bones) have showed up for autumn!

The new fish can be crafted into new companions as well!

<a href=" Loach" class="display-item">Golden Loach</a><a href=" Loaches Companion" class="display-item">Golden Loaches Companion</a><a href=" Bones" class="display-item">Fish Bones</a><a href=" Fish" class="display-item">Bone Fish</a>



<a href=" Corn" class="display-item">Yellow Corn</a><a href=" Pumpkin" class="display-item">Red Pumpkin</a><a href=" Corn" class="display-item">Blue Corn</a>

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the harvest!

While strawberries, blueberries, and sunflowers are now out of season, you'll find you can grow two varities of corn and pumpkins in their place!

I wonder if there'll be other uses for pumpkins as the season goes on...

Seeds for the new produce can be found in Sophie's Shoppe.


Prompts Update

We've updated the way prompts are catagorized!

You'll now be able to search for prompts by their type (Out of the Box, Story Mode, Explore, etc...) or event (The Guiding Light Festival).
Only prompts which are currently available will show in the search, which should cut back on the amount of clutter you'll see while searching.

Known Bugs

We've been making some updates on the site, and sometimes that brings bugs along with it (just in time for spooky season, haha). 
Rest assured, we're working on ironing out the bugs and wanted to give a huge thank you to our community both for your patience, and for reporting the bugs when you find them.

You're all awesome and we appreciate you so much!

The Guiding Lights Festival

We wanted to make the announcement that The Guiding Lights Festival event is, as some of you guessed, an elongated event this year!

The event will run through October, so you still have a lot of time to get those event prompts done.

The next video will come out on October 4th, along with a handful of new rewards and prompts that are more Halloween-related. 
As with the last video, we'll have a warning for any potentially upsetting content (cartoon violence, mild cartoon gore due to zombies, and general spooky themes).

Keep an eye out for more souls drifting around through October as well.


Now for the important question...

What's your favorite autumn treat? let us know in the comments!

The Guiding Lights Festival Part 3

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The Guiding Lights Festival continues this week!

This week's video has some mild content warnings (but content warnings all the same) for cartoon violence, cartoon gore, body fluids (drool, bog water coming out of mouth), multiple eyes, and overall spooky themes.


If you'd like to skip this video but continue on with the quest, you can see the video description without playing the video itself (this summarizes the events for you without the imagery).

While Lyra and Sammy have their hooves full, your Enivi can't help but notice something strange is happening as well.

Check out our new Troubled Souls prompt to continue the story!

With all the souls staying so close to the Soul Gem, none of them have wandered off this week, so there are no souls to guide back.


What do you think of the event so far? Is this something you'd like to see more of with the other herds in the future?
We appreciate your feedback!

Beauty Contest Winners, Treasure Scales, Character Creator Update!

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Happy Friday!

It's time for another Beauty Contest to get started. Here are the winners from last week;


Congratulations to our winners!

Don't forget to enter this week and vote for other wonderful Enivi!

On a related note, if we can reach a minimum of 10 individual players entering consistently for the next 4 weeks, we'll start to add additional rewards to the contest!

Treasure Scales

Does your Enivi like to be adorned with golden scales? Then we have just the trait for them!

<a href=" Scales" class="display-item">Treasure Scales</a>

Treasure Scales are a rare new trait that can be found in Sophie's Shoppe! Keep an eye out for them to restock there. 

Character Creator Update

We have a huge update on the character creator!

The staff end of the code has been added to the site and we're starting to re-arrange traits and markings to fit the new system.
If you notice your Enivi suddenly missing a trait, don't panic. Let us know about it on the forums or Discord server and we'll get it fixed up right away.
We don't expect this to be a wide-spread issue, but it's something to keep an eye on as we rearrange the way our traits and markings are held in the system.

Premium members can expect an early-access screenshot of what the character creator will look like this coming week on Patreon!

While it will take time to get our literal hundreds of files migrated over into the new system, know we're working diligently to get this done, and our wonderful coder is hard at work squashing bugs and making updates.

