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Finding Moinir!

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It seems like Moinir is on their last round of tricks!

New items have been added to the Seasonal Shop, and a new acorn trail has been found!

Follow this trail to get started;

Even if Moinir is caught soon, the events are still continuing with the Sylvan Hunt!

Good luck!

Druaesi Coloring Contest and More Acorns!

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Excited about the Sylvan Hunt?
Itching for a Druaesi of your own? (Make sure you didn't stumble into poison ivy!)
Here's your chance!

We're hosting a coloring contest featuring our free coloring pages!


For every 4 people who enter we'll give away 1 Ancient Sprout (Druaesi MYO).
That means if 8 people enter, we'll give away 2 Ancient Sprouts, if 12 people enter that's 3 we'll give away.

<a href=<a href=<a href=

How to Enter

  • Pick a coloring page here.
  • Color it! This can be done digitally or traditionally.
  • Submit it to our Coloring Page Gallery.
  • Tell your friends! (This part is optional, but more entires means more rewards!)


  • The image must be completely colored in the way of your choosing.
  • Overlaying photos or other images to create the illusion of having colored the piece without actually coloring it is not allowed.
  • Must be a member of Keepers of Eniv.
  • Only one entry per person, though you can color as many pages as you'd like!

How Is The Winner Chosen?

Each valid entry will be awarded one raffle ticket. 
On April 30th we'll be raffling off the Ancient Sprout(s)!

Contest Start Date: April 16th, 2022 at 12:01am PST

Contest End Date: April 30th, 2022 at 12:01am PST


Good luck, everyone!

Feel free to share your entries on this news post!

The Sylvan Hunt Continues

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The Sylvan Hunt continues as we search for Moinir!

Trails of acorns have been popping up all over the forest (and in some strange places outside as well). 
Rowan seems to believe these acorns will show up faster through the weekend, which means we'll have to hunt for them quicker as well.

As the hunt becomes more challenging, you may need to work with others to find them all.

New Events

The Druaesi are starting their special Events now.
Be sure to check out the Ax Throw prompt! 
How does your Enivi match up?

We'll also be announcing a special event tomorrow, and your first chance to get your own Druaesi!

<a href=

New Items

We've added a few new items to the Holiday Shop!
The Cotton Tail, Forest Fey, and Forest Friend My Sweet Enivi are all available now!

Cotton TailForest Friend MSEForest Fey


New Team Member!

We wanted to take a minute to welcome FireAtHeart to our Moderation Team!
We're very excited to have Fire as part of the team as a Moderator in training. Be sure to be patient with Fire while she finds her feet. 

Welcome to the team!


Smaller Site Updates

  • We've been getting some reports of weird things happening with the Gardening game and are investigating. Thank you for everyone who gave info!
  • We're reworking our lore pages, so please be patient with us as they're redone.
  • We've added the ability for users to deactivate their own accounts. You can do this through your Settings, via the side bar on the left.

The Sylvan Hunt | 3

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Greetings all

Thanks for participating in the Sylvan Hunt for our new event's first week. Your folks' participation and acorn-hunting has definitely paid off. We now have the Seasonal Shop open with a few of the first items available for this event. 

But we're not done quite yet! Once we hit 300 acorns we'll be opening up another tier of purchasable items.

So keep your eyes open and follow those trails, because where Moinir treads, these acorns spread. 

Now onto the next item on our docket...

Our specialty Druaesi sale is about to end!

On April 8th the sale will end, and this specialty Druaesi will wander back off into the Dark Forest, bringing their Pearlescent Forest Fey foreground item with them.

If you're on the fence about whether you'd like to give this Druaesi a home or not, time is running out! 


Coming soon...

Finally, we have a new shop coming soon! Hosted by one esteemed 'Adventurer Extroidinaire', this shop travels to and fro across Eniv. With wares marvelous, sparkling, dangerous and as exciting as the adventures that yielded them; this is going to be a favorite shop for many of our residents here.

Especially those with a flare for the dramatic, and an eye for the dangerous.

Sylvan Hunt Take 2

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We're glad you all let us have a little fun yesterday, and we hope everyone who claimed their daily gift enjoys their limited edition April Fools Druaesi!

