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Feature Fundraiser is Live!

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We've got some thrilling news to share with everyone!

After listening to your feedback and taking things step by step, we're thrilled to announce that the Donation Fundraiser page is now live!

To keep things transparent and keep you all in the loop, we've launched a Development Watch page where you can see what we're actively working on. Plus, you can catch updates in our new Patch Notes channel on Discord.

Right now, we're gearing up to tackle some exciting updates. We're aiming to spruce up the site by fixing a few bugs, giving the homepage, logged-in homepage, and user profiles a fresh look, and adding a new Explore game feature!

These updates are no small feat, but we're eager to make them happen. We're starting with a modest goal of $400 to kick things off.
As funds come in, we'll put them straight to work on these improvements. And don't worry, we'll keep you posted on our progress every step of the way.

We know things can sometimes take time, but rest assured, we're giving it our all to make these changes happen.

Best of all, when you donate, you won't have to wait ages for your rewards. As soon as we receive your donation, our staff will send you your well-deserved rewards*.

We're incredibly grateful for your support and can't wait to bring these exciting changes to life with you!

Be sure to swing by our new Fundraiser Page to see all the awesome rewards up for grabs.

*Keeping in mind that some donation tiers, like the Rearing to Go Pose Set, will take time to custom make for your Enivi.


Get Crafty and Earn an Ancient Sprout!

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Are you ready to get your hooves on an Ancient Sprout?

Well, you'd better be ready to get them dirty too, because you'll have to get into some arts and crafts to earn one of these ultra-rare Character Slot Tokens!

We've released the "Crafty Druaesi" prompt, which is available now through May 14th, where you're tasked to create a real life recreation of a Druaesi from natural materials.
Everyone who completes the prompt will be awarded their own Ancient Sprout - the only way to create your own Druaesi!

For all the details, check out the Crafty Druaesi prompt here;

Crafty Druaesi

Unsure of what to make? Check out some of our older Druaesi sculptures for some inspiration in The Gallery!

Guide Updates!

You may have noticed that we've also updated two more of our guides;


We have some more updates in the works that we're excited to share, so thank you as always for your support!

Star Shard Update!

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Gather 'round, fellow Keepers! We've got some thrilling updates to share with you today!

You might have already noticed a shiny new addition to the navigation bar. Your Star Shard balance is now proudly displayed for you to check any time.
But wait, there's more - we've given our Star Shard payouts a major makeover!

From here on out, we're boosting Star Shard rewards for your Gallery submissions. Get ready to rake in more Star Shards than ever before! While we're putting the finishing touches on the updated Star Shard Guide, we're here to give you the rundown on our revamped reward system:

First things first, choose the size of your masterpiece. Headshots reward you 3SS, while Half Body pieces earn you 6SS, and Full Body illustrations net you a whopping 10SS.

Next up, it's all about the finishing touches. Sketches and "Minis" come with a finish bonus of "0" – don't worry, that's not a bug! It just means you're still banking on that awesome size rate. If you opt for a Full Body sketch, you're still looking at a payout of 10SS so far.

Add some color and watch those Star Shards stack up!
Flat Colored images score a sweet bonus of 4 for headshots, 6 for half bodies, and 8 for full bodies. And if you've added some depth with shading, you're in luck! Enjoy a Shaded bonus of 6 for headshots, 10 for half bodies, or 14 for full bodies.

Added shading? Earn 10 for headshots, 14 for half bodies, or a whopping 18 for full bodies.

Background bonus? You betcha! Simple backgrounds snag an extra 3 SS, while moderate backgrounds earn you 25, and complex backgrounds score a jaw-dropping 45.

And that's not all! We've sprinkled in a few extra bonuses for those special moments:

  • Art Trades: +5 SS
  • Gift Art: +10 SS
  • Drawing the Enivi of the Month: +5 SS
  • Interaction Bonus: +5 SS
  • Pets Included: +3 SS

But hold onto your paintbrushes, because here comes the pièce de résistance – the new "Epic Bonus"!
This beauty is worth a whopping 25 SS and is awarded when you've truly pushed your artistic boundaries. Think complex angles, dynamic colors, moody shading – anything that takes your artwork to the next level. Just remember, this award is all about pushing yourself to new heights, and our staff may deny the award if the piece doesn't pack that extra punch.
The Epic bonus is, of course, eligble for written works as well! Really take us into your story and pull us into the scene and your characters to earn this bonus!