For those who haven't heard about this before, the character creator will allow members to create new characters and update existing ones on-site instead of in an art program.
Don't worry, artists! You'll still be able to use our assets to create your own customized Enivi as usual.

This is intended to make the game more fun for those of you who are less familiar with art programs, or who are more interested in aspects of the game that aren't visual-arts related (role-playing, writing, music creation, or even just collecting). 

This will also allow you to update backgrounds and foregrounds with the click of a button, making customization much easier.

We're so excited for you to see the finished product, which we promise will be well worth the wait!


Thanks again for your continued support! We really appreciate you all!

Guiding Lights Festival Part 2

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Things start to seem a little off as the festival continues.

Two Temple Tenders, Lyra and Sammy, are starting to notice that something is amiss. 
While the souls normally wander quite a bit during the festival, they don't seem to be going very far from the Soul Gem this year.

Check out the recent video update here;


Click the image to see the video.

Also make sure to check out the Event Page to start helping them bring back the souls who have wandered a bit.

If you're enjoying these kinds of video updates from us, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to let us know you'd like to see more.

Lore Updates

We've added a few new pages to our Lore!

  • Grand Speaker Wymund
    Learn more about Grand Speaker Wymund and how he got his title.
  • The Soul Gem
    The Soul Gem is an important Vespiri artifact. Learn more about how they utilize this beautiful crystal.
  • Soul Shards
    Soul Shards are used by Temple Tenders who are still learning to use their magic. Check out more info about how and why.

Want to discuss the event more? Check out or Discord Server and talk to the rest of the community in real time!

We'll have an additional update for you this week for general site updates on Friday, including some new items and an update on the character creator.

Thanks for your continued support!


The Guiding Lights Festival! (And Autumn Updates!)

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The Guiding Lights Festival has returned!

Each year, Enivi from all over are invited to the temples of Vesper. 
During the festival Vesper grants their magic to the souls, empowering them so they can communicate with loved ones.
Enivi from all over make the journey to the Vespiri Imperium to speak with loved ones departed, thank the Vespiri for caring for the souls, and to enjoy the festival.

The main temple and it's city are beautiful, decorated with lights and bright colors for the event. Music is played, crafts are created, and games are set up for the young and old alike.
For an event celebrating Enivi who have passed on it's quite a lively affair. 

Start the event at part one by clicking the video below;


You can also start the prompts and soul guiding on the Event Page.

Wandering Souls

Sometimes souls will wander away from the temple during the festival. 
They could be searching for a loved one, a favorite activity, or even just enjoying the festival. The souls need attention and protection though, and are safest within the grounds of the temple. 

If you happen to see any floating about, please do gently guide them back. Both the soul and the Temple Tenders will be grateful and will grant you the ability to choose rewards from the Event Shop.

You can start looking for souls on the Event Page.

Wandering Souls

As always, if you get stuck on a clue feel free to brainstorm with the community in our Discord Server.


Autumn Updates

We also have a few small autumn updates for you all;

Two of our autumn-themed prompts have returned. Both Cozy Afternoons and Fall Favorites can both be found under Story Mode prompts. 

We've also updated the Featured Prompt, so be sure to check that out!

Also, keep an eye out for more fall-themed prompts as we get deeper into the season.

We've also added a new item, the Autumn Days Crown!

<a href=" Days Crown" class="display-item">Autumn Days Crown</a>

The Autumn Days Crown is awarded to Beauty Contest winners all through the fall season.
Be sure to enter for your chance to win this exclusive accessory!


Shop Updates

Sophie's Shoppe and the Unique Boutique have both had their seasonal stock changed from summer to fall!

Catch your favorite autumn items in the shops.

If you're incredibly lucky, you might even find some seasonal markings, but be prepared to click fast and pay quite a bit!
These markings restock incredibly rarely and are in very short supply.