Today, we're excited to show the real rebase for the Druaesi;


Our new Druaesi base has three different patterns, Bark, Woodgrain, and Earthen.
All three have been pre-recolored into a variety of hues for your convenience! 
Along with the new bases, we've also transferred and recolored a handful of markings;

  • Appaloosa
  • Blanket
  • Blaze
  • Pangare
  • Piebald
  • Stardust
  • Stockings
  • Aurora 
  • Moon Phases

Of course, these aren't the only markings available to your Druaesi. You can create your own version of any existing marking for your Druaesi, and we'll be transferring more premade assets soon.
We've also made scales and hooves to fit the new base, and the horns for the other herds may currently be used, though they're still being transferred (it's a lot of assets! )

The Druaesi also have a handful of new assets as well, like Body Hollows to store plants and souls, and their own Facial Markings (only available to Druaesi or Druae-blessed Enivi).

A Designing your Druaesi guide will be available shortly ;)

Anyone who currently owns a Druaesi is being given a chance this month to redesign them. Of course, you're welcome to use the previous assets as well, this is more of an expansion than a replacement.
You're also welcome to keep your current Druaesi as is.

How to get a Druaesi 

Druaesi are Legendary rarity Enivi. They're intentionally difficult to obtain.
That being said, we do have a few ways you can get your own Druaesi!

Participating in this Event

Participating in the Sylvan Hunt will give you a few chances to earn your own Druaesi. Once the Holiday Shop is stocked with Sylvan Hunt items, you'll be able to earn an Ancient Sprout (a Druaesi MYO) with acorns.
You can also find an Ancient Sprout through exploring the Dark Forest, though it is very rare.

<a href=" Sprout" class="display-item">Ancient Sprout</a>


Wyld Fey Druaesi Auction


We also have the Wyld Fey Druasi Auction!
The auction is in USD and lasts until Friday the 8th. 
(See image above)

Click here to go to the auction for details!

Enivi of the Month

It seems fitting that our Enivi of the Month is...


GEN-112: Sylvan

Remember that drawing Sylvan this month earns you extra Star Shards!

Want to be featured as Enivi of the Month or know someone who you think should be?
Click here and let us know!

Finally, a few fixes and bugs we're aware of:

Site Fixes and Bugs

  • We're aware that images aren't showing for the Gardening game, and we're currently looking into it!
  • Also, please be aware that if you're playing the Gardneing game on mobile, you'll need to enter landscape mode for it to show properly.
  • We've updated the footer to fix the mislinked news and sales posts.
  • Yes, we promise the Acorns in the scavanger hunt are on pages everyone can find them, haha!

The Sylvan Hunt

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Welcome to the Sylvan Hunt!

Each year, the Druaesi host a special, sacred event to honor the forest spirits and the coming of spring.
Trees come into flowering bloom, food becomes plentiful, and the forest itself wakes from it's wintery slumber.
The Druaesi honor this event with a celebration including games, offering, and the event's title, the Sylvan Hunt.

A race through the trees to catch the elusive and clever Moinir, a glowing, mystical rabbit-like being that enhances the forest's growth wherever it hops. 
Enivi are urged to chase this spirit (it's all in good fun!), and if they can catch it, Moinir is said to bestow great blessings and rewards. 
Let's take a closer look at the event!


As any Ortusi will tell you, the first stage in spring is to start your first plot!
What's that? You've never farmed or gardened before? Well, lucky for you the Druaesi are avid collectors of seeds. 
Claim your first plot for free here and get started today.
Additional plots cost 10 Star Shards, and each can be tended to every 24 hours.

As you care for your plants they'll grow! Different plants grow at different speeds, and some drop more than others. 
Using fertilizer or watering your plants can help them grow faster.
Once they're grown, you'll be able to harvest your crops and use them in crafting.

You can buy everything you'll need to get started from Sophie's Shoppe!

<a href= <a href= <a href=


With the new gardening feature we've also introduced some new crafting recipes.

You can now craft Accessory Dye to change the color of your accessories.
Some dyes can be created strictly from plants you've grown or found, while others need a combination of two dyes. 
All these recipes are currently unlocked for all players, but more secret colors will be available in the future.