So, as an example for a breakdown of a full body, cell shaded piece with a moderate background of one Enivi with no pets or other bonuses (not gift art, not a trade, not Enivi of the Month, etc);
Full Body: 10SS
Shaded: 14SS
Moderate Background: 25SS
Total: 49SS

That's a much better amount for the work being submitted if we do say so ourselves.

We'll be working tirelessly to update the guide ASAP, but we couldn't wait to share these exciting changes with you.
Get ready to unleash your creativity and watch those Star Shards roll in – we can't wait to see what masterpieces you'll create!

The Sylvan Hunt Returns!

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Welcome back to The Sylvan Hunt!

(Event page linked above.)

Each year, the Druaesi host a special, sacred event to honor the forest spirits and the coming of spring.
Trees come into flowering bloom, food becomes plentiful, and the forest itself wakes from it's wintery slumber.
The Druaesi honor this event with a celebration including games, offerings, and storytelling.

A race through the trees to catch the elusive and clever Moinir, a glowing, mystical rabbit-like being that enhances the forest's growth wherever it hops. 
Enivi are urged to chase this spirit (it's always in good fun!) and if they can catch it, Moinir is said to bestow great blessings and rewards. 

Where do I get started?

Come and check out our event page (linked in the header!) where we have a trail of Moini tracks and acorns to follow, an adventure for new Enivi setting hoof into the Dark Forest for the first time or returning to make the trek back into the Verdant Hollow, and maybe even an encounter with some of the Dark Forest's less savory denizens!

Also wander on over to the Event Shop, where you can browse this event's specialty items including another collectible forest themed MSE!

What's coming soon?

Great question! We're glad you asked.
+ We have the last few traits needing updates from the large scale transfers for the new Vespiri base on the to-do list for completion within the next 2 weeks.
+ There's only a few crystal bases needing transfers remaining before those are uploaded and ready to go. 
+ We also have plans to remake the different rangers' cloaks, armors, hoofboots, and weapon sets to be a more cohesive full outfit to collect.
+ There's a few new hairstyles currently in the works for greater customization opportunities!
+ The new fundraising pages will be up soon, so that folks who'd like to participate in the fundraising can join!


From there, we'd like to thank you again for your time with us here at KoE, and invite you to come participate in the Sylvan Hunt event. :D
In the meantime: What is your favorite Favors of Druae trait on the site and what do you like the most about it?

Community News Update!

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Hey fellow Keepers!
We have a big and exciting update for you today! It's a lot of information we're excited to share!
Let's hop into things!


We've had a few hiccups with the Kickstarter notifications and miscommunications, but fear not! You'll still have the chance to support the features you've been wanting to pledge towards.

Before we dive into that, we wanted to share a bit of personal news. Tony recently faced some tough times with the loss of his beloved service dog and then encountered some severe health issues shortly after the Kickstarter launched. It's been a rollercoaster, but we're happy to report that Tony's health is improving, and things are looking up and he's back to work again!
Running a Kickstarter is no small feat, especially when it was initially planned as a two-person project. With everything going on, we realized that now wasn't the right time for a large-scale campaign, hence the delay in our plans for virtual events like parties and livestreams. We'd brought this up during the virtual community meeting, but it seems the Kickstarter wasn't fully pulled down until much later (sorry for that! It looks like we missed a step). 

Now that the skies are clearing up, we wanted to give you all a chance to help the site again and also get those cool rewards you'd wanted, but we also wanted to refocus our efforts to make sure we're funding the features you're most looking forward to!
We want to know which specific features you're most excited about funding. Your input will shape the future of the game, and we couldn't be more thrilled to embark on this journey with you.

Your unwavering support means the world to us, and we're beyond grateful to have such an amazing community backing us every step of the way.