<a href=" of Autumn" class="display-item">End of Autumn</a>


Custom Created Items

For anyone who missed it, we had 3 custom-created items commissioned by players last month!
Make sure to check out these awesome items;

<a href=" 4th Scarf" class="display-item">The 4th Scarf</a> <a href=" Scales" class="display-item">Diamond Scales</a> <a href=" Mola Mola" class="display-item">Minor Mola Mola</a>


What activity are you most looking forward to/what activity would you most like to see this fall on Keepers of Eniv?

Siren's Call Winners (and Extension!)

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First off, we want to announce the winners of the Siren's Call Raffles!


Was won by Eccentricbirdie!


Was won by Medd-Lee!


Was won by Vxna!

Congratulations to our raffle winners! We hope you enjoy your new Enivi!

To celebrate, we're also extending the event through this weekend!

Our next event will begin on Monday, September 5th. 


Also, as a small update, we've added a Polls channel to our Discord Server
Make sure to vote and tell us what you want to see in the future!

Featured Gallery, Summer's End, Final Sales Enivi

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Happy Friday, everyone!

We've added a few new achievements and a new gallery.

Staff Features Gallery

To celebrate pieces of artwork submitted that are exceptional, we've made the Staff Features Gallery!

These are pieces we feel show the artist pushing their personal limits, trying new things outside their comfort zone, display exceptional storytelling, or are just so beautiful we felt they deserved some extra attention.

Once a piece is moved to our Staff Features gallery, it'll stay there for everyone to see.
The artist will also recieve the Staff Feature Award!

If you see a piece you believe should be featured, feel free to recommend it to a staff member in our Discord Server!



Community Spotlight

The Community Spotlight Award is another new achievement we're adding.

This award will be given out once a month to community members who have really shown their Keepers of Eniv spirit.

We'll be keeping an eye out for non-staff members who are generous, helpful, and caring both on-site and in our Discord Server.

If you see someone who you think should be given the Community Spotlight Award, let us know!



Staff Thanks

This achievement is given to volunteer staff members who have active as part of staff for at least 3 months.

Our staff volunteer moderators do a lot to keep the community running, and we (the Founders) thought they deserved a little more love and appreciation!

So, here is a big, public "THANK YOU! " to our wonderful moderator team!



Summer's End

Summer seems to be coming to an end so quickly this year!

We thought we'd remind everyone of the seasonal changes coming soon;

  • The Beauty Contest Seasonal Wreath will be changing September 1st.
  • The Summer Bug Hunt will come to a close on September 1st, and the Bug Catching Net will disappear until next year.
  • Spring and summer fish will disappear on September 22nd. Autumn fish will begin appearing the same day.
  • Spring and summer plants will no longer be able to grow in your Garden as of September 22nd, but new autumn plants will become available.
  • Summer shop items will no longer stock as of September 1st, and will be replaced with our first round of autumn items.

Be sure to get anything you might miss before the season changes!


Final Summer Sales Enivi

Finally, Capricious, our last summer sales Enivi, will be retired if not sold by September 1st.
If you'd like to claim them, be sure to do it before then or they'll slip away back into the sea.



Thanks very much for your continued support, and we hope you're all enjoying the game!

Have questions, comments, or suggestions? Be sure to join our Discord Server!

Summers' End

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Hello everyone! Just wrapping up some announcements for the final few weeks of our summer events.

Updates to the Star Shard Guide!

The Star Shard guide now has an updated set of infographics related to how we determine different types of shading!
This should help our members in the future to pre-plan out their work, do calculations before submiting the finished pieces, and will help serve as a guideline for what level of finish will fit what they're looking to do. 

Final Month for the Summers Wreath! 

This month is the last one to obtain our beautiful Summer Wreath reward from the Beauty Contest! Winners will obtain the floral decoration and be able to dress to impress year round. 
Why just don it during the winning ceremonies? 

She Sells Sea Shells In the Shoppe Scavenger Hunt!

For those who are still on the hunt for those beautiful sea shells, we have another round of the scavenger hunt going on now! As we come to the end of the summer event, we're finally starting to gather all of the shells up.

That's a wrap! Thank you all for a fantastic summer event so far. It's been filled with the excitement and energy we're always so stoked to see from the folks in our community. 
You all make this game thrive.