<a href= <a href= <a href=

You can find the full guide for Accessory Dye, how to make it, and how it can be used here!

The Sylvan Hunt

The Sylvan Hunt itself is a large event that will be portioned out through the month.
First, be sure to be on the lookout for Moinir, a glowing rabbit-like spirit that travels through the wood. Follow the tracks and collect evidence of this spirit to finally try to catch them.
Moinir can grant many blessings and rewards, from seeds for your garden to one of their own kin, the Moini. 

Good luck and happy "hunting"!


Other prompts will start to roll out through the month (beginning today), including games and prompt lines that can reward you with your own Druaesi MYO.

We've also heard that if we collect enough Acorns we may be able to lure Moinir out of hiding!
Check out our Acorn tracker on our event page here!

Skip a Prompt

You can now find Prompt Skip tokens in The Hidden Cove!
These items allow you to skip a single prompt in a prompt or story line to move on to the next.
The rewards and effects are different depending on the type of Prompt Skip you use, so be sure to read them over before you buy one!

Prompt Line Skip PassGolden Prompt Line Skip Pass

New Accessories

We're introducing some new accessories that may help you survive your time in the Dark Forest.

Long Swords, short swords, chest plates and more will be available in Sophie's Shoppe and the Seasonal Shop!

Special versions will be able to be bought with Acorns rather than Star Shards.

<a href= <a href= <a href=

The Druaesi Rebasi!

It's been a lot of work, but we heard your cries for a more simple Druaesi base to help in the design process. 
We've put hours upon hours of work into the new base, and we're excited to finally be able to share it with you;

(click for larger image)

With this stunning rebase comes new assets like "Generic Leaf Ears", "Grass Tail", "Blue Grass Tail", "Dried Grass Tail", and a variety of hair like "Grass Hair", "Blue Grass Hair", and "Dried Grass Hair". 
Markings are welcome to be added to this new base! 
We do plan to stick with it for a while, so we hope you all enjoy it!

As always, please do let us know what you think about the updates. We love to hear your thoughts!

Customs Open! Luan! Site Updates!

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It's a big, pre-event update for everyone! 

First off, let's start with our first Sponsored Companion, the Luan!

A big thanks to FireAtHeart for using their Wishing Star to bring us the lovely new Luan, a magical, loyal companion who may have served Lunae herself. 
To get your own Luan, you'll need to enroll into the Drukworth Academy and claim a familiar. There, you'll have a small chance at finding this rare companion.
You can also find a Luan by placing in the top 3 for the Beauty Contest. 

Good luck!

<a href=

Customs Open

In more good news, we're finally open for Custom Content Commissions!
If you've been itching to support the site and get your own specialized traits, accessories, backgrounds, and markings added into the game, your chance has finally arrived.
You can find more information about Custom Content here!

As always, if you have any questions just let us know.

We're Looking For Moderators

With the community growing and our events getting a little bigger, we're on the hunt for a new volunteer moderator to join our team.
You can find more info and apply by clicking here.

General Site Updates

  • The Blood Bay Base Applicator, Blue Silver Base Applicator, and Maple Base Applicator have been removed from our databases. If you had one (or more) of these in your inventory, they've been replaced with a Color-Changing Potion.
  • Items have been scaled down from 200x200px to 100x100px. This is to help load times and the overall look of the site (as well as crowding on mobile). The exception to this are the My Sweet Enivi as they're a collectors item and having them sized down by half removed the ability to see some of them clearly.
  • We've replaced Enivi "clans" with Enivi "Herds". 

Now, for our weekly community question. Answer for a special reward!

With the weather warming up, what's your favorite spring-time activity?

Meet our New NPC - Winners Announced!

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Thanks to everyone for submitting your name suggestions, and for voting on our new shop owner's name!

We're excited to finally share the results;

In Third Place - Adeline (submitted by Synesthesia )

In Second Place - Drista (submitted by DemonHearts )


And in a landslide victory, first place goes to...


(submitted by DesertDumb )


But wait! There's more!