So, where do we go from here?
Firstly, addressing the available donation tiers!

This week, we'll be making the following donation tiers available for purchase via donation. 
You'll just need to contact us to say you'd like to make the donation and we'll get it processed for you. Some of the tiers have been changed, so please pay close attention!
It's unfortunate, but we're not able to do physical merch at this time without the larger funding available. 

GOOD WILL TIER - $5 donation

The "Good Will Tier" applies to all other tiers going forward as well. If you donate at all, you get this tier!

  • + Crystal Heart Donor Badge for your profile.
  • + The Backer role in Discord.
  • + The Spooflon gift from Pouflons!
MY SWEET ENIVI - $10 donation

This  gets you the Good Will Tier and all three of the fundraiser My Sweet Enivi dolls!

TRAIT TIERS - $65 / $120 / $165

($165 for the first 2 weeks of the event, then raises to $180.)

+ We are  going to be making the trait packs available!
+ $65 for each trait on their own, $120 for two,  or $165 for your choice of 3! ($180 after the first 2 weeks.)
+ The choices will be;

  • Nebula
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Crystal + Crystal Frog Companion

+ These come with their matching My Sweet Enivi for each set you buy.

DESIGN A COMPANION - $130 donation

+ Design your own companion! This discounted rate will only be during fundraising.
+ We'll be limiting this tier to 3 people.
+  5 copies of the companion will be granted to anyone who orders a custom design, for distribution however is desired.
+ This tier functions as a standard site companion commission. 

REARING TO GO - $200 donation

+ The limited edition rearing up pose!
+ Once unlocked, an additional 3 pose transfers can be purchased for $55.
+ This pose is a custom painted pose that your Enivi is transfered onto. The body type and expression can be changed, and markings are hand-painted onto the new base.


+ Another exciting and long-coming change is we've redone our Design Guide & Welcome Guide
+ Taking your feedback we've broken the sections down into easier-to-find and easier-to-read categories for convenience.



+ We've had some staffing updates recently which we'd like to make sure you're all aware of! 
+ To start, we'd like to extend a huge thank you to Synesthesia, who's time with us on the team and hard work really cannot be overstated. They've chosen to step down from the position of Lead Moderator and return to being a player first and foremost. 
+  The team moving forward is going to consistently have holidays and weekends off. This means that tickets/claims/submissions will be processed during weekdays, allowing our team the opportunity to have consistent rest, and to practice the self care that we ask our players to show themselves. That leads us into our next big announcement: 


+ With these new staff schedule updates, we're wanting to increase coverage by hiring a freelance Administrative Assistant! 
+ Responsibilities, expectations, and initial interview questions listed here.
+ We'll be hiring whoever is the best fit for the role based on experience, availability, etc. If you're interested, feel free to apply. 

(Note: We do require all applicants to be 18 years or older.)

Beauty Contest Updates:

+ Quick patch notes: The Beauty Contest was giving away Flowering Branchlers for the past 4 weeks, but was meant to be giving away Cherry Blossom Branchlers. We've updated it to properly give out the intended award now.
+ If anyone who won the BC in the past 4 weeks would like to exchange the Flowering Branchlers for the Cherry Blossom Branchlers, feel free to reach out via ModMail on our Community Discord! 

New Sophie MSE, now in the shops!

+ You heard us right! Sophie's official My Sweet Enivi is now in the shops. Keep an eye out for your chance to obtain this new addition to your MSE collections!

+ In an exclusive quote when asked what her thoughts were about this big release, Sophie said she was relieved to have gotten rid of all of the fake knock-off MSEs she could find before the big day hit where she could start selling her very own official MSE.


April Fools Award claims open thru April 4th!

+ Missed out on your chance to claim your April Fools Award for your profile? Feel free to submit a claim for it until midnight PST on the 4th of April!
Once we hit 12:01 AM on April 5th, it won't be claimable. Get it while it's fresh! ( to speak.)

Development watch page!

+ One more exciting update is we're creating a Development Watch page! This page will be updated with the results of our feature polls, and will keep updates about what's coming available for our players.
+ This is part of our efforts to try to be more transparent about what we're working on, what features we're ready to start, and where we are in the development of said features.
+ This page is currently a work in progress, but we're working on adding more to it over time. 


+ In our Community Discord Server we'll be taking feedback on what upcoming features we should be focusing on! If you've got specific features you're looking forward to please feel free to come join us there. 


As always, thank you for all the love and support that has helped our game and community grow!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our Druaesi event announcement next!


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Hey everyone, spring is here and we've got some exciting updates brewing for all you Enivi farmers out there!

We're thrilled to introduce a brand new feature: Create-Your-Own Fertilizer!
What's farming without a bit of dirt under your nails, right?
Starting today, Enivi will be able to get their hooves dirty and craft their own fertilizer.

But hold on, we're not stopping there! We wanted to make sure this feature really gets our players engaged and feeling like part of the action.
So, who better to walk you through it than our very own Sophie? Take it away, Sophie!



To make this experience even more immersive, we've come up with an engaging way to keep you, the player, actively involved in the process!

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty because you'll need to clean up and clear away any "dropped fertilizer" from your Enivi, piece by piece. Just rapidly tap your screen or click with your mouse to start to gather your unprocessed fertilizer.
And just to keep things interesting, you might encounter some classic CAPTCHA-style puzzles along the way to ensure no auto-clickers are sneaking in.
Ready for the challenge? We know you are!


Enivi will start producing unprocessed fertilizer every 5 minutes (for Premium account Enivi, it's every 2 minutes!). Keep an eye on the "Poop Meter" to see how much unprocessed fertilizer has built up while you were away.
The "Started" timer indicates how long it's been since your Enivi's page was completely cleared.

But watch out! If left for too long, you might notice flies starting to gather. Who knows? Maybe this could hint at another exciting farming feature in the works!


Can't get to your Enivi to clean up right away?
Don't worry, their profile image will hold the mess for you until you get back, building up around your Enivi until you have time to "do the scoop"!


Once you've gathered enough fertilizer, you can begin the long, grinding, and slightly possibly fulfilling task of processing it for use! To do this-


LyraIcon.png Lyra News Takeover!

Lyra: Uhm... Hello? Hello Keepers!
It, uh, it appears the Admins need a little time out. We're going to get them some healthy snacks, water, and fresh air (it's important for the body and soul). 

We'll get this... mess... cleaned up and have the admins get back to you with a real news update tomorrow. 

We'll see you then!


Oh... hold on. It looks like there's something else here?
They're... a little gross, but you can have them if you want them!

Jelly Bean Dispense Sophie MSE

If you'd like the 2024 Poopmageddon Achievement, click "Submit" in the navigation bar, then "Submit a Claim", and just say you'd like the achievement added to your profile. We understand some people may not want this one automatically added to their profile.

Happy April Fools!


Kickstarter Kickoff Party!

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Happy Friday fellow Enivi Enthusiasts!
We're so excited to say that today is the first day of our Kickstarter, so we're hosting a Kickstarter Kickoff Stream in our Discord Server!

We'll be answering questions about the Kickstarter and Keepers of Eniv, showing off upcoming features we'd like to create with your help, talking about our future plans, and sketching our Backer's characters!

Hop into the Discord Server to join us, and check out or Kickstarter to help us make our first goal today!


Self Love Self Care February!

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Hey Keepers of Eniv, get ready for some love and care because February is officially Self Love Self Care Month!

Let's take a look at what's going on this month in Eniv;

February Enivi Raffle

Love is in the air, and so are raffle tickets!
Meet Hidden Hearts, this month's adorable Raffle Enivi.
Instead of spending Star Shards at Sophie's Shoppe, earn your tickets by creating some heartwarming gift art for your fellow Keepers.
Draw or write about their Enivi, score a Raffle Ticket, and throw your name into the love-filled raffle hat. 
Don't forget to open your ticket in your inventory to enter!

You can enter as many times as you'd like, just remember to be kind to yourself and avoid burnout.



Give Yourself Some Credit!

Cheers to new, healthy habits!
Give yourself a pat on the back with our Self Love Self Care Point Chart.
Download it, track your self-care victories, and enjoy reminders and relaxing events in Discord throughout the month.

Everyone who participates and shows some self-love will snag a set of Mini Wings at the end of the month.
Slip-ups and missed days?
No stress, it's not a contest this month, it's all about kindness and honesty!

Mini Wings


Valentines For Your Valentine!

Spread love with a twist!
Send classic-style Valentines from Keepers of Eniv to that special someone on Valentine's Day.
Not ominous at all, these Valentines will remind your loved one just how much they mean to you.
Check them out here, or find them in our nav bar under "Games."


Kickstarter Peeks

Hold onto your horns – we've got sneak peeks!
February's bringing you a glimpse into our upcoming Kickstarter in March.
Our Crystal Enivi reward is still in the polishing phase (har har har), and we're thrilled about the positive receiption for them so far.

Make sure to join our Discord Server for regular updates, event announcements, and spontaneous fun.

As always, a massive thank you for all the love and support that has helped our game and community grow!
Happy Valentine's Day, and happy Self Care Self Love Month!

Icarus Finale! Event Reminders! Site Updates!

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EDIT: There were some issues with the claim system being used for the rewards, so we've swapped over to a prompt!

It's a beautiful day in Eniv, and the festival is in full swing!
Having delivered the latest ingredient to your friends, it's time for a well-deserved night on the town. 
Go, enjoy your night out at the festival—sample the food, the drinks, and engage in a nice conversation. What could possibly go wrong?

Check out the event finale here!

When You've Finished Icarus

When you've completed the event, be sure to claim your event rewards!
Follow the instructions in this prompt to claim your rewards.

We hope you've enjoyed Oathbreakers: Icarus, and we're looking forward to bringing you more in the future!

Monthly Raffle Deadline Closing In!

While you're doing that, don't forget to stop by Sophie's Shoppe and grab a ticket into this month's Raffle Enivi!

The raffle closes on January 31st, so be sure to get your tickets in!

Site Updates

We've had a few site updates over the last few days:

  • Our Community Promise page has gotten a refresh. Our promise to remain transparent, friendly, and fun has remained the same, but the formatting and some of the wording have been updated for clarity (and fun!)
  • The wording of our Harassment section of our Discord rules was updated. Again, nothing has changed, but we clarified what some of the terms being used meant (like "white knighting" and "gatekeeping"), and we condensed rules that were repetitive.
  • We're still working on the fix for our Dailies, but we expect them to be back up and running again soon!
  • Our Art and Star Shard rules have been updated, like the others, to be more clear. Nothing has changed, but we're working on our wording there as well.
  • Avatars showing huge in the gallery have been moved back down to their normal size.
  • The nav bar has been updated to add a link to our Discord server!

Icarus Part 3 Released! (And Updated Bugs!)

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Oathbreakers: Icarus Part 3 - Unleash the Adventure!

Good evening, Eniv!

We're bursting with excitement to bring you a special news update.
Drumroll, please!
Oathbreakers: Icarus Part 3 has officially landed, and we can't wait for you to embark on this thrilling new chapter.

Join the quest, meet new friends, and dive into the unfolding storyline. Get started on Part 3 right here!

Site Bugs Update - Smooth Sailing Ahead!

In the realm of progress, we've successfully tackled many pesky bugs on the site.
A massive shoutout to Newt and Wisperia for their tireless efforts in bug-squashing. Your dedication is the backbone of Eniv, and we're truly grateful!

While most bugs are now a distant memory, a couple still linger. Animated avatars may appear larger than expected on mobile, and our daily games (both wheels and Seren's Daily Gift) are currently taking a short break.
Fear not, our tech wizards are on the case! If you spot any elusive bugs during your Eniv adventures, please report them so we can swiftly address them.

We'd also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone for your patience during our recent power outage caused by winter storms.
We hope you've all been cozy, warm, and safe during this time.
We're eagerly counting down the days until we unveil the rest of Oathbreakers: Icarus.
Stay tuned for more Eniv magic, stay warm, and most importantly, stay safe!