There was another name submitted that we absolutely adored, but thought it'd be better suited to an upcoming new character. 
Keep your eyes peeled for Malibu, coming soon!

Since Malibu was a name chosen to be used for an character, we'll be awarding DesertDumb a Month of on-site Premium*!


Thank you again to everyone who submitted names. We're going to be hosting more fun competitions like this in the future.


Community Question!

What kind of music do you listen to while you're creating works of art? (Writing, drawing, cooking - whichever you prefer)



On-Site Premium is a site-only feature, and doesn't include access to the Patreon feed.

Community Vote and Coloring Pages!

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Let's start this news post off with a fun community vote update!

We've narrowed down the name for our newest NPC, the owner of the Unique Boutique, to three options.
Thank you to everyone who recommended a name! There were some really beautiful and fantastic names, but ultimately we had to narrow it down.

Now we ask you, the community! Which name do you think best suites our store owner?

Adeline, Drista, or Genevieve/Genie?

Cast your vote here!

Voting will be left up over the weekend, and the new name and winner of our Name the NPC contest will be announced Monday!

Coloring Pages

We've been working hard on making new, fun activities for our community. 
It's been requested and suggested in the past, and now we've delivered. 

You can find Coloring Pages in the navigation bar under Resources.
Feel free to submit them to our new Coloring Pages Gallery, where you could get 1 - 3 SS.

The files come in both a .PNG and .PSD. 
Not seeing what you need? As always, let us know!


Finally, a question for our community!

Should the Coloring Pages stay in our nav bar under "Resources", or be moved to "Games"?

Thanks for your ongoing support!


Big Big Updates!

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We have a very large update today! 

At least, we have a very large companion to start the update off with.

Do you find yourself attracting a vast amount of Kite Goldies when fishing? Well, it could be a sign from a higher being.
The Grand Royal Kitefish and Grand Dream Kitefish will join your Enivi if you can collect 100 Kite Goldies (each). 
These giant companions can be obtained via crafting. To give some perspective;



We expect more variations of these will show themselves soon.

Happy Fishing!

Lovely Base and markings Color

The Lovely base color has been added to our Art Packs for easy use.
Your Enivi can now be a wonderful shade of pink. You'll just need to use a color-change potion to make it happen.
We've also pre-made Appaloosa, Tiger Stripes, Pangare, and Badger Mask in the new, Lovely color.


Pearls for Your Loved Ones

We've added the beautiful Pearl Necklace accessory for your Enivi's fancy night out.
It comes in four variations; 
Pearl Necklace, Pink Pearl Necklace, Rainbow Pearl Necklace, and Black Pearl Necklace. 
These can all be found in our Art Packs, and will restock in the Unique Boutique!

<a href=" Necklace" class="display-item">Pearl Necklace</a><a href=" Pearl Necklace" class="display-item">Pink Pearl Necklace</a><a href=" Pearl Necklace" class="display-item">Rainbow Pearl Necklace</a><a href=" Pearl Necklace" class="display-item">Black Pearl Necklace</a>

More Love!

For the rest of the month the Lovely My Sweet Enivi can be grabbed for your collection!

<a href=" MSE" class="display-item">Lovely MSE</a>

Lovely MSE will be found randomly in Sophie's Shoppe. Add them to your collection while you can!

Swan Wings

Swan Wings have been added to the game and art packs. 
You'll be able to get Swan Wings through a variety of Prompts and through Mysterious Slime (which you can earn randomly through racing and exploring).

They're a very romantic touch for your Enivi.

<a href=" Wings" class="display-item">Swan Wings</a>

Site Updates

Finally, a few smaller site updates we've made this week;

  • All items that need to be opened for use now have a small open chest in their icon. The exception is the Gachapon capsules. 
  • We've removed common base applicators as they served little purpose. If you had one in your inventory, we've replaced it with a Color Change Potion.
  • We've added a variety of emojis to the Discord server.
  • We'll begin hosting Flash Prompts on the Disord server this week. Be sure to check it out!
  • Want to know what's coming next? Check out our Patreon!


If you've made it this far, thanks for reading our news post!
Tell us what your Enivi considers romantic. 100 words minimum.
The reward is a random non-companion item from today's news post! (One per